Sunday, June 17, 2012

Double Pull-At their place and then the screw up

These posts get so long as I remember too many details.  I decided to break up the story into two parts.  The first part was early and middle game.  As we got into late game, I go into rarely travelled territory.   What happened tonight has only happened two times before for me.  This is pulling two girls out of a club or bar to someone's home.  The first time was just before my first SNL when I got to see G pretty much lead this 2-set we met to his place.  Watching him actually helped me get that SNL a few days later.  He told the 2-set we were gonna get food across the street.  We grabbed food to go and then he told them we could just eat it at his place.  We hopped in a cab and went over to his place, but these girls kept going between wanting to do it and not.  I had to do a lot of convincing in the cab myself along with G reassuring them.  G said it all made sense later when I told him my girl had told me that both these girls had boyfriends yet they still wanted to make out with us. 

Lesson 1, then, was be chill when you get home:
I remember this G set because when we got to his place, I was too much about trying to talk to my girl and game her.  G, on the other hand, sat on the couch and ate his food.  His analysis later was I needed to just chill a bit.  He was right, plus he has experience with pulling a lot of hotties, and he said he'd always pull back a little when he first got back to his place so the girls wouldn't feel pressured. 

The only other time I did a double pull was that glorious New Years Day 2010.  That was uninque in that we pulled girls that didn't know each other.  Seagull pulled some college girl that was in town with some friends and I pulled this smart Polish business woman.  That G lesson was fresh in my head and I remember going to the restroom,drinking some water, and then chatting with everyone before I actually sat down next to my girl. 

I knew I had to be esepcially chill here cause Red wasn't totally into me where that Polish girl had been. 

I had to piss so I used the bathroom as soon as I got in.  I came out and sat down in this chair.  Nintendo and Shorts were talking about turning on some music.  Shorts when to set up her computer, and I saw Red fixing herself a drink.  I went over by her.  She was pouring some vodka into a glass.  I said, "Lol, you give me shit about drinking vodka and look at what you're drinking."  She poured some Kaulua and said, "I'm making a White Russian."  I grabbed the glass from her and said, "Thank you."  She said, don't drink that without cream.  I replied, "I can't have any."  She realized  I was lactose intolerant.  I gave her back the drink and asked for some Kahlua and poured myself a drink.

Dancing and girl talk:
The three of them started to smoke weed as the music was playing and as we all tooks turns dancing to the music.  At some point, they started to smoke weed.  Red had mentioned that Nintendo and the girl were gonna smoke as we were walking back.  She asked if I smoked and I said, "I don't, but I don't judge." 

I danced by Red a few times.  She was still pulling back a bit.  Later, we were dancing together, and I started to pull back from her.  I guess I have some good moves as I noticed when I did then, it made her start moving towards me.  Funny how that works! 

At one point, Shorts brought a candle that we could light.  Red then grabbed a candle from her room.  I went and shut the lights off as I was dancing.  Now, this was getting things into the right mood. 

I remember the girls going off to the bedroom.  I told Nintendo, "Lol, you know they are talking about us."  Nintendo said, "Man, I'm fucked up.  This is awesome though.  I have no outcome dependency."  I replied, "Yeah, this is crazy.  I thought the set was over and then somehow you got them to let us in." 

(I should mention that I just remembered a good moment.  We were at the front door and Shorts was hesitating.  She said to Red, "Should we invite them in?"  I just sat there trying not to look needy or look like I wanted it too much.  Nintendo said, "We can go or stay.  If you want us to come in, we'll come in or we can go."  Those weren't his exact words but I remember thinking what he said was perfect and she replied, "Okay, come up but take your shoes off.")

I remember telling Nintendo that we needed to escalate.  Thinking back, I think I should have told him, "One, or both of us have to figure out an excuse to isolate a girl to the bedroom."  Well, that or at least we should be isolated with our girls and making moves. 

Just as I feel Red is finally into me..:
When we were talking about what happened as we were walking back to the strip of bars, Nintendo seemed too focused on the situation earlier.  I told him he was right that Red wasn't into me early and actually was more into him.  I really felt like I turned it around as I'm gonna describe in a second.  I'll do a better debrief Sunday when he's sober. 

It was dark and candlelit.  A song was playing.  Nintendo and the other girl were on the other side of the room and not next to each other.  I actually don't even know what Nintendo was doing at this exact moment, but I'm gonna ask him today.  Red was dancing in front of this countertop.  Her ass was wiggling and I decided I was gonna try escalating again.  I walked up behind her.  I started dancing with the music and slowly moved towards her.  As she felt me get close, she pressed her ass against me.  She had done this several times through out the night, but usually, she'd rub on me for about 5-10 seconds at most and then turn around or pull back. 

