Friday, July 20, 2012

We need to lead- Nintendo

I just got off the phone with Nintendo and we further analyzed the Irish Mcdonald's set.  Besides the points I made about needed to be more high octane, the problem was we failed to lead in that interaction.  There's conversational leading, and I do a good job with that.  I'm always directing the conversation, but I do way too much rapport building.  Especially in that Mcdonald's situation, I should have lead the conversation to sexual topics or romance instead of just vibing and telling cool stories.

Failure to lead: the underlying problem:

Nintendo made a great point that a current that has been present in all our interactions, including the Willow pull was that we often don't lead.  Nintendo contrasted that with the redhead Wicker Park set that he lead to a venue change and to their place to smoke weed.  In the Willow pull, we gave the girls a ride, got the liquor they wanted, and went to their place. I don't think it was a big hindrance there but it's just evidence that we are succeeding despite this flaw in our game. 

We failed to lead during that entire Mcdonald's interaction.  I kept wondering how we were supposed to lead when the blonde girls wouldn't even talk to us.  Maybe that was a lost cause, but Nintendo pointed out a key point where I could have lead better.  He pointed out when there was one seat left on the side of the table by the friends.  Despite being drunk, I knew that was a problem.  I protested that she probably wasn't gonna sit with me alone at a table and would have wanted to sit with her friends.  I had considered taking the seat, but I worried she'd sit across from her friends and then I wouldn't be able to kino.  I decided standing next to her was the lesser evil cause at least I could still kino her.  Nintendo pointed out what I already knew, that standing there was bad as it made it so I appeared too invested in the interaction. 

Sit on my lap:
This was a move that never even crossed my mind.  Nintendo hit it right on.  He said I should have taken the empty chair.  I protested that she likely would have sat across and I'd have no kino or I'd have to risk looking by getting up from my seat to try to be close to her for kino.  Nintendo said that as soon as I sat down, I neede to use an alpha voice and say, "Here, come sit on my lap."  I agree that if I said it correctly, she would have sat down on my lap.  If she refused, then I could have said, okay let's sit on that side.  There were two empty chairs on the other side, but it was away from her friends.  

We're all not isolating, leading:
That's the conclusion I came to when we discussed this.  We thought about some of the group sets we had worked and no one tried to isolate a target.  I said that with all the sets including the Weed girl set we pulled, we played it safe.  I emphasized that even in 2-sets, we should be moving the girls around and isolating.  I think back to that Andydufresne set, and even though he didn't want to pull, I didn't even try suggested a venue change to my girls.  I let them lead eventually by letting them decide to go cause they had gotten bored.  That was despite hearing them ask each other that a few minutes before. 

I think I really need to burn the sets to the ground:
 I have some number closes that I need to push and I hope I can get some Day 2's from that because I think I need to do a leading drill the next few days.  I talked about this on the ride to the club Thursday, but I didn't follow through.  Tonight, I'm gonna treat each set like a pulling drill.  Rather than try to just vibe and build a connection through rapport, I'm gonna focus on finding different reasons to lead the girl around the club, and if the set lasts long enough, to other venues.   I'm gonna try to kiss close within 20 minutes even though it's not always the most solid way to do it. 

Nintendo and 2j tell me I often just get lost in the sets and it's because I'm not leading.  This is the way I can work on fixing it. 

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