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Quick night: Two number closes due to Tyler

http://www.rsdnation.com/node/232869 :
Tyler wrote:

--end quote--

I saw that thread today.  It was perfect time for me to see that thread.  I've talked about how I should take more numbers because I've been being dumb about it.  I keep thinking that but I've been saying that for the past week yet I still made mistakes like the Northwestern set on Sunday (seems like I can't stop talking about that).  Seeing the thread made me really decide to do it.  What he says makes sense and my experiences match with it too.  My last girlfriend came from a short set near closing time and we're still friends.  On the other hand, I've had sets that I swore were locks for a Day 2.  For example, there was this redhead I met around the time I started dating my girlfriend.  I kissed her and we seemed to have a great connection and she never even returned my texts. 

Opened only set in first venue:
I rushed to get to the first venue only to find out that Nintendo wasn't even going.  I had two beer tickets and drank one and didn't even want the other.  I did approach the only set there: 3 set.  The only other girls in the venue worked there, or were in mixed sets with equal numbers of guys and girls.  The girls were somewhat receptive but I never felt it hook.  Two girls brought up drug use and that turned me off anyway. 

I answered some texts and I was ready to leave but I forced myself to try to bring the 3-set to the next venue.  They didn't want to go.  I probably should have sold the 2nd venue better, and I should have tried to hook the set before trying but I didn't have time as I thought I needed to rush to the 2nd venue to get in free.

Why are you nervous?:
I stopped by Nintendo's house.  When I walked in, there was one of Nintendo's friends that I had never met before.  He commented that I looked nervous.  I was surprised he noticed but he was correct.  I felt anxious maybe from too much caffeine but I think the big factor was that I was just in a bad mood.  My mom is going through some shit with my stepfather being sick and talking to her put me in a bad state.  Then, I felt like I was wasting my time going out tonight cause the first place had been dead.  Then, I couldn't get on the expressway cause there was a detour at the usual place where I'd get on.  I took local streets to Nintendo's place and I must have caught at least 15 red lights.  Literally every light or every other light was red.  Normally, I can handle traffic but being in a shit mood allowed it to effect me more easily. 

Winged Nintendo for a number close:
I mentioned the above because I wanted to show how I was in a bad state when we got to the venue.  Through experience, I have learend that I can push through it.  Many guys would have just gone on to have no results or not even approach due to being in a bad mood.  Nintendo opened the first set he saw which was a two set of a blonde and a brunette.  I came in right away and winged him. 

I remember a lesson from Tyler that has helped me in these situations . In the past, I might have tried to pretend to be all high energy or force myself to do a strongly physical opening.  Tyler says to be congruent to your state.  When I opened, I actually said someting like, "I was in a bad mood when I first got here, but here I am and I know I'll have fun anyway.  We make our own fun in life." 

The girl seems like a good prospect as she's not working during the summer as she's a teacher.  She says she's been going out a lot with her friend, who is a club promoter.  Later, I found out she can get into museums for free so she plans on going to all the museums this summer.  I probably should have number closed her at that point but I kept talking.

Nintendo wanted to go hit other sets but I learned from the Northwestern set and told him to wait a few minutes.  I told him I'd take the number since he was losing interest in the friend.  When I did this, I got a huge IOI from this girl.  The friend's drink was empty and she said pointed at it and said, "Let's go."  My girl told her to wait.  The friend's eyes lit up in way that I interpreted her as meaning, "Oh, I see. You like this guy."  It goes back to my explanation in the Gay Pride post how two set dynamics work.  Girls will rarely not leave when their friend wants to go in a 2-set unless they really like you. 

I number closed her and we talked for a little bit more and then I explore the club.

Tall girl approach:
Nintendo brought up this set in the car.  He said that he's completely comfortable talking to girls like the first two we openeds as they were HB7's (again I hate the rating system).  He brought up how I approached this tall blonde.  She had a really pretty face.  The body was average but her height made her intimidating.  She towered over me.  I approached and was talking to her for a bit.  I hate to admit that I got intimidated and just walked off.  I did a better job on Saturday with the tall girl.  I hope to eventually be able to just have a normal conversation with a tall cutie. 

Nintendo said that he was mad at himself cause he couldn't approach her.  I understand it but at the same time, the answer is so obvious to me now and it's almost natural for me to just go and try with any girl no matter how good looking.  He said he's gonna try to force himself at least once a night to approach a girl that he normally would feel intimidated by.  I'll admit that there was one set that intimidated me.  There was this other tall blonde who was with a guy and another girl.  The mix set made it a bit intimidating but more so was that this girl had a strong personality to match her looks.  For example, the photographer was setting up to take a picture of the the guy with her and she yanked her friend in.  I'd have to be really strong and dominant to even talk to this girl and I didn't feel like I could do it thonight. 

Number close cause Nintendo misunderstood me:
I opened this short pale girl.  She was another average girl but the she was thin and of course, the pale skin turned me on.  She had a fat friend and I stuck Nintendo with her.  The girl initially tried to push this promoter bullshit on me like my friend Disney does to girls.  I told her I already have several promoter friends and just changed to another thread.  I felt like I was getting somewhere with the girl as we talked.  Nintendo's girl turned to mine.  I went up to Nintendo and asked something like, "Does this girl not like you?  I need more time man so please keep her occupied.  It's your turn to entertain a fatty."  Later, in the car, he said he misunderstood what I said and he had thought I said something, like, "Do you like this fatty cause I don't want this girls number," so he walked off. 

I talked to the girl for like 30 seconds more.  I should add that before Nintendo left, she had asked me about facebook.  I presume because she wanted to friend me to sell me on the clubs she was promoting.  I assume most guys that wanted her would jump on that.  I told her the truth which is that I don't log into facebook that often and I take weeks to respond to friends on there. 

Thirty seconds after Nintendo left, I told her "I enjoyed talking to you."  I was thinking about throwing in a number close, but she's the one that brought it up.  I'm not putting too much stock into it because she has another agenda although my indifference to the close probably does create some attraction cause it makes me look high value.  She said, "Can I give you my phone number or card or something?"  She didn't mention the promoter thing this time so maybe I read too much into it.

I had her punch her number in and then she put her full name and her club promoter company into the phone.  Nintendo says that I can still just try to game her anway.  I guess that's true.

I don't give a shit about two numbers:
Nintendo and I were talking about our night.  It was a blah night.  Yes, I recognize what true shit nights are but I felt like I wasted my time going out on a Monday.  The second venue had a bunch of sets for a Monday so it isn't a complete waste to go out but I need to spend my Mondays not sarging.  Nintendo later said something like, "Well you got two numbers." 

I made this face of disgust and said, "Pfft.  Big fucking deal." 

I should be happy with any results I get and maybe something will happen with the numbers.  It did feel good to hook that first set even though I was in a bad mood when we walked in.  I'll add that maybe I could have kissed the girl had I stayed in set longer.  I could have just told Nintendo to move on and I could have stayed with her.  I feared I'd stall and I also wanted to check out the other sets in the club so maybe it was good to just leave on a high note and hope for a day 2. 

That being said, I did remember thinking that the kiss close was possible.  I feel dumb in that I said Sunday that I'd be more likely to go for the kiss faster.  I didn't even have her isolated though now I think I should have moved her to the other part of the club once I sensed I could kiss her.  My read was probably right; as I said in Sunday's report, I'm usually right about my reads.  Maybe it's good I left when I did because at least I didn't stay in set say 30 minutes longer and then not kiss.  I think I would have gone for it had I stayed longer but worst case would be to stay in set longer and not do anything.

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