Friday, June 22, 2012

We pull 2 sisters to my place, bouncers pull weed girl

The only thing equal to the amount of fun I've been having the past 7 days is how many interesting situations I've found myself involved in or witnessed personally.  Until about two weeks ago, my nights out were predictable.  Lately, I swear you could make a TV show around me.  My personal experiences are getting more interesting, but the stories created by this ensemble of characters crack me up as well. 

This is another one of those lengthy posts as I like to remember my night out in vivid detail.  Even though we had a set that worked out great, I still think about the mistakes I made throughout the night so I can correct them.  The more interesting stories will be at the end, including a girl that I could have pulled who basically was guaranteeing sex if I got her some weed, and running into my wing "Disney" and coming back to my place with two sisters that he had lost earlier in the night.  Before that I got a girl who went to the Model UN that even that was run by a student organization in my college who wanted to buy me a beer.  She was so into me but I screwed that up by letting some high school acquaintance talk to her too much.  Later, I met this chubby girl and tried to hop in her cab.

Fun vs Ego:
I can see why it's addictive to go out and sarge.  It so much fun in that I can go out and the night is completely unpredictable.  I can talk to girls and mess around with them; what guy wouldn't like that?  Beyond that, I can keep improving on my game and I'm forced to think about how much better these stories will be in the future.  I'll be getting more lays and with high quality women.

I try to listen to Tyler and not develop an go out of it.  I interpret this to mean that I try not to feel better because I got validation from girls.  I think I've been doing a good job of this because I just have fun now.  I have fun if it's only me at the club and I have fun with my wings even if we get no girls. 

When I stop to think about how many girls are into me though (here were enter the ego danger zone) on a given night, it's a bit overwhelming.  I think about how I was so nervous around women for most of my life and it's hard to believe I used to be like that.   When I have bad nights, I just try to remember how bar outings used to be.  I'd stand around all night doing nothing and watching every one else seem to have fun.  I'd wish that I could talk to the girls, heck I'd wish I could be comfortable talking to any girls anywhere. 

I'm thinking about this attractive Latina girl I met at the end of the night when I first ran into Disney in the outside area of the club.  She was probably the most attractive girl that was into me this night but again I was thwarted by a serious boyfriend.  Again, this is different from the boyfriend blowouts you get when the set doesn't like you or is annoyed by you.  This girl was gazing into my eyes from the moment I hooked her (which was about a minute in) until she reluctantly left and gave me a kiss on the cheek.  She actually brought up the planetarium and I told her about the evening even they have there and she said she wished she could go.  She had come out to smoke and she stayed by me long after she finished.  If she wanted to blow me out, she just had to walk away. 

Just start opening & Drinking:
I really need to not get drunk tonight.  I don't want to drink every night and while I do better sarging drunk, I don't want to rely on it.  I know I'm fine right now as I was sober when we started on that 2-set Saturday and I only had one drink last Thursday when I was hitting up the entire club.  I feel like it was okay to take advantage of the drink specials the past two days. 

What worries me is that I had a slow start.  2j flaked out cause he said a day 2 came out.  Nintendo told me he was coming out with some wings and I kept using their arrival as an excuse not to game.  Simultaneously, I was getting drunk.  I walked in and had 2 beers right off the bat.  Things started happening for me when Nintendo and friends finally showed up but I have to wonder if my night would have been as crazy had I not been drinking.  I'm forced to say that I might have just gone home instead of hitting up the last club where I ran into Disney. 

In any case, I remember standing around doing nothing and feeling hypnotized by the environment.  It was a like a short flashback to the old days.  I told myself that I just needed to start opening some sets, any set.  I awkwardly opened my first set, and then another.  This is about when I spotted Nintendo and one of his wings in a set.  I watched for a bit and it looked like it wasn't gonna end any time soon.  I remember saying to myself, "So they are here.  So what?  Yes it helps to have them around, but in any case, I have to rely on myself first.  I have to keep opening." 

