Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Latina nurse flaking again & FB from last summer rturns

I was gonna write tonight's report, but I forgot to post about Monday. I was horny and I thought I might see Latina Nurse, but she's turning into a flake again. I don't quite understand her. Well, it seems like she likes my validation, and once she gets it, she turns into a flake. It probably didn't help that when I finally actually had sex with her, I know I didn't do a good job. I was more focused on making sure I set things up so I actually had sex with her. In the past, we've messed around, but I regretted screwing things up and not actually having intercourse. It seems like this time, I finally got what I wanted but perhaps if I had just focused on her pleasure, she'd be more anxious to see me.

On Monday, I was horny as I hadn't been beating off because Latina Nurse and I talked about meeting up Tuesday. My sleep schedule has been all screwed up because some hammering starts at like 9-10am everyday nearby that wakes me up. I woke up at 6pm and figured I was gonna meet up with Nintendo. I saw a text from this FB I had last summer.

She's actually the perfect FB except she's not hot. She was always open about when she hooked up with other guys, which I like. Some guys would rather just not know, but I like that she answers my questions. We're on the same page with our "relationship" so when I drive over, we know we are just gonna have sex. (I guess that's another negative, she doesn't have a car, but whatever...) I guess the most important thing is that it feels great having sex with her. Her pussy feels really good. Latina nurse is more attractive but the sex didn't feel as good with her.

I actually debated the past few weeks whether or not to contact my old FB and it was a nice coincidence that she text me on a day when I was really horny and available to meet up. I think this is a positive because I'm sure it hurts my game when I don't get laid for weeks. As I said in the stupid "I suck" post, I start to have self doubt and feel bad when I'm not having sex. It's like I do so many things right and I'm improving almost daily, but when I'm not actually having sex, I don't feel as confident. That's despite make outs or even crazier stuff happening short of intercourse.

I suppose the answer is to stop viewing actualy intercourse as the ultimate goal to feel good about. I should enjoy a night if I have fun and get at least somewhere physically with one or more girls.

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