Saturday, June 16, 2012

Number closed but I suck

I can tell that I'm starting to want the lay too much again but I know is gonna hurt my result.  Well, maybe it will force me to escalate faster and more aggressively.  At the very least, I should try to see Latina nurse this week and hopefully hook up.

I went out tonight with this new wing I'm gonna call Nintendo cause his name reminds me of the old Nintendo Power magazine.  He's actually cool and he hits up sets aggresively.  I opened this 2-set early on and he did a good job holding the friend's attention.  I ended up number closing her cause it was early and we wanted to try other sets and other venues. 

I don't know if I was supposed to stay longer in this set.  I suppose number closing is better than just leaving like I've foolishly down with some early sets recently.  It's also better to just number close if I fear it's gonna stall out like this Moe's Cantina set on Saturday. 

The other highlight of the night was I met this girl from Minnesota.  She seemed to be high buying temperature.  I was all up on here.  Nintendo was talking to the friend but this guy was spinning the friend around.  I just kept talking to mine, but then one of the guys spun my girl away from me.  I never just give up like that so I opened her again.  I remember Nintendo saying, "Let's go."  Of course, anytime there's competition, I want to game even harder.  I said, "Fuck these guys."  I had her attention again.  I had my arm around her when this dude try to put her arm around her and he said, "This is my girlfriend."  I just laughed.  I used TD's old, "Nice shirt man, I had one like it in high school" and just ignored him. 

Nintendo started talking  to the guy while I was in set.  The problem is that she wandered off with her blonde friend and they started talking to some other dude.  Nintendo believed the high school shirt guy that he was with the girls, but I still think the girls weren't, especially cause the girls wandered off.  I tried one more time to open my girl but this time she blew me off so we left. 

I suck but what other option do I have?
Again, I realize I'm being hard on myself, but I do feel frustrated when I go home yet again with no girl.  I know I gave  my best effort.  I opened every set that I wanted with the exception of a few moving sets that walked by us on the street.  I opened some sets aggresively and got some early positive responses. 

Yeah, it sucks that I do so much and still didn't get any lays recently, but I have to think of the alternative.  If I just don't go out, or if I go out and don't take as much action, I'd get even worse results.  I started going out hard core again two Thursdays ago and I've made great strides in my game compared to that Thursday.  I made out with two girls and probably should have hooked up with that one last Saturday.  When I just ran shit openers and went out twice I week, I got a lucky make out a few weeks ago and that Day 2, but most of the nights were even worse than what I'm complaining about here.

I need to just keep going out and letting myself loose.  I love not having regrets about failing to take action.  I'll focus on taking more action and being more aggresive.  I feel like some of these sets that were on early could have been turned into quick make outs if I pushed things properly instead of just talking about the usual BS I talk about when a girl isn't that into me. 

I was thinking what I thought about last night.  If I'm up on a girl and she's comfortable with me having my arms around her waist, she probably really close to being ready to kiss me. 

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