Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hotties touch me & Kicked out of VIP section

Monday night was an exciting night with both positive and negative experiences that I fell helped me grow a ton.  I started the night by getting right up to the roof top area. Nintendo and AndyDufresne didn't get in as the bouncer fed them the BS "We're at capacity upstairs."  I realized that bouncer talk to tell you they are rejecting you from going into area; I had heard this same BS at this place in Atlanta.  The upstairs was about half full but they didn't want to let too many people up there. 

I had spotted this tall brunette that I wanted to sarge but this old guy at this table service kept talking to her.  I remember going in to try to talk to her but she was boxed way into the table so I opened some other brunette who ended up being married.  I mention this set as I would approach the tall girl later and get my negative, fun, learning experience. 

Two hot blondes love me:
The two sets that stuck out in my head were these two thin blondes.  They were solid HB 8's in m book.  Yes, I love redheads, but blondes are a very close second.  In my report about Tuesday, I'll complain about how I sometimes don't feel sets are "on" sometimes.  I realized that while I'd fuck a wide variety of girls, there is a certain type that turns me on physically and of course I can be stimulated by their personality as well.  These two blondes were the type that just physically turn me on from the beginning. 

I can tell I've grown in that I remember being completely calm with these girls that were my perfect type.  There were many nights in the past where I would have avoided opening these girls because they seemed too hot to me.  More recently, I approach almost every girl I want to open, but I often will screw things up early since I'm so attracted.  In these two sets, I was completely calm.  The first set, I was doing verbal vomiting (as RSD Brad call it).  I was just spewing random stuff that was coming in my head. She made comments about me throwing out random stuff but I could tell she was enjoying it.  I ended up losing the set because my wings couldn't keep the friends occupied.  I knew she liked me cause she was reluctant to leave.

Hesistation screwed me again here.  The friend said they were going downstairs and the friend even asked me to join.  I remember putting my arm around the blonde which she resisted at that particular moment so then I became afraid to follow them confidently downstairs.  I have to just start assuming attraction and walking with the set anyway and seeing what happens.  I did see this girl again at the second bar but couldn't get further. 

The other blonde was this thin blonde who actually seemed smart and was well travelled.  I opened this 2-set that apparently Nintendo had already approached.  He clicked for a bit with the brunette.  I was all up in this blonde's face and she was loving me.  She kept smiling and giggling and, more importantly, she kept touching me.  Of course I've had sets be totally into me off the beginning but I can't recall a set where it was a blonde like this who again was totally my type. 

I remember telling my wings, "Wow, that's so crazy.  I should believe, but it's so amazing that a girl I find totally fucking hot just won't stop touching me from the open." 

I lost the set because Nintendo stalled with the brunette and then she dragged my girl away. I should have followed them to the table.  I did open them again later in the night. 

I'd rather get rejected than have regrets:
That's what goes through my head when I see sets that I am a bit hesitant to open.  This was true of the second blonde.  I finally saw her again and she was dancing on the side of the VIP area.  We were ready to leave and I wanted to try again as I knew she was really into me before.  I didn't like how her 3 friends were in total party mode dancing up on this divider.  I knew I'd regret it if I didn't try so I made myself approach. 

 I grabbed up at her and she leaned down and say, "Hey, I remember you!"  I said something like, "No, we are not going to go play doctor yet. (this was a little joke that I came up with as we had been talking about how she was taking anatomy classes)."  

Nintendo admitted in a debrief that his ego preventing him from trying to help me wing this set.  The brunette he had been talking to was right next to my girl and no one did anything to help me wing.  She then grabbed my girl off me.  I waited and tried again, but this time my blonde was less enthusiastic.  I am happy I tried, but driving home, I realized I could have done this set better.  When I went to open again, I could have done what I did, but then I should have jumped up on the divider and danced with her.  Either that, or I should have went to the VIP section and opened her and then pulled her down. 

I have a cold war fetish:
Midway through the night at the second club, we were all outside in the smoking area just taking a mental break (as none of us smoke).  These two Ukrainian girls walked by and naturally I opened them.  I guessed wrong that they were Polish and they kept walking to the other end of the smoking section.  The blonde came back asking for a smoke and one of wings pretended to light her cigarette as a way to tease her.  It got a laugh out of all but she wandered off to get a real light.

My wings didn't go back to approach, so I went in. I opened them again by saying, "Hey.  I have to admit, I have a cold war fetish.  I like Russian girls..."  I hit it off with this blonde.  She was into museums and we had an engaging talk. She mentioned she was going to the MCA on Tuesday and I probably should have pushed for a solid meet up but just number closed instead.  My wing (who I'm getting a screen name for as he features in Tuesday's report) did a good job of engaging the other girl but eventually they wanted to go back inside.  I suppose I could have lead my girl inside before that happened.  Leading is still a big problem for me and I need to focus on working on that. 

