Friday, June 22, 2012

Answer to the weed girl question was in Tyler's latest video

First video, about 8 minutes in. He talks about how he drank this beer cause he knew the girl was gonna fuck and how he took a hit off a hookah. I just needed to be cool about the weed and about her blatently talking about sex and then I would have banged her. Instead, I debated the merits of spending $10 on a dimebag of weed that she was gonna buy and missed out an easy fuck with a decent looking girl. I'll say she was hotter than the girl that I ended up cuddling with afterward.

Now there are limits. I would not have taken a hit of weed to get the lay Saturday. I don't care if people smoke weed but I personally am not gonna do it. I never tried it and might as well keep the streak alive . I've said that I might eat brownies if I'm in Amsterdam again but there's not way I'm smoking anything when I'm into running and fitness so much.

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