Model UN Girl:
I opened this blonde in this mixed set.  As I was talking to her, I met the friend and I decided to switch targets cause the brunette friend was giving me ridiculous IOI's.  I got introduced to the friend and I kept talking to the blonde.  I remember the brunette doing stuff like reaching across her friend to touch my arm.  She used a pause in the conversation to ask me question.  I walked over so I was between them and started gaming Model UN Girl (the brunette).  She asked me to sit down next to her.  Then the blonde asked if I wanted a beer.  I didn't respond right away and she said they were buying it for me.  The brunette was then fumbling for a dollar for me beer and I did something I rarely do: I bought a round of drinks.  Dollar bottle night so I gave the blonde 3 dollars.  The brunette actually gave me a dollar right after. 

It seemed like I had this set hooked well.  Beside her just being attracted to me, we found we had common interests and she recognized my school because she participated in the Model UN thing that we ran for high school students.  Prior to that, she was like many ignorant Chicagoans who think I go to the state school with a similar name.  Suddenly this guy appears.  She says he went to her high school.  I figure he's just gonna talk for a minute so I sip my beer.  He keeps talking to her.  I try to interrupt and she says hold on a minute.  I wait longer and try again and she tells me to wait again.  Then, she walked away with him. 

That pissed me off.  I ran weak game.  Yeah, he had an advantage in that he knew her, but I played too nice.  This is where being drunk hurts.  Now that I'm sober, I know what the right move would have been.  I'd give him the minute.  I might even give the minute after she told me to wait.  After that, I'd stand up and just come into the conversation.  I'd lower his status with a few AMOG lines and physical dominant kino and that would have got her attention off of him and back to me where it belonged :)

I give myself credit for trying again ten minutes later after closing time.  Nintendo is a great wing.  I told him the story and he tried to help me with the old double pronged attack: I opened Model UN Girl while he opened the guy at the same time.  The magic was gone.  She wasn't interested.  I needed to blow that fucker out sooner. 

Chubby girl afraid of the assholes:
Right after Model UN Girl attempt two, I opened this girl in a White Sox jersey.  She was with a friend that I opened earlier who claimed to have a boyfriend.  At the time I thought it was the initial blow off, but she did say, "I have a boyfriend but they (her two friends) are single."  Well, in the recent past, I wouldn't have even talked to this girl.  I was starting to buy into 2j's idea of having certain standards.  I've decided I do care about standards. I just want to get more experience and hook up with girls.  I go try for the hottest girls and the ones I want but at the end of the night, I wanna pull. 

White Sox girl was cute enough.  She actually met my personality qualifications as well.  I opened her as the back area was closing.  Tonight I continued to try to push sets farther.  I was trying to sell an after party already but she wasn't ready so I went with her and her friends to the front.  I mention this because I know as recently as last week, I would have just let them walk away instead of persisting.  In the front, I was all up on her.  She was giving me the DDB look and she looked like she wanted to kiss.  I tried to go for it but she said she didn't want to make out in the bar. 

It was actually a weird situation.  She kept complimenting me.  She said she wanted to kiss me but she didn't want to do a tacky bar makeout.  I forgot her exact words but I was getting the impression that she wanted to hook up but was hurt too many times in the past.  She said something like, "I know how this turns out."  I emphasized and comforted her by giving her genuine IOI's and telling her we didn't have to hook up, I just wanted to hang out and keep talking.  She mentioned two times that I could come by her friends apartment.  None of this is weird.  What is weird is that the friend once asked if I was making her uncomfortable, and she said yes.  The friend pulled her away but then she turned and started talking to me again. 

I think it was low self esteem and being screwed over by guys in the past.  That's why the community says often these UG's are not easier than hot girls.  I don't necessarily go for UG's at closing time.  I go for hotties too but we seemed like we were hitting it off. 

