Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Some rare honesty

We were sitting in front of Karina's place. She didn't want to go in cause her mom was gonna bitch about her being out so late. She's 21 but still lives with her mom. I had already tried to lay out how I'm very open minded when it comes to sex and nonjudgemental. She had been talking about some guy she wanted to see tonight, which would have aggravated most guys. She told me that he was a gay friend that she wanted to see cause they hadn't hung out in forever. At one point, she also told me it was her ex-boyfriend. I actually didn't care. I do want to know the actual truth in the future. I suppose it's kind of weird cause she was asking me to drive her up to see this guy on the North Side. I kept saying I wasn't sure about it, and she had started stroking me more enthusiastically as she kept begging me to drive her there. I remember saying that she was being very convincing and if she got me off, I'd probably do it.

The guy, whatever his story is, didn't answer the phone when she called him. I ended up just driving her home and there we were sitting in the car in front of her place. We kissed for a bit and she started asking me if I was a virgin. I guess my sexual skills are a little off and I probably was getting more turned on that she expected. I told her I wasn't, which is true. She then asked me how long it was since I had sex and I just said "A long time." I asked her when she had sex last and she told me, "Last week." I actually like that she just threw that out there. I love when girls are honest about their sexuality with me. People who know me know I'm open minded about that stuff. After all, I'm try to live a lifestyle where I plan on hooking up with a bunch of girls and I sure not gonna be a hypocrite and judge women for doing that. She asked me how many girls I was in contact with and I said a few. I actually don't have an exact number as girls flake out or something reappear. I asked her how many guys she was seeing and she told me that it was three. She said she had only had sex with one and wasn't really that into the other two.

I gotta admit that I'm a little jealous that the other guy has gotten some pussy and I haven't, but other than that, I don't care. If she had a good time like I did, we'll probably have actual sex next time and then I won't have any bit of jealousy. I actually want a girl that's seeing other guys so she won't be clingy and expect me to hang out all the time. I need time to sarge via cold approach, and I also need time to work on Day2's. Eventually I'll need time to actually see girls that I have some sort of relationship with every week.

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