Friday, June 29, 2012

Uneventful Kiss and Number Close & Sarging ego

I went out to this South Side place I've been wanting to check out for Thursdays.  I had been told it's busy for ladies night but it wasn't that crowded.  As the venue is huge, there were still a lot of sets.  My favorite were these two Polish girls but I only lasted a few minutes with them.  I was with this Asian wing who's screen name I don't know.  Our best set was two Greek girls.  It's funny that he walked away from the set.  I thought he busted out, but I stayed in because the set was going decently.  I talked to the friend and I found out my wing just walked away.  She wanted to talk to him and asked me to bring him back.  He told me that she was giving one word answers but I told him to come back in.  I probably should have number closed my girl.  I talked some more when I returned with the wing but then they had to go to the bathroom.  I'm used to that being a bust out but I didn't feel like I actually busted out so maybe I should have approached them again when I saw them by the live band.  

The wing was annoying because he kept complaining that the girls weren't friendly and this was a bad venue for him.  Nintendo had it right in a text, "It's never the venue."  You just have to keep approaching and try to get yourself in the right mind set.

We left and went to hit Division bars.  My best set of the night was with this Irish girl: yes, my favorite, an actual girl from Ireland who's here for the summer and has the accent.  I opened her because she had the free popcorn in front of her.  I just grabbed some and starting talking to her.  We seemed to have some chemistry so I sat next to her.  My kino and conversation was good.  I felt early on that I should probably kiss her but I stalled again.  My other mistake was that I should have moved her to the dance floor even though the place is basically one room.  I sensed I was stalling and when I saw that, I should have moved her by her friends.

In any case, I decided to number close as Tyler's post suggested.  (If I actually had been following that, I should have number closed the Greek girls too).  She gave me her number and then I talked a bit more even though she said she had to hang out with her friends.  I then kissed her for like a sec at the end.  I should have gone for it earlier, but whatever.

It's funny that my Asian wing was giving me props but it just felt like a normal number close.  Nothing I get too excited about.  He seems to think my game is shitty because he hasn't really seen me have some amazing sets when I'm around him.  I'm dumb in that I can tell my ego is still involved when it shouldn't be as I get frustrated when he gives me advice about tonality.  He's right in that I should have better tonality and I should talk slower, but that's not a massive sticking point.  My sticking point right now involves pulling and fully escalating on the girls I get in my bed here.  If I improve tonality, it might help say 1-2% now, but I have larger problems to work on.

My other ego issue is that I know he thinks 2j has some god level of game.  2j has better advanced game in that he probably wouldn't have screwed up the escalation that I have recently and he just has more experience pulling.  It's new territory for me.  2j biggest problem is he doesn't force himself to approach enough and that's especially true with hot girls.  With HB9's, he admits he doesn't act the same as he does with 7's.  His 7 game of number closing and going for Day 2's is solid.  Anyway, I don't care about comparing game levels because I really do believe that we each have to progress at our own pace.  What bothers me is that I feel like he probably doesn't take my advice because he thinks my game is at some lower level when it isn't.  Also, he doesn't realize that I'm in the middle of a breakthrough and I'm progressing every day and his advice about little things somewhat challenges my state, though I'm good at usually not letting it bother me.  At the same time, if 2j gave him the same advice, this wing would eat it up like it came from an instructor.

I just feel like it's a struggle I don't need to deal with but I can tell it's also my ego coming in as well.  I also think that this wing doesn't understand how most nights go.  We're not instructors.  It's not awesome game with sets every night like you'd expect from an instructor.

Again, I feel dumb that this even bothers me.  He only has knowledge of a few of the events of the past two week so why do I even care that he views me to be at a newer level than my real skill level?  Who gives a shit...

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