The bar closed and we had to go outside.  I was talking to her there again and then a 3rd friend showed up and the quickly grabbed a cab.  That friend went in, and then my girl went in.  One of Nintendo's wings was talking to the other friend.  I jumped in the cab.  I guess I have more balls now; I learned from regretting not jumping in the cab with that street sarge in Wrigley.  I wasn't completely comfortable with it.  I wonder if this is why the friend ended up saying, "No."  I remember jumping in and saying, "She said I can come hang out."  Maybe state transference would have worked: if I were more comfortable the girls would have been comfortable.  Maybe I should have persisted a bit more.  I just jumped out instead of making a real effort to tell the friend I was coming with. 

Wasting lays:
Two of Nintendo's wings were working this two set.  One was this chubby Asian chick who was celebrating her birthday.  One was this HB8 blonde.  I actually remembered the set cause I tried sarging this other girl that had been in the group and the Asian girl tried to bust me out.  I made jokes with her and I remember her complimenting me.  I should probably develop names for these wings as they come out a lot.  I'll ask them what screen name they use if they feature in more stories. 

Tall wing was talking to the Asian girl.  The other guy was talking to the blonde.  The other guy had been out Tuesday.  His mistake is that he tries for phone numbers with these street sets instead of trying to pull.  It's inexperience as I remember how I used to do that as well.  In this case, the other guy took the number and he left the set.  The girl started talking to the bar employee who was sweeping the streets. 

Here is another example of how Nintendo wings well.  He did something that was in Pickup Artist 2.  Tall and Asian were looking at each other and Nintendo said something like, "You guys should make out now."  They then did.  He then said it to the other wing and blonde but he hadn't hooked that set well enough and I think he's not experienced enough to push for the kiss even if it had been there.  Asian girl loves Tall wing and she invites us all over so she can have him.  We start walking but then tall friend says she can only bring one guy.  The other wing tries to go but of course he hadn't built thing up enough with the blonde, especially because he had let her talk to the sweeper guy for 5 mintues instead of continuing to game her. 

Tall left with Asian. Nintendo was drunk and giving him shit as he was pulling.  He eve nsaid in the car that he doesn't like drinking cause he says dumb shit.  He was saying, "It's not like you're going with a Victoria Secret model."  The friend heard that and actually got pissed at Nintendo.  He pulled anyway and ended up at her place.  When I was out with Disney at the after hours, I got a call from tall wing.  He asked what was up.  I told him the other wing went home but dropped me off at this after hours club.  Nintendo was on a way to an FB.  I asked him what he was doing.  He said he left the girl.  He didn't bang her.  I was like, "WTF?  You wasted a set.  Why?" 

I wonder if he didn't bang her because Nintendo had been giving him shit about the quality of the girl.  If he felt that way, then why even go over?

Smoke weed, get food, have sex:
When the club closed, I saw some white dude with this cute black girl in a red dress.  About ten minutes later, I saw her walking back alone.  Of course, I opened her.  She was high buying temperature.  I had my arms around her and was trying to pull.  This reminded me of a Tyler free tour video where he mentioned a girl once said she'd have sex with him if he had coke.  Tyler doesn't do drugs and didn't want the lay.  Well, this girl was asking me if I had weed.  I said, "I don't, but let's go."  I tried to change the subject by mentioning food.  I remember asking, "Let's go by our place."  She claimed she lived in a sorority house and couldn't bring guys.  I wasn't gonna drive, but I said, "Let's go to my place, we'll take the train." 

She said, "Do you have 5 bucks for weed?" 

Here's where I fucked up the set.  I started giving her shit saying, "What, do you wanna stop by the West Side for some shit?"  She said something like, "I just want some weed. We can grab some weed, get some food, and have sex." 

I never know how to respond to blatant sexual suggestions.  I know from my crazy alley adventure last summer that some of these black girls do just bluntly put it out there.  This is where I lost the set.  I don't remember my exact words but I said something like, "Well, let's go.  Things might work out like that."

At that, she stormed off.  These bouncers from the club were walking down the sidewalk.  One guy crossed the street to talk to her.  He knew she was high buying temperature and wanted to get laid.  They talked for like 5 minutes and then I saw her walking off with both of them . I tried waving her back but she enjoyed waving bye to me.

