Sunday, June 17, 2012

My inexperienced analysis

I'm gonna attempt to analyze what happened or should have happened this evening. I've read so much PUA theory over the years so I have some clue, but this evening events were also clouded by being from my points of view. I've said in every post I've made tonight that I have to debrief again with Nintendo but he was all high and drunk near the end so I don't know how much useful info I'm really gonna get from him.

2-set pull theory:
Every since my early days, I've understood that the easiest way to pull is supposed to be a 2-set by two wings. You both need to be cools guys and ideally both girls will have had a feel for both guys personality. When you escalate, you should try to escalate at the same pace. In a 2-set, the girls will keep looking at each other to see if the other is having a good time and if they are at the same buying temperature. If you pace it right, they'll keep seeing that the other one is comfortable and they both be comfortable with the escalation. The reaon 2-set are supposed to be easier is that supposedly they'll even let the escalation happen faster when they see the other girl's buying temperature is also getting pumped as opposed to you just being with the girl one-on one.

If one girls gets buying temperature goes up while the other girl's buying temp remains, then you get trouble. I swear that's what happened here.

Nintendo is gonna tell me that Red wasn't that into me. I'm the first one to admit that especially at the second bar, this was true. I will say that I had some good moments at the first bar. As I described in Part 2, there seemed to be a change that last time I danced up on her.

The 2-set theory was playing out as we were walking to their place. I remember Red saying something like, "I guess you guys are coming over." I took this as they had talked about smoking weed, but the girls hadn't explicitely discussed us coming over. Red said that we were walking towards their place and she was willing to go along with it.

These girls wanted to get laid:
The girls know what's up. Yeah, I think Nintendo used the weed as a reason for us to come over. The girls probably rationalized that as the reason for us to come buy or for just to hang out. At the same time, they know the deal when they meet guys that approached them to the bar and then invite them over. Girls enjoy sex as much as we do, and I'm sure they've done this before.

If we're just hanging out, why did the candle come out? It created a better mood and the girls were fine with me turning off the lights.

But you have to escalate and isolate:
I remember discusssing the failed 2-set I had with G that early morning two years ago. He said the later move was that he was tell his girl something like, "Come over here and I'll show you some pictures from Afganistain." You get the girls isolated into different moves and then you can both escalate.

I knew this move and Seagull and I had used it effectively that night of my first SNL. It was his place so he brought the girl to his bedroom. I remember it was not long after that happened that things really started getting sexual between that Polish girl and I.

I just didn't think of an isolation move while we were at the apartment tonight.

I'll say that we didn't even have a plan. I should have formulated a plan when the girls were talking about us in the bedroom that one time. I told Nintendo that we had to escalate but I didn't even mention the isolation move. The way things played out, I figured I was gonna escalate like I began to do and then if things got heated, I'd find a way to the bedroom.

I guess I could have said something like, "Do you have some of those vacation pics?" The thing is that I think the vacations I would have been interested in took place with her and her ex husband. Maybe I could have teased her about the bedroom saying, "So have you not given me the whole tour because you're bedroom is a mess?" or something playful like maybe, "Let me guess, you got a strawberry shortcake theme in your room. Don't you?"

I'll make the excuse that the girl not being totally into me was part of our problem here.

Nintendo should have been escalating also. Maybe I should have told him, let's escalate when I decided to go by Red that last time.

Maybe the target didn't matter?
I spent the majority of the time talking to Red so she probably was my best target. I could also see that she was in to Nintendo. Heck, she was more in to him at the 2nd bar for sure. When I was talking with Shorts, I instantly figured the world travel thing was a topic I'd gain traction on. Like me, she thinks a big part of the fun of going on a trip is doing all the research to plan it. She's even into frequent flyer miles.

As I said above, these girls were horny. We just screwed up at the end. I think if we just choose either girl and created the right escalation stack when we were at their place, this long ass report would have been a lay report.

I'm happy:
I wanna close by saying that I feel happy with how the night played out. It always feels great to meet a girl and then wind up at her place that same night. Yeah, it feels better to get the lay, but this was still an awesome night. I think all this time I've spent writing this 3 posts and analyzing the night (and there's more to come when I talk to 2j and Nintendo later) are gonna pay off when I'm in this situation again.

This will happen again. I just plan on playing a more dominant role in getting the girls to their place or ours in the next set.

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