Saturday, July 21, 2012

Street game and "vulture wings"

Nintendo and I ended up doing street game most of the night.  The massive rejections you get in street game messed with Nintendo I think.  Well, that and he was tired so by the end he was in a negative mind space.  I realized later that instead of trying to hard stop moving sets, which is exteremely difficult and has the highest bust out rate possible, we could have done some sets where we just walked with the girls for a bit.  That's less threatening and gives the girls more time to get a feel that we are actually cool guys.  On the flip side, when you do the alpha stop correctly and the girls stay, the set usually is really on and there's a good chane to pull or at least venue change.

Lessons from street game:
-The first was above, that we don't need to use the same high risk/ high reward manuver.
-Nintendo pointed out something that I felt inside but wasn't doing enough to combat during my street openers.  I came across as uncalibrated because I knew I should go up and instantly kino the girl but I also felt weird doing it cause we were on the street.  It was incongruent because part of me knew I needed to touch the girl and the other didn't want to so I'd hold myself back and that looks weird.  It's funny that it still worked anyway, but if I'm gonna open aggressively, I have to totally commit.  I have reference experience from the Pride parade openers that I can make this successful here (at the girls we are opening often have been drinking since the early bars had just close), and that I know how it feels to open correctly and to be holding back. 

We had met up with these two others guys I know, including this Asian guy that I've gone out with a few times.  At the very end of the night, I street opened this Asian girl who was walking by and she actually stopped despite what I wrote above.  Like a dumb ass, I turned when someone said, "Hey man" and it turned out to be a homeless guy.  I normally ignore shit like that, but being in the street I wanted to be aware of my surroundings in case it's actually a girl's boyfriend or something since I am opening so aggresively.  Since I didn't have the girl totally hooked, she started to walk away, but I was ready to try to reel her back in.

These two guys were waiting like vultures and immediately tried to open her.  They were so eager that they basisically opened at the same time.  Give me some fucking space!  Yeah, they can open a set if I bust out, but they should have waited about ten or twenty feet back at least instead of being right next to me.

The Asian guy had her attention but then the redhead guy grabbed it and actually got the girl to start walking across the street from her. 

You wanna bust me out, then no one gets the girl:
Part of me debated letting him have the set, but I saw the Asian wing going to bust out his wing (these guys were actually out together as a team).   Well, I might as well do this as I was the one originally wronged, and I'm damn well good at tooling and blowing other guys out. 

I actually wasn't at the top of my game this time.  I felt bad tooling these guys and they are beginners and I've hung out with one guy.  I felt guilt with the other guy as I barely new him but I also knew he was new to this.  I could have said a bunch off stuff to really fuck up their state and bust them out, but I held back where I wouldn't have with some random guys.  I also didn't like just talking over them. 

This became even weirder for the girl because it became clear we all knew each other.  She eventually walked away and got in a cab.  It's too bad they came in because this girl was lonely and wanted to meet someone.  It's even more clear that she stayed that long with all this weird bullshit going on. 

I had that girl:
That's what the redhead guy said.  I replied, "Don't steal my sets.  Yeah, I had briefly lost her cause that homeless guy talked to me and I was dumb enough to turn and acknowledge him.  You guys just swooped in when I could have reeled her back in.  If you wanna steal my sets, then no one is gonna get the girl cause I'm good at AMOGing."  

I'll close by saying that they can get the girl if I bust out but give me more space than being right next to me.  Besides that, those two are wings and yet they are trying to open the girl at the same time like that.  Moreover, if you wanted the girl, be more active like I was in trying to find sets on the street instead of standing behind me passively. 

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