Disney was funny because he said he would have given her the weed.  He said I could have lied and said I had some.  He said I should have said he had the weed.  We joked that we could have double teamed her like these guys were probably gonna do.

I'm actually torn concerning this set.  It's also eye opening.  She wasn't a ghetto black girl like the one that I messed around with in the alley and who was trying to get me to pay her $50 to have sex with her.  She probably really was in college in a sorority.  She talked like she was educated.  Yet her she is being a total slut. 

I'm not judging.  I'm a male slut myself, or trying to be one.  In that case, I should have pushed for this set to happen as she was attractive.  I could have bought some shit weed off this dealer that hangs out by the clubs there for $10 like she said and I probably would have banged her.  I feel like I did in that alley.  I feel it's AFC to pay for sex whether it's through dinners or by buying some weed.  At the same time, it was just 10 bucks and I sometimes pay for stuff like the 8 bucks I spent on shots on Saturday. 

The set is eye opening because it makes me realize that girls do this shit.  Often they are not as blatant as this girl was, but they go home with guys.  I know this and the community has been telling me this but the more I go out and experience, the more I start to internalize this.  I  think this set will help me in that I'll remember that when I debate morals over $10, some other guys will fuck them instead and probably treat her like trash, when I actually would treat her well for that night.  Maybe I shouldn't have spent the money, but the lesson still applies when I'm debating whether or not I should go for a pull. 

Running into Disney:
Here's how I met up with Disney.  Disney is a friend of 2j's that I've gone out with before.  He also has a side job of a club promoter.  I got dropped of at this after hours club.  Two interesting things happened there that I just remembered.  As I got out of the car, I saw two police cars in front of the club and an ambulance was pulling up.  I figured some morons got into a fight as it looked like someone was getting arrested.  I see a Tyler looking guy with red hair standing on the sidewalk about ten feet from the bouncer. 

"Look at this shit.  Makes me wonder if I should go in.  Did some idiots get in a fight?" I commented.
The redhead guy replied, "You can't go in."
"What, yeah we can," I said confidently. 
"Do you wanna grab a drink?" he asked
"Yeah, let's go," I replied.
He then put his arm around me and started leading me away from the bar.  I was confused.  I said I'm going in here.  I walked in and showed the bouncer my ID.  The bouncer then told the redhead guy that he couldn't go in.  At the time, I was wondering what the deal was.  I guess that guy had gotten kicked out.  I'm wondering if he just wanted to get a drink or if I had accepted a gay proposition.  It's not a gay area so maybe I'm imagining things, but he also grabbed me in a way that guys don't grab me to lead me, so who know? 

I walked into the club.  Just as I entered, I got that call from the tall wing.  As I said above, he asked what we were all up to and I explained what we all were doing and told him to come down to this bar.  He told me he left the Asian girl's place without doing anything and I gave him shit for wasting the set.  He said he was just gonna go to sleep. 

As soon as I hung up the phone, I heard my name.  It was Disney.  I wasn't expecting to see him there.  I knew he promoted on Wednesdays but it wasn't at this club.  It was at a nearby one and in addition, I was here last Wednesday and didn't see him.  It was a pleasant surprise to have a wing for this last venue and it turns out that this encounter made my night. 

Let's go get these sisters:
I must really feel like I get a lot out of these posts as I spend all the time writing and analyzing the events above when the main highlight was this set. I could have condensed this post into the story of weed girl and this set. I still feel like I had a lot to learn from recalling the entire night. If I had done things a little differently, this set wouldn't have happened. I might have gotten laid last night but I'm not sure that the night would have been better.

I say that because I think I might hook up with this girl the next time I see her. Besides that, I was happy just to make out with her and cuddle. I also enjoyed doing a double pull with Disney and the difficulties through which we had to maneuver.

When I met up with Disney, he told me he had been out with these two girls this evening.  I guess he initially had met them when out on some other night.  His girl lived far away and he suggested she come out to the city.  She had brought her sister.  He said he bought them drinks but he lost the set at some point.  I remember telling him that he had needed a wing. 

