Saturday, July 14, 2012

Needed a wing badly in Florida to get a redhead

I came down to visit my mother as my stepfather passed away.  I was out with an old friend in Atlanta two Thursdays ago and sarged there the one night I was there.  It was slow that night but I gave a good effort and with a little more belief in myself, I might have made something happen.  Fast forward to tonight and I should be happy with what I was able to do solo and after not sarging for a week. 

Momentum does help and it felt different to go out after not being really social this week and not sarging at all.  I might not have even gone out today but I went for a haircut and the barber was a young guy and he pointed me to this place called Ocala Entertainment Complex or OCE.  When I get there, I had to wait in a super long line as they frisk every guy that goes in.  I hated paying the $20 cover as I never pay that much in Chicago, but I was surprised to learn that the drinks are free.   That makes up for the cover except I could only drink 3 beers as I had to drive home in 3 hours.

I found myself standing around ordering drinks and scoping things out.  The club has a large country bar area with line dancing and a club area with hip hop music and a dance floor.  For a brief moment, I worried I was gonna totally waste my $20 but I was able to relax.  One thing that was totally different was that this place allowed 18-20 year old people to enter, but of course they couldn't drink.  I need to hook up with an 18 year old at some point and maybe I can do that when I return here.  I opened one girl who immediately told me, "I'm 18."  I replied, "Hey, that's legal at least."  She gave her friend the "rescue me" eyes, and I had fun with it.  I learned from a Kincaid's set two weeks ago and I told the friend, "Hey, she's giving you the rescue me eyes" as the friend didn't even notice it right away. 

Doubted myself for a few seconds twice:
There were only two sets that really stuck out.  The first was this cute brunette that I clicked with in the country section.  I had her hooked but then the friends wandered off.  This would be my curse for the night as will be clear shortly.  This brunette gave me the huge IOI when I friend came in early and suggested getting a drink and my girl decided to stay with me.  When the whole group decided to go the club area, she had to follow. 

I stalled a bit here even though I knew the right move.  She said, "My friend are going to the club area."  The correct move would have been to grab her hand and start leading that way and say, "Let's go with your friends to the club area."  Instead, I knew she had to go.  I hesitated for a few seconds and thensaid, "Let's go."  I started to walk with her but I didn't do it in a confident way and she had gotten ahead of me, so I didn't follow.  Sadly, I didn't see her again in the club area.  She was probably on the dance floor most of the time.  I would have opened her again for sure had I seen here.

The real set of the night was this frustrating two set with a chubby red head and this cute, thin brunette.  I was standing in the club area when this two set stopped near me.  I quickly opened this redhead as I love redheads.  She was a little fat but as I always say, I have a fetish for natural redheads so I wanted her more than the cute brunette friend.  As I was talking to the redhead, some guy started dancing up on the friend.  The redhead gave him a look of disgust.

This was an example of how the stronger frame wins.  I don't think he even saw the look she gave him; if he saw it, he ignored her.  He danced up on the friend and the friend started to get into it.  In about 10 seconds, the redhead's disgust turned to attraction. She started dancing in front of him so he was sandwiched between the two of them.

Manning up:
I was amused how she was initially disgusted and then she liked the guy.  I sat dumbfounded for a second and then I got in the right mindset.  She had her back to the guy.  I moved over and started dancing in front of her.  She liked this and moved up on me.  The other guy than ran off, but fortunately, some other guy started dancing with the friend.

I was thinking, "Wow this is perfect.  I have another guy occupying the friend and she seems to like him."  

The redhead turned and started really grinding her ass into me.   I put my hands on her hips initially and then I started spanking her ass a few times and I moved my hands onto her hands.  I moved my hands up and down her arms.  I moved her hair to the side and blew into her ear.  I turned her around so I would be leading and gave her some stimulation with my leg.  I later turned he back around and when I touched her hair, she helped me by moving her hair to the side.  I was getting ready to try to move things towards a kiss but then suddenly the other guy ran off.  The friend even gave this puzzled look when he ran off.  

I need a wing badly:
I had talked to some guys earlier and one guy had helped me wing a set.  I lost them and when I found them later, I couldn't find my set.  It was frustrating.  I went back to my redhead two different times and got positive responses both times.  I should have engaged the friend more, but I was struggling to balance making sure I had her hooked when I returned and being able to talk to the friend.  In both cases, the friend walked off and my girl had to leave. 

I'm thinking that maybe I should have just resorted to just following them.  It's not ideal but 2-sets solo is never a good situation.  The only time it works is if the friend just wanders off because she is letting her friend hook up.  I kept beating myself up on the drive home that I couldn't make this happen but I need to remember that Mystery has even said 2-sets without a wing are bad. 

Don't browbeat yourself;
Tyler says this and I often violate it.  I know I should be happy with my night.  I hadn't sarged in a week yet I pushed myself.  I hooked two sets and tried with a bunch of other girls including this smoking hot blonde.  I regret that I didn't approach a few other hot girls but two were in 2-sets, so I can cut myself slack on that.  The other was in a big mixed set but I still could have went in to scope things out. 

That redhead was hooked and if I had a few more songs I would have likely gotten an easy make out on the dance floor.  I know if I had Nintendo or 2j this set might have been a pull opportunity.  The friend was cute enough that they would have enjoyed winging her and I had my fetish girl, a real redhead. 

I had a chance to try a 3rd time near the end of the night when I saw them in the country area.  I was trying to find a wing to help me and then I couldn't find them again.  I give myself props for looking for them when the place closed as I was gonna make a last ditch pull attempt. 

At the same time, I felt like a loser when I was standing by myself as everyone was leaving the club.  I wanted to do some Jeffy moves but there weren't any solo girls and I didn't have the nerve at the time to go into a 3-set and try fast escalation. 

Anyway, again, I can be happy that I made the effort and had decent results.  I'm sure this will help me on Saturday as I now have some momentum going into Atlanta sarging. 

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