Friday, July 20, 2012

Laughed at bouncer trying to build state/status off us

I went to this club last night with Nintendo, Andydufresne, and 2j as Nintendo had a text promoting the place.  I wanted to get drunk so I had like 6 drinks in 10 minutes.  I could tell I was fucked up and it lead to some adventures.  I remember trying to get into this club that was doing some black promotion with this girl but I couldn't get in for free as I didn't have the text.  2j got in with some Asian girl that had promotions cards from her hotel.  After not getting in, I remember seeing Nintendo talking to some Latinas in front of this nearby club and I got in there for free by just walking in with this married girl. 

The highlight of the night for me was laughing obnoxiously at this stupid fuck bouncer at the original club when 2j and I returned.  As I think back on the night, I remember a scene from American Pie 2.  It's where Stifler sees Sherman at a party early in the movie and he tells him, "Hey, nice to see you man" and offers a handshake.  Sherman is wary and says that he knows that Stifler is just messing with him, but Stifler pretends to be genuine.  When Sherman offers his hand, Stifler pulls his hand back, of course, and laughs obnoxiously at him and says, "You stupid fuck!" 

I felt like I laughed as obnoxiously at the bouncer but I just didn't ad the stupid fuck part.  I also held myself back from talking more shit as I knew I was drunk. 

What happened was I opened this brunette French girl who was sitting down.  Disney, my promoter friend, was also in the club, and he approached the friend.  I got busted out and started talking to 2j. This bald Latino bouncer thought he could use my bust out and went up to the girl. He wasn't doing his job, we saw later that he kept trying to sarge girls.  I'm sure this eventually works for him, but later on, he just got some girls some free drinks and tried kinoing them but got nowhere.  With these girls, he tried some white knight approach even though I had already stopped talking to the girl. 

This guy is such a dumb fucked cause he asked the girl, "Are these guys bothering you?"

2j and I both heard him say that and we heard the girl say, "No, I'm fine." 

He then walked away a little deflated as he had been hoping to use that as an in.  One might have thought he was doing his job up to this point, but again, I saw him trying to pickup girls while working instead of just being a bouncer like most of the other guys working there.  Yes, I was drunk, but I had walked away already. 

The real evidence is that he saw me looking at him, and he had to throw in, "Hey, walk away from these girls" even thought I wasn't even talking to them anymore. 

Bad move idiot!  Don't try to use me to build state.  I hate bullies or asshole that try to mess with other guys or put them down to build status or state.  I'm polite to everyone but if someones does this to me, I am quick to respond with a verbal jab.  It often catches them of guard because they don't expect a small Asian guy to have instant verbal jabs and to look bigger guys right in the eye with no fear. 

I'm not sure if I said something as a verbal response to him.  I think I just busted out with a long Stifler laugh.  As he was walking away, I pointed at him as I was laughing and said, "You got rejected too!"  

At this point I had to restrain myself as I wanted to talk even more shit.  Also, this tall white bouncer was standing near us and had probably seen this.   I wanted to go up to him and say, "Where do you get these guys?  That guy asks the girl over there if I'm bothering them, even though I had already walked away from her.  She tells him that she's fine, and yet he proceeds to try to act cool by telling me to walk away from her. ROFL."  

Thinking about it now sober, I probably should have done that.  There's a good chance that bouncer would have fell into my frame and there's nothing really negative that could have happened.

Later, we saw the Latino bouncer trying to sarge some girls.  He lead them to the bar area and gave them free drinks, as I mentioned.  He was cave manning a girl, but he quickly got rejected and walked away.  Here is where it was good I held myself back.  2j and I were joking about busting him out of that set while he was in it.  Sober, it would have been fine to do it but drunk I might have gotten us kicked out.

The dumb thing is that for a few minutes after the encounter, I kept telling 2j, "I wonder if he's gonna bust in on our sets again?"

Thinking back on it, there's no way.  He tried to mess with us and instead of building state from bossing me around for no reason, I had to have dropped his state.  His frame was "I'm a bouncer, I'm gonna push this guy around" and my frame was, "You're a stupid fuck that just got rejected trying to use me as an in.  Moreover, not only am I not going acknowledge your supposed authority to tell me to move out of this spot, I'm gonna laugh at your dumb ass as loud as Stifler does and point at you as I'm laughing as a kid would point out some poor kid on the playground that he was ripping on."   

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