Now I thought it was over with this set.  When the club closed, he was standing talking to a girl.  I figured he was street sarging like I was.   I thought this even more when we walked away from the girl and came up to me.  He told me that was the girl he was out with, and then we walked around and worked some other sets.

Fast forward to weed girl waving goodbye to us as she was dragged away to get double stuffed by two huge bouncers.  I figured the night was over as there weren't any sets left.  Disney mentioned there was still this sister set.  I guess he had spotted them earlier as they were up a block by the valet. 
When Disney suggested going for them, I of course said enthusiastically, "Let's fucking do this.  Let's go get these sisters.  We're probably gonna have to pull them off guys." 

Disney is confident about opening sets just like I am.  I wasn't sure he had the alpha move to get the girls away from these dudes.  He proved to me that he did. It being late night, a guy was talking to his girl, and another guy was talking to the girl in this hat, who would end up being my girl.   What we did happened so fast, I don't even remember the exact details.  The guy who were talking to them were probably thinking, "How did this just happen?"   Disney made a good point later in the car that he felt confident and it was easy because he already knew them and had spent the earlier hours with them.  I remember Disney went up to his girl and started talking.  I must have gotten introduced as I walked up but I don't remember exactly.  Within a minute or two, Disney grabbed his girl and started leading her away.  He told us to come with so I grabbed the sister and started following them. 

I started gaming up the sister and I immediately could tell she was drunk and high buying temperature.  I started asking about logistics.  I thought the sister had driven separately but she was drunk and thought she was parked in a different spot that she had been.  Disney said as we were walking that we were gonna drive to my place and the girls were gonna follow.  (I had said we could try to sell an after party at my place.)

Power of the 2-set:
Once again, I experience the power of the 2-set.  Disney and his girl were slightly ahead of us when we were walking to the car.  Suddenly, they stopped and started making out.  I had been alternating with walking with my arm around Hat Girl (that's what I'm calling the sister now) and holding her hand.   I pointed out the make out and we both giggled.  When we got to the car, Disney and his girl stopped to talk.  I pulled Hat Girl in.  We looked at each other's eyes for a second, and then I went from the make out and of course, she complied.  She was high buying temperature anyway, but it's so much easier when you're in a 2-set.  I'll end this section by saying if one of us managed to have sex, we probably both would have this night.

Anxious Drive and Eternity:
I didn't like the two guys being in one car and the two girls being in another.  I could see too many ways that this could get screwed up.  I know girls lose buying temperature and there's no way to maintain it if we're in separate cars.  I knew that the 25 minutes drive was gonna be a factor as well.  The problem was I was drunk and so was Hat girl.  Disney and the other sister were the sober drivers.  Disney said later that it would have worked out if Disney and his girl could have been in the same car and Hat Girl and I in another.  I give myself credit for effort and quick thinking.  I tried to go with the girls.  My girl was trying to get in the passenger seat and I told her to get in the back.  I was getting in with her but then the sister objected.  Disney said it was cool and to ride with him.  He later did make a good point that they had just met me and weren't comfortable with me just being there without him. 

Disney told me something about telling them he was gonna give them gas money.  I had two routes to choose to get to my place.  I chose the route that was all expressway with only two lights to my house.  The other way has more surface roads.  Disney suggestion was to take the way that didn't pass by a gas station. 

The drive was working well initially.  About 3/4 of the way, the girls got really far behind.  I talked them through this highway split.  I even told them what exit to get off of.  We got to my house and here's where it got frantic.  I really thought the girls were gonna be a no show.

They called and told me that had gotten off at this exit and were at a gas station.  The girl sounded pissed and frustrated.  I still don't know how they got so far behind.  I remember telling Disney that I thought they had second thoughts and consciously or unconsciously allowed themselves to get far behind us.  I told her they were only 2 minutes away.  They actually were if they followed my directions. 

