Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dance floor opening isn't that hard

I went out Tuesday to this suburban beer garden place that I went to for years.  I haven't been there since last summer, when 2j was out in Vegas.  I met up with DJ R and one of his buddies.  We opened a bunch of sets.  The one lesson I took home that night was that opening on the dance floor isn't that hard.  I just got out there, dance by the girls and the sets opened.  The first set was really on, but I failed the shit test about buying them a drink.  Instead of just answering with a witty comeback, I should have ignored the question and plowed through. 

I probably could have made out and possibly hooked up with this large blonde but I wasn't interested.  I was more interested in her friend who had a matching white dress.  She was this little redhead but I couldn't seem to get anywhere with her. 

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