Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tall blonde remembers me from Model UN set

I met up with a bunch of wings for dollar burgers.  I ended up with 2j at our usual dollar beer spot.  The place was slow and devoid of the usual herd of Irish girls.  We had a few sets that were highly amusing due to chodes.  One the one had, we had a chode that over reacted to seeing us talking to the girls he was with.  He put his arm around both of them and I immediately threw out a verbal tool.  2j and I noticed how it works as Tyler designed: he was acting all alpha but as soon as I dropped the line, it was obvious that he lost state for a second.  His eyes fluctuated and his stance was less confident.  

The other chode actually had his girlfriend with him.  I thought this girl in the set was just being annoying by telling me the guy was the girl's boyfriend but I saw them together later.  This guy wasn't even alpha enough to pull his girlfriend away from me.  I remember he put his arm around her, and then I put my arm around her and she was indecisive about who to go with.  If that was my girlfriend, she sure would be up on me or I would at least pull her away.  Instead, one of the girls in the set told me to leave her alone cause her boyfriend was right there.  I left but then I wanted to speak my mind to the girl.  I said, "Hey, I'm leaving, but she's a grown woman (yes, Nintendo's line again), she can tell me herself if she wants me to go away." 2j and I laughed how the whole set had been difficult.  (I had tried gaming the other girls before this one with the supposed boyfriend actually was the first to respond well to me.  That's why I thought the friends were just being bitchy.)  Right before that, I had opened the set with the hottest girls in the bar, yet they had been totally friendly.  We lost it when the chubby girl in that set pulled them away and we never had a good opportunity to start things up again. 

Number close:
2j was very helpful tonight.  I was able to number close this decent looking blonde due to his help.  Initially, when I opened her, this guy friend started to interfere but 2j got me more time by opening him.  I started to hit it off with the blonde but this this female friend came and distracted her.  2j again came in and distracted the friend when then wandered off. I hooked my target again but decided to number close and eject.  Maybe I could have stayed in, but it seemed like there were gonna be too many distractions to keep running the set.  

I remember you!:

Now to the real set of the night.   We were about to leave when I saw this 3-set.  I thought they were Irish girls and I told 2j I wanted to open it.  I was having a hard time deciding from this tall blonde who wasn't fat but wasn't totally thin either.  I'd say average body but I also liked the pale brunette friend.  I decided to open the girl. I opened by just introducing myself which ended up being a great move.  If I had used the usual, "I wanted to meet you" it might have seemed like I say that to all the girls, which wouldn't have been good here. 

As soon as I introduced myself, her eyes lit up and she said, "Oh, I'm UN Friend (that's what I'm calling her)."

She recognized me but I had no idea who she was.  I figured I had opened her at some point in the last few weeks.  It's funny when you think about it.  I open so many sets that I often forget girls I already opened if it was a short bust out.  It always surprised me when a girl remembers me; I remember this Northwestern girl a few years ago remembered me from 6 months prior. 

She realized that I didn't know who she was and said, "You don't remember me do you?" 

I was drawing a blank and then she started to explain, "You were here two weeks ago (it was actually like a month before), and you were talking to my friend.  (She said the girl's name but that didn't help me remember).  You guys were talking all night and totally hit it off.  She's this short, really cute girl with black hair."

I replied, "The Model UN girl.  (I remembered the set.  The girl had attended the Model UN conference that this student organization at my college runs for high school students.  She was totally into me and thinking back, maybe I should have escalated faster.  I got blown out when I let this high school friend of hers keep talking to her instead of blowing him out or dominating the conversation earlier)."

That didn't click as this girl had no idea that Model UN girl had been in Model UN in high school so, she went on to tell me that the girl went to this college, etc.  The girl then left as they said they had to meet their friend in the bathroom.  That sounds like a blow off line, but I knew there was a third girl and I had seen her go to the bathroom as I was approaching.

Initially I was waiting in that same spot as 2j was one on one with a girl nearby.  I then decided to move as I didn't want to look like I was standing there waiting for the girls.  I saw them later and they were talking to some guy friends and I didn't want to approach.  I figured I'd wait till they were done.

I  waited a few minutes in the other room. There was nothing else to open so I told myself, "Come on.  Grow some stones. Who gives a shit if she's talking to someone?  Go in there and open her again and pull her attention from him."

I walk towards them and she happened to be not talking to anyone.

Massive IOI's:
I considered the fact that she remembered me to be a little IOI.  It was good but not enough to mean anything because girls that were lukewarm have remembered me before and it didn't turn into anything.   When I talked to her this second time, 2j came in to help talk to the friend.  UN Friend started telling him how nice I was and how I had bought them drinks.  I started laughing because it sounded AFCish how she was describing me and I knew 2j was in disbelief.  I almost never buy girls drinks but in this case I had bought them beers cause this girl actually was getting two beers at the time and had offered to get me one.  Model UN, my original target, was fumbling for money in her purse.  She dropped a dollar on the floor and was trying to find more.  I remember I just pulled out 3 bucks because it was taking too long and the drinks were cheap so I didn't mind paying. 