We had a period where the girls were dodging his phone calls.   Initially they picked up right away when we called them while on the expressway.  Disney decided to send them a text saying we were eating pizza and drinking beers.  He also sent my address.  We waited ten minutes and then the girls called back.  I gave directions but she said to send my address and she'd use GPS.  We said the address was in a previous text. 

Now we waited for 5 minutes.  I was all anxious and thinking aloud with Disney.  We knew that we couldn't sound needy or desperate.  We decided not to text or call anymore.  Disney looked at his phone and the girls said they were on the way. 

The thing was that I knew that it was a 5 minutes drive from the address where they supposedly were stopped.  I remember saying that I didn't think the girls were coming.  When he showed me the text, I gave it a 50/50 chance of happening.  He made a counterpoint that they wouldn't text they were coming if they were ditching.  If they were going home, they wouldn't text or call at all.  Besides, he pointed out that they were an hour away from home.  They probably would rather came hang out rather than backtrack all that way. 

After what felt like an eternity and when I had given up hope in my mind, we saw this car turn onto my street.  (We had been waiting outside).  I didn't think it was them as they turned from the opposite direction.  That's not the way I would have come but the GPS might have sent them that way.  I believed Disney when he said it was them when they sat at this stop sign for 2-3 minutes.  It's like they were deciding if they were gonna come.  I knew it was them cause no one that lives in the area would just sit at the stop sign.  Also, the car looked similar to the one that had been following us.  Just as Disney was gonna call them, they started driving towards us. 

Chill, isolate, and  then she fell asleep:
I like how we played things out at my place.  We sat them down on the couch and offered some beverages.  Disney had lied that a pizza was coming.  (On a sidenote, I wanna make a post about lying.  I think of Style's line, "It isn't lying, it's flirting."  Disney lied about the pizza and didn't get called out on it.  There are times I can lie on pulls and it won't even get called out.  I could have lied to Weed girl and banged her with no weed.  I just have silly morals sometimes that get in the way of a good time.)  We joked about my cats and talked for a bit.

I offered some food to Hat girl and lead her to the kitchen.  The sister said she'd wait for the pizza. (LOL.  I think I actually giggled in the kitchen.)  Hat girl didn't want to eat, and then I lead her to my room.  I said something like, "My room is over here.  I have this TV I wont from this bar in Lincoln Park."  She sat down on the chair and I set down facing her on this bed.  We talked about vacations and then I kissed her. 

This post is way longer than I imagined it would be.  I've gotta think more about my escalation. I  remember kissing her and making out.  It just didn't seem like she was into it enough at that point to turn it into sex although it's not like I'm experienced enough at end game.  This girl was into me but barely knew me.  We started to talk and I was surprised to learn some cool things about her: she likes sci-fi and she enjoys travel.  The later is common but the prior is just cool for a chick. 

I put on the newest Star Trek movie.  She had to use the rest room so I lead her out.  I saw Disney and his girl laying together in my guest bedroom.  The door was open and the lights on.  I decided to try to help things by shutting the door and turning the lights out.  When we got back to my room, I sat down on the bed.  Hat girl laid down on the bed. 

I started escalating again.  I felt like things were moving well this time.  We were facing each other side to side.  I put her on her back and kissed her more.  I wanted to get full on top so I could stimulate her pussy with my arm or leg.  The move is do it so it seems like indirect and unintentional pressure but when I went to get on top she turned away.  I know rinse and repeat and I tried to make out and turn it into more but I failed.  She said she was sleepy and she did fall asleep. 

Again, I have to think more about this.  I'm wondering if I could have gotten this lay.  I have to admit that I need more experience with this.  This had added variables that I hadn't dealt with before.  I was in a 2-set of sisters.  I was winging for Disney and barely knew this girl.  On the other hand, it really was late.

I'll end this post by saying I'm not beating myself up for not getting the lay.  I met a cool girl and hopefully we'll hang out again.  I can't complain about the night.  I'm so much closer to the lay than I was Saturday.  Yeah, I've pulled before, but this late game stuff is starting to happen more consistently. 

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