Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kclose? & "I'm not going home with you"

Something I need to discuss with 2j is whether I should try the quick kiss closes with high buying temperature girls.  I think the answer depends on my goals.  For practice, I should go with Ozzie's saying.  I can hear him from Transformations talking about how he has closed in less than a minute.  I approached this girl with a nose ring in Wicker Park.  She was drunk and high buying temperature. She was holding strong eye contact and because she was a little tipsy, she would sometimes lean in and her lips were like inches from me.  The other side is that it's not really solid game to do that stuff.  It's surprisingly easy to kiss girls sometimes but it doesn't mean anything else is going to happen.  I think I need to just take the opportunities. I find myself getting a little hesitant to go for the kiss again so I probably should just drill it then I'm going to try to kiss close every set if I can again.  

With that particular set, there were two other girls and this one friend in particular was a massive cockblock.  She wouldn't really talk to me and 2j tried as well to no avail.  She dragged my target away after a few minutes upon the first approach.  I opened them again at the bar, and I think that's when I should have kissed her.  If I had been making out with her, the cockblock might have been more uncomfortable trying to bust me out.  I approached a 3rd time but I had grown weary of dealing with the cockblock that time and my girl had lost her enthusiasm for me it seemed. 

We then switched venues to this busy club that we went to last week.  There was an hour period where 2j and I didn't do anything.  He did a half assed approached on this Asian girl that was hovering.  The funny thing about her is that maybe I should have went for her later.  She got all drunk near the end of the night and had gotten up on this cube that the go go girls dance on.  She was dancing like a stripper: she was lifting up her dress and pull on her thong.  

I happened to be in set with this tall girl.  I actually hit it off well with this tall girl.  I had approached and then just started dancing with her after just a name exchange and a few sentence conversation.  The Asian girl had started this strip dance next to us and my girl asked me for a dollar.  I shook my head and she asked this other guy who gave her two singles.  She was giggling like crazy as she put  the dollar on the Asian girl.  At this point, the bouncer made the girl come down. 

I went back on my girl and started to grind with her and stimulate her with my right leg. 

"I'm gonna tell you something because...I'm actually a cool chick.  I'm not gonna go home with you tonight... I'm on my period" she said.

I held eye contact the entire time she said this.   I knew it was a shit test.  My eye contact never waved through this.  I cut her off and replied with a smile, "Hey, we are just having fun" and just continued grinding.  She smiled as I passed the test, and I could see her get relaxed and seemed a bit more into the grinding.  I think my answer was fine.  I knew that she was getting turned on if she threw that out there.  I might have changed my response after thinking of it.  I think I might have said something like, "I'm flattered that you're thinking about going home with me, but we're just having fun now.  That's something that just happens if both people want it, but right now, let's just have fun."   Maybe that's too long of an answer and again, what I said was fine.

The only problem was that about two minutes later, her group left and she had to go with them.  I guess I could have tried a last ditch effort and grabbed her and said, "I see you're friends are leaving.  We're having fun.  Just stay here and you can grab a cab later or I can drop you off."  It was better than just letting her walk off. 

More tall girl reference experience:
At closing time, I saw this 2-set walk by me as my college friend was closing his tab.  The first girl was average but the second was this tall, thin brunette with a cute face.  I stopped her and introduced myself.  The friend had wandered down the bar, so she said, "I have to go" and walked off.

I turned to my friend.  About 30 seconds later, I heard, "My name is Kelly (or whatever he name was.)"  I had seen the girl I stopped walking back to me in my periphery so I knew it was her.  I also knew that was a huge IOI.  I must have stopped her properly and she found me attractive or she wouldn't have bothered opening me again.  I was hoping my buddy would help so I introduced the average girl to my friend.  He didn't say anything.  What I should have done was just started plowing them with material or just got up on my girl, but I stalled for a few seconds and then the average girl lead them away.  My girl replied, "We're looking for our friends."  They were, but I could have made a better attempt to salvage it.

I just mention this because I need it to give me more experiences to draw upon when I'm not feeling confident with tall girls.  

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