Chode's move is to get me kicked out of the VIP section:
Back at the first place, I finally approached the tall brunette downstairs by this table area.  The upstairs had closed as open air areas have to close by midnight in the city limits of Chicago.  I started talking to the tall brunette.  She was eating a bagel and wasn't giving me much response but I kept plowing.  Suddenly, this bouncer taps my shoulder and says, "You have to get out of here."

Nintendo and another wing got the same treatment from the same two chodes at the second bar.  Apparently, any time guys start talking to girls in their group, these guys just go tell the bouncers that guys are bothering them.  Nintendo and I both get angry that some dumb chode does this but I also get motivated.  Dumb chodes only know how to use money and bottle service to have girls around them and they are terrified that cool guys will steal their girls.  Sure, they blew us out now but what they don't realize is that naturals or PUA's will pull these girls when the chodes aren't around.  Their little sweetie will cheat on their lame asses.  It makes me want to sarge more girls with boyfriends just to stick it to all the chodes out there.  (Yes, I feel this way partly because I was achode and in their mind set so I get triggered by it).

Nintendo was pissed but he decided not to say anything because he was afraid he wouldn't be able to control himself.  He does go off as he admits he isn't as centered as I am when he gets angry or when people talk to shit to him.  I feel the need need to speak my mind because I hate any type of bullying.  Remember that I used to be a total pushover wuss in high school that let people walk all over me and bully me.  There was no way I wasn't gonna give the bouncers some shit, especially because they way they kicked me out of there was rude. 

I agree with Nintendo that most guys should just walk away.  I feel like I need to speak my mind for the reasons above, but also I can do in the right way.  I project my voice loud, but I don't start swearing or getting physically aggressive.  They way I responded was similar to how I deal with AMOGs or guys starting some shit with me.  I stand my ground in a way that they can't really do anything about as I'm being polite.  The wrong way would be to get physical or start insulting and swearing as it just gives them a reason to boot you  out and/or get physical. 

Here's what I remember of what happened:
Bouncer: You have to get out of here.
Me: (I walked away from the table.)  What did I do?
Bouncer: (No response.)
Me: Oh, I get it.  Some guy got jealous that I was talking to his girl?  Lol.  She's a grown woman.  She can tell me when she doesn't want to talk to me. 
Bouncer: Get out of here (meaning this area, not the bar).
Me:  Wow, take it easy.  (I looked around and saw two other bouncers by me.)  Lol. You seriously need 3 guys to kick me out of there.  Rofl.  (I was laughing really loudly). 
(I wish I would have been more sarcastic.  As I thought about the evening, I wished I would have added, "Newsflash at 10pm.  A thin Asian guy was talking to someone's girl and a SWAT team and the National Guard were called in." 

I finally just walked away and that's when I started to get pissed and started texting my wings.  I still get a little pissed at the chode.  Thinking back on it, I bet the guys lie to the bouncers and say we were really bothering them.  I remember in the smoking room of the second bar, Nintendo saw one of the chodes talking to a bouncer outside. Nintendo wanted to talk shit, and I was almost ready to join him.  I said if we were going to do it, we should leave and outside we'd talk shit to him so the bouncers couldn't even kick us out as we were already outside.  Nintendo decided to be smart and not say anything and that was the wise move.  As I wrote above, we'll get back at these guys when we hook up with girls in the future.  When I found out a girl has a boyfriend, I'll just think it's a chode like this.  Heck, that bisexual Russian girl I made out with a few weeks ago is probably dating some chode like these dudes. 

I enjoyed how the bouncers don't know what to do when dealing with me.  I sure they expect me to just be intimidated by their stare downs and because they speak in breaking rapport tonality and are twice my size.  The only thing they know how to do is use brute force against someone who is being combative or to intimidate.  I feel that the way I deal with them frustrates them, or in the case of bouncers on Division street, makes them like me.  Again, I speak my mind loudly (It's funny I have problems with vocal projection sometimes, yet project so perfectly when I get worked up in these situations).  I look they right in the eye and they can see I have no fear.  As I told my wings, in these cases, they can't do shit.  What are they gonna do, beat me up in front of everyone for doing nothing?  I hope they do so I can sue the bar and get free money.  No, they can't do anything because I'm speaking my mind loudly but I'm not swearing or threatening.  I was even tooling them for needing 3 guys.  Heck, thinking back, I could have tooled them more with Tyler AMOG shit that I use on normal guys.  I could have said, "Okay, you can take it easy with the stare down and alpha pose.  I'm not threatening you.  This isn't a stare down contest.  I'm here to have fun at the bar not have a bench pressing contest." 

I'll just close by saying I feel like the way I handled it let me stay true to my need to not get intimidated or bullied and to speak my mind.  I also handled the bouncers in a way that gets them into a social "does not compute" mode.  They didn't know what to do for a bit except stare at me and it frustrated them that they looks and breaking rapport wasn't having the usual affect on me as it does to most guys. 

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