Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tall girl positive references experiences

Thinking about how this tall girl liked me Friday made me want to remember positive experiences I've had with tall girls.  I know height doesn't matter; I just need to act normal and be confident.  I love the tall girls and it's sometimes hard to feel entitled as I've never hooked up with a girl taller than 5'8".  Also, tall girls are just intimidating; even tall guys report being intimidated by them.  I'm getting more comfortable with them, and I think reminding myself of my positive experiences will further help me feel entitled.  

When I was a total AFC in college, this 6 foot tall blonde liked me.  I screwed it up of course, but it's huge that with no game, a girl that tall liked me even then.  Another positive reference point was when I was with G at the Adler Planetarium.  We worked one of the few two sets there.  He number closed this brunette and I number closed this older blonde who was really tall: I'm talking over 6 feet, like maybe 6'2".  I didn't even realize how tall she was when I was sarging her as we were sitting down.  I was shocked when she stood up.  That might have gone somewhere, but that's right about when I had one of my low points where I quit sarging and just stayed at home so I never followed through beyond texts.  She wanted to meet up with me to play tennis but we never did.

I remember a really tall Polish girl that I number closed on Division years ago.  I text her once and nothing happened.  The strange thing was that I ran into her again a few weeks later.  She remembered me and was so excited to see me.  Of course, I fucked it up later, but it still sticks with me how excited she was to see me again.

Recently, I had immediately hooked this tall redhead in front of Paris Club.  I wrote about it the other day.  It's the set where I had her instantly hooked and was holding her hands and it was so on that the cockblock friend actually asked me if I knew her.  I wrote that I screwed up by hesitating and she physically pulled my girl away.

Finally, I have the set I wrote about in the last post.

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