Friday, July 27, 2012

Realizing and believing that my game is better with hotter girls

I remember reading early on in pickup theory that this stuff works best on the hotter girls.  I remember even reading an old Tyler post half jokingly explaining how HB 6 game works.  Despite having read this and believing it, I never fully internalized it, yet I feel like I'm close now to doing so.  Thinking back on the last few weeks, I've had way better experiences at the better venues than in say Lincoln Park.  That's not to say that some of the HB6's or 7's haven't responded me well.  There was that one last Saturday that I could have pulled if I hadn't screwed up, for example.

I swear the the worst responses I've gotten were from average or below average girls.  I understand the theory behind it.  The reason can be similar to when I was approached one time several years ago.  I didn't feel entitled to a cute girl approaching me so I acted dumb and basically busted her out.  Nintendo and I talk about how when we're on, we like the guy equivalent of HB9's or 10's and the average girls have entitlement issues.  The low self esteem girls can think we're just messing with them.   This is why that Tyler post talks about giving the HB6's compliments (this was back during the Mystery Method days when compliments off the bad were thought of as super AFC's, and high up on the don't do list.)  

Nintendo also made a point that made me realize that these average girls get approached a lot more than many of the hotter girls.  Yes, super hot girls can get approached everywhere, but at the bar, if you look, the average ones are the ones getting approached the most.  Thinking about it, I know it to be true because my cool wings often are intimidated about approached the really hot girls at the club.  I've been there myself but fortunately I've started to break past that.   Tyler says that the hot girls enjoy the "friendly and cool" game because they are so used to guys trying to qualify themselves or just act weird because the guys don't feel entitled the girls and can't act normal.  Rather than being chill, the guys brains either make it so they can't say anything or they do dumb shit because their brain tells them they have to do something special to impress the girl.  

We realized that a larger number of guys approaching the average girl can be "friendly and cool" so it doesn't stand out as much for the average girls as it does for the hot girls.  Furthermore, Tyler made a point that it's a HB 7.5 who wishes she were a HB 10 that selects on dumb stuff like going for only hot guys.  An HB 10 cares less about looks in general because she already can have good looking guys but just wants a cool guy because that's what's rare to her. 

For these reasons, and maybe because I just feel more intent with girls I'm super attracted to, and maybe the challenges forces me to step up, I've had some really great responses lately with hotter girls.  That's not to say I haven't screwed up, and also, some of the sets got screwed up by cockblock friends or bad logistics, but I'm starting to get reference experiences to go along with the theorizing above.  I can think of many hot girls that gave me way better responses that average girls, and the rudest shit I've gotten were from average girls the past 10 days.

I'll add that 2j says that the classier, better looking girls are often more social adept so they are less obnoxious that a lot of these average girls that aren't confident.  

With this realization, I'm going to try to stick to venues with hotter girls and I feel like I'll be more confident with them.  With average girls, I'm gonna throw them more compliments and just notch up the physical game so I can screen them out faster if they aren't DTF. 

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