This time, she didn't pull back.  I noticed she was reacting different.  Her arms were raised, and I lifted my arms up and touched the back of her hands with my palms.  I  grabbed her hands and our bodies were beginning to move in rhythem.  I released her hands and drew my fingers slowly down her arms with the feathering finger feel.  I was generating that feeling by my fingers barely touching her skin.  I'm actually doing it to myself as I write this so I can try to describe it.  That light touch sends pleasureable waves and she was liking it.  I knew she was.  She hadn't allowed me to be up on her for this long until now. 

I was really thinking this was it.  It was finally fucking on.  I was thinking about how I was gonna draw her hair back, and lean into the side of her neck and gently blow air into her neck and ear.  Then, I'd maybe bite her neck gently and tease her with some quick kisses.  I'd turn her around.  I'd either just go for an immediate make out, or I would have just pressed my body into her so either my leg or my croctch was stimulating her nether regions. 


I saw the lights turn on.  Shorts had turn the light on.  I remember as I looked up as this was a sudden jolt and state break.  I remember seeing Shorts by the light switch and Nintendo was standing about halfway between her and us.  If I had to say what he had been doing, I think he had been dancing in that area. 

"You guys have to leave now," Shorts said very loudly. (I wanted to type "yelled" but she wasn't screaming but it was loud enough that I could hear it over the music.  I definitely felt like she was mad.  That was my read.)

I swear my face had that "Huh?" look on it. 

Shorts said, "Sorry, but she has to get up early."

Nintendo said, "Ok" and was putting his shoes on.

I turned to Red and said, "Come walk me out." 

Shorts and Nintendo started walking down the stairs.  I pulled out my phone and said to Red, "Well, I had fun.  I enjoyed hanging out with you guys."  I think she smiled.  I said, "Here, punch in your number." 

I stood on the top of the stairs tying my shoes.  Red handed me the phone with a number punched in which I hope is real even though I'm not sure the mood will be the same when I try to contact her again. 

The door shut and we started to walk back towards the bar. 

"What the fuck happened?" questioned Nintendo. 

This is when we tried to figure out what happened.  Nintendo kept getting interruptted by some girl calling him that sounded like a FB.

We both agreed that it was cool either way.  Yeah, the ending sucked but we had a blast.  We had a blast Friday, which is the first time we really hung out together.  Now, the second night, we get into a long two set and we end up at their apartment.  It's obvious that this is just the beginning of some wild, sex filled, summer nights too come.  I'm beginning to believe.

"The bars are still open.  LET'S FUCKING GO BACK AND GETTING ANOTHER TWO SET!" I yelled. 

I wonder how I can even be the depressed person I have been at times in the past.  I'm like an eternal optimist when I'm in sarging mode.  Rather than feel shitty when we had just lost this set, I really wanted to give it another shot. 

We hit up some sets at the after hours bars but the picking were slim.  I got some validation from this chubby 3-set.  I opened them and the one girl kept telling me to buy them drinks.  I tried to change the subject and she woudln't get off it and told me to go away.  I ended up talking to this cool girl who was really knowledgeable about art.  I tried to number close her but she said she was dating someone.  As I'm walking out, I see two of the chubby girls.  I said, "Hey guys."  The chubby blonde said to me, "You are so cute and nice and I was so mean to you."  She touched my face and said, "You are so cute."  I just said, "Thank you." 

Obviously she was into me but she had told me inside that she was married.  I said, "Are you really married?"  She lifted up her ring finger, showed me the ring and replied, "I'm engaged but I'm getting married in a few weeks."  I then put my arm around the other girl and started talking to her.  The engaged girl asked her friend, "Don't you wanna make out with a cute Filipino guy?" 

She said it twice. I'd like to say that I made out with her, but she didn't want to.  I wonder if she was doing that low self esteem stuff that I've done in the past.  Maybe she wasn't into me like the married girl had become, but she also could have been into me and was afraid I'd reject her if she said yes. 

I then walked to my car as I couldn't reach Nintendo.  I figured he went to the FB or took the train home when I was in that Art set for like 10 minutes. 

I gotta say that I followed through on what I wrote Friday.  I saw this really trashed blonde and this short pale girl at this bar near my car.   I was gonna walk right by but I said, "Fuck it" and opened them.  The blonde looked like she was more than drunk, like she was on roofies or Xanax or something as she could barely stay conscious against this wall.  The pale girl wanted me to go in and tell the guy friends to bring out the purse.  Then, she went in to do this cause I wouldn't.  I tried talking to the blonde but she was too out of it. 

I decided to leave as that set was just a waste of time.  Tonight, I gave my best shot and kept trying even after a bit of success.  I loved how I pushed to the end!

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