Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Finally some sexual content in car

I have the adult disclaimer message for when people log into this blog, but unfortunately, there hasn't been any sexual content... that is until today.

On Friday, I mentioned meeting a girl who I number closed and then kiss closed. Then, I screwed up and overescalated on the dance floor triggering her ASD. I didn't see her again. I figured I screwed up and didn't text her the next day. On Sunday, I was sitting at home and figured it was worth a shot. I sent her a simple text, "Hi." Usually I wouldn't do that. As I hadn't called her phone or text her when I number closed, I knew she wouldn't know who I was. I normally would sign the message. She replied predictably, "Who is this?" I just sent her my name without telling her where I had met her.

I tried to invite her out to see the Top Gun theater showing on Monday, but she said she had to work. Tuesday, she said she was free. I had floated around just coming by to see a movie and I mentioned Joe's. She ended up wanting to go to Joe's, and I also settled on that being a good option. I had Sidegames come with so I could drink. The plan was to have him drive back early so I could try to pull her here. When we got to Joe's, she mentioned wanting to stay out late, so Sidegames actually was a good wingman and took the train home. I can't thank him enough for that. Of course, I'll mention that eventually, I'll end up doing something like that for him.

I was a little slow on the kino. When we picked her up, I was driving and I told Sidegames to give he the front seat. He wanted to sit in front but I told him that I'd wanted to be able to kino. I don't even remember if I kinoed at all in the car. At the restaurant, I held her hand while we were all talking. I was hungry and Sidegames and I talked about getting pizza so we order 3 pizzas. Sidegames and the girl, who I'll call Karina (not her real name), somehow tipped over a cheese pizza and we wasted 80% of that :( We still ended up taking some home and my fat ass ate a few slices just a few minutes ago. I ended up kissing Karina a little sooner than I expected. We were talking and we just decided to kiss.

After Sidegames left, we kept kissing and making out all over the bar. She wanted to dance but no one was on the dance floor, even around 11:30pm, when we left. We still danced and grinded a bit on the dance floor but she didn't like being out there and being the center of attention.

She got really drunk cause she kept wanting more pitchers. We had 4 pitchers total. I drank lot of the first one and a cup from the second one and the rest was her. She kept talking about wanting me to either drive her home or to see some guy who she claimed is a gay friend but might be some guy she wanted. She wanted to leave around 11:30PM and I said I couldn't drive anywhere as I had been drinking with the plan of leaving around 2am.

We can just go to your car and hang out:
She had to tell me that twice before I realized how that was a good idea. I didn't want to leave cause I knew we couldn't get back in, but when she said that the second time, I remember thinking, "Duh? Of course. We can have some privacy in the car."

We got to the car which was parked right off North Ave on one of the somewhat busier streets. As soon as we sat down, we started making out like crazy. It was getting really heated and I knew I had to move the car cause we couldn't do much where I was parked. Her phone rang and she also said she had to pee. We couldn't go back to Joe's so I said we'd find an empty parking lot. Two weeks ago, when I was looking for a spot to park, I realized there were several areas where one could park with relative privacy as the factories in back are closed at night. I took her there. I was wondering if it was secluded enough for her to pee; before I could ponder it she jumped out and ran behind the building. After that, she got back in the car, and I decided to park in back as it looked like the factory was closed.

She kept talking on the phone:
She kept talking on the phone and texting. (Later she borrowed my phone and got a little mad cause she saw that I had sent Sidegames a text saying I thought she was weird.) She was drunk and she would not get off the phone. We were kissing and I escalated more. She was cool with that, yet she kept talking to one of her friends which was annoying. I think she was using it as a way to break her state. I remember early on when things were getting really heated, she went outside to pee and stayed out there talking on the phone. I finally got out and directed her back to the car.

I had fun:
This girl is rather large, but she has a cute face. Like the other girl I took home two weeks ago, she has beautiful breasts. She is a great kisser too; she actually might be the best kisser out of all the girls I've made out with or hooked up with. She really got off on me sucking on her breasts which is a new experience for me. I've never seen a girl get that crazy before with breast play. I tried touching her pussy but she wouldn't let me. She'd let me rub it through her pants but the longest she let me do that was for about twenty seconds. She was soaking wet as I could feel he wetness through her pants.

Thank you Manwhore:
There's this natural that posts on RSD nation called "Manwhore." From, I found out he was an intern with RSD at one point. Tyler/Owen said that Manwhore is one of the best naturals he's ever met. In his podcast, Manwhore mentioned the technique of putting a girls hands on your cock and then pulling it out when things are getting heavy. He said it short circuits her logic cause most girls are used the the usual escalation methods guys use: that would be, kissing, then feeling up the breasts while kissing, kissing of the breasts, and slowly proceeding to pulling off her shirt, bra, then pants and panties. Manwhore says that whipping out your cock can make all that easier and girl usually will just start playing with it or sucking it when you whip it out. I finally got a chance to try it and he seems to be right.

I remember I was kissing her and sucking on her tits when I whipping out my cock and she started playing with it. The first time, she ran out to pee and talk on the phone probably cause she wanted to lower her buying temperature. Things died down for a bit, but when they started getting heavy, I did this again, and this time she got into really playing with me. I couldn't get her to give me a blowjob, but she gave me a hand job to completion. Yeah, it's not much, but it felt good and it's been awhile since I even had that. I told her after that I didn't like selfish and wished she had let me get her off.

First time in a car, but won't be my last:
Since I was such a late bloomer, I had never had the experience of messing around in cars when I was in high school. By the time I started getting laid, I already had my own place. It was fun and felt naughty cause there was a chance we could get discovered. At one time, this truck drove through the parking lot. We were just making out and we looked at the truck. The truck had slowed down but then just kept driving.

I now will see the car as an option. I remember RSD Ozzie talking about car extractions in Transformations, but it was never in my reality until now. Now, I know a good spot where I can take a girl if I can't bring her home.

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