The massive IOI's began while 2j was talking to the friend and I had mini isolation with my girl again.  I put my hands on her hips and looked her in the eye and said, "I didn't remember you because I didn't talk to you much that night.   I remember personality more than looks."  She replied, "I felt like a third wheel that night.  You two were really getting along and I didn't want to interfere." 

Thinking back on that night, she had been interested in me, so this shouldn't surprise me as much as it does.  Model UN girl is really cute but UN Friend is more my type generally as she's blonde and tall.  Model UN had a cool personality and I remember her being smart.  What made me choose her at the time was Model UN girl was aggressively vying for my attention that night.  She literally had reached over UN Friend to kino me.  She kept asking me questions before  UN Friend could say anything and told me to come sit next to her. 

I got interrupted when the black guy that was in the set earlier came in and told UN Friend to hold his beer.  That little interrupt then resulted in the pale girl grabbing UN Friend's attention.  I then debated whether I should go back in a 3rd time.  

I wanna steal that girl's parka:
It was pouring outside at this point in the night.  I had seen this girl earlier who had a bright yellow raincoat and had opened her telling her that she better be careful as someone might run off with her parka.  As I'm debating entering the set for a 3rd time, I saw that same girl walking by with the parka on.  I walked over to UN Friend and said, "I wanna grab that parka off that girl's back. It's like a monsoon outside." 

UN friend replied, "Did you just hear me say that?  (I hadn't.)  Lol, I just said the same thing.  I want to grab that coat." 

2j and I had talked about going to this after hours club with Nintendo and Crazyfoot.  I decided to throw it out there.  I told the girls,"We're probably going to this after hours club after this.  There's a password you can use to get in free.  You guys should come with.  I can drive."  I learned the logistics were shitty as she said, "I have to wait for X(the black guy) and B (a short blonde that was the girl they went to meet in the bathroom at the beginning of the set)."  I wasn't gonna try to move 5 people to the other bar so I went for the number close. 

Here's where I got the massive IOI's I was thinking about when I titled the last section.  I told her I had to go but that we should hang out again.  I asked for the number and she enthusiatically agreed.  I started to punch in the number and as I was getting ready to type the last two number, two text messages from Nintendo popped up.  The girl exclaimed, "No" as in I hadn't punched in her number correctly. I then punched it in correctly and as we were leaving she did what we guys do when we're being chodey or when we are perhaps a little too enthusiastic about a girl.  She asked me if 2j and I come to this bar every week.  Then she said, "You guys should come here next week."  I think I replied with a maybe and then she said, "Well, text me." 

The quotes I mentioned in the report were obvious signs.  Beyond that, I just got the vibe from her that she was excited that she had met me again and now had a chance with me.  RSD tells us that we need to act like we are the prize.  I find it a constant struggle to truly believe that as you constantly get bust outs that want to make you think it's not true.  Of course, many of the bust outs aren't even under your control in the first place.  I should remember this interaction whenever I have doubts in the future.  It was nice to have girl excited to meet me again and simultaneously behave like she was a bit unworthy of me.

It feels arrogant to type that last sentence, but I really felt like when I number closed her, or when I was really giving her the eye contact, she was excited that I was showing interest in her, but also nervous, again like she was unworthy.  I guess it makes sense.  I had opened her that initial night and her friend had stole my attention away.  She didn't remember the night as I did.  I remember how I lost that cute brunette because I was a bit complacent when the high school friend came in and I regret that.  UN Friend remembers that I hit it off with this friend she described as being this "cute and hot."

The way she described that friend, you could tell that UN Friend thinks Model UN girl is a better catch.  I can't deny that Model UN girl has a way cuter face and has a petite body that guys would like more than UN Friend's.  I just find it ironic that UN Friend doesn't realize she has the features that really turn me on.  Yes, Model UN girl is cuter and has pale skin, which I like, but is blonde and I prefer blondes to brunette generally, and she's tall.  I don't remember if she was wearing heels or not, but even if she had been wearing heels, she is taller than me.  On top of that, given the choice, I would have chosen this girl that initial night, but she hadn't given me massive IOI's than night while the friend had.

I'm thinking that the story in UN Friend's head is "My friend, who is cuter than me, really hit it off with this cool guy that I liked at the time.  Heck, he must have been really cool as she was so into him.  Now here he is and I actually do have a chance now. Wow, he seems interested, is this real?  I'm excited."

Again, I feel weird typing that, but that really was the vibe I was getting.  Maybe I shouldn't feel weird.  I should believe I'm a good catch and that girls would think that about me.   Perhaps writing this entry is making me realize that I really haven't completely internalized that I'm the prize and I'm a high value guy.  When I start really believing that, maybe I'll hesitate less and escalate more.

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