Sunday, July 1, 2012

This is a grown woman...

Nintendo, in a loud, breaking rapport voice said to this cockblocking friend, "This is a grown woman.  She can walk away anytime she wants.  She doesn't need you to tell her.  Now leave us alone."

That move finally got this cockblock friend and some dorky AFC to leave Nintendo alone.  This was after his roommate PUA and I distracted the friends for a good 5 minutes.  Nintendo had this blonde massively hooked on Friday.  There was this chubby friend and a dorky Asian AFC that kept interrupting.  Nintendo's roommate, who I'll called "Roomy" immediately started talking to the cockblock friend.  I came in to assist.  Roomy had the girl distracted for a bit, but then the Asian guy kept butting in.  He wasn't alpha, but he had the cockblock's attention as he was apparently a close friend.

At one point, Roomy asked me to talk to the guy.  The guy reminded me too much of my old AFC friend and I can't really talk to guys like that.  I can talk to cool guys, but not chumps.  I usually just ignore AFC's but I can tool them too.  I know tooling is bad in this type of situation and I proved it here.  Roomy had lost their attention and it looked like Asian AFC was trying to get the cockblock to pull the girl off Nintendo again.  I jumped in and said to the Asian guy, "Haha, look at you.  Do you have some secret crush on her that you never told her about?  Why can't you leave them alone?"  Of course, it was like a sent a dagger right through his heart (heck, it was probably true as well, that's how AFC's are: he was friends with these girls because he probably figured it was the only way he could get them cause he has no game and shows no intent with girls).  The girl noticed that I made him uncomfortable and she felt sorry for him.  She put her arm on him and said to me, "Hey, this is a really good friend."

I laughed and told Roomy, "See, I can't deal with chumps.  I end up tooling them and look at this."

Earlier I fell into the cockblock's frame:
Earlier in the night, I needed to have the frame Nintendo had with that set.  I had opened this tall brunette who was part of a bachelorette party.  I had her hooked and I have to say it was cool having this girl leaning over so I could talk into her ear.  We were vibing well.  I tried to move her downstairs, but of course, she didn't want to leave the bride-to-be.  The bridge-to-be then grabbed my girl's hand and starting dancing with her.  I knew I couldn't interfere here so I just danced next to them.  The real move would have been to start dancing with all the girls.  That would have been money but I didn't have the state and/or confidence to pull that move off at the time.  My plan was to wait and to look like I was having fun.

After two songs, the bride-to-be let go of my target's hands and started dancing with another girl.  I then moved in and grabbed my girl's hand and started dancing with her.  She seemed okay with it, but I also wasn't completely comfortable.

Suddenly, this chubby blonde in the party said, "She's not interested.  Go away."

As I wasn't completely comfortable, "I let go and wandered off."

Wow, I feel like a chump and still do now when I think about this.  I fell completely into her frame.  I know it was because I wasn't completely comfortable and I wonder if she picked up on that. Regardless, I needed to ignore the cockblock friend.  I know she's trying to protect her friend.  Fine.  I also know that this brunette was into me.  It's funny that I can ignore cockblock guys, but I can think of two instances in the last week where I let the friends pull me out of state.  I think it's because I know the friends can read their friend's body language.  At the same time, I know when a girl is into me.  I know when she is signaling the friends to rescue her and in both cases I'm thinking about, that did not happen.

I wasn't a real man there. A real man wouldn't be so easily flustered.  I needed to stay in that set and ignore the friend.  At least I learned a valuable lesson from Friday night here that will help me in the future.

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