Friday, July 20, 2012

Went with Irish girl to Rock and Roll McDonald's

The only other set worth writing about happened at the end of the night.  I opened this Irish girl who was sitting on a fire hydrant near a bunch of other Irish people.  A blonde she was with started walking towards Rock n Roll Mcdonald's so I put my arm on my girl and used Jeffy's technique of pretending it was my idea and said, "Let's go to Rock n Roll McDonald's."  Nintendo was trying to talk to the blonde Irish girl to no avail and then another blonde Irish girl ran up.   He started joking around with my target and then I told him, "I need your help on the blondes, not on my girl."

We got to the McDonald's and my girl and a blonde went off to the bathroom.  The other blonde ordered her food.  I tried to push Nintendo to talk to her and I tried talking to her as well.  She was unresponsive so we just let her wander off to a table.  I went back up to my girl when she ordered.  When she got her food, I tried to tell her that the other blonde had wandered off, but she spotted her at a a big table.

There were two empty seats on the side the blonde on.  The blonde took one and there was one left.  Nintendo said on the ride home that I should have tried to lead the blonde to sit with me at a different table.  At the time, I decided to just let her sit there and stand next to her even though it wasn't ideal . The girl offered me fries and I ate half her fries.  We also exchanged her drink as they had given her Cherry Coke instead of regular Coke.

I had the girl clawed while I was talking to her.  This black guy had sat down across from us and was talking to the girls.  He tried to determine my relation with the girl by throwing out, "I like your boyfriend.  He's cool."  I'm sure he was hoping she'd say, "He's not my boyfriend" but the girl didn't even respond.  

My set was cut short when the two Irish girls told my girl they were leaving.  I guess at this point, I could have said, "Hey, stay with me and finish your sandwich."  I don't think it would have worked but it might have been a decent move to try.  Instead, I walked with them and tried to get in the cab.  Well, the girls got in and then I said, "Hey, let me come by and hang out."  They rejected it and I asked two more times and then had to admit defeat.  The only way I think I could have been more alpha about it was that instead of standing in the way of the door, I could have just tried to sit down as soon as my girl sat down, and/or told her to scoot over as I was half sitting down.

Nintendo's analysis:
He was sober and was stuck driving my car to his place as I was drunk and he had offered this plan at the beginning of the night.  He admitted he hadn't given his best effort with the blondes.  He said that my problem was I didn't escalate with the Irish girl enough.  He said I should have been trying for the make out.

I did kino a decent amount.  I clawed her, but yeah, I suppose he's right.  We had said on the drive in that we were supposedly going to focus on pulling.  Thinking back, I don't even think I had a plan when I was walking with them to McDonald's.  I think I figured I'd chat her up and then just try to continue to hang out with her and hope I could create something.  I probably was running the set like a number close set, but I never even asked for the phone number.  I was thinking about it but didn't expect the friends to rush her out before she had even finished eating her Big Mac. 

If I really did want to pull, and that's usually the point of street sets, then I should have been more playful.  I needed to tease and flirt more, which I was not doing.  I was doing too much rapport building instead of trying to spike her buying temperature.

Nintendo said I needed to make out and I argued that it wasn't on.  At the same time, I acknowledged that I know you don't need to do anything elaborate to build up a kiss close.  As I'm writing this, I realize that this was a time for high octane moves.  Sure, I'm not that good at it, but I have enough moves to try, yet I focused on rapport building instead.  If I had teased, flirted, and/or lifted and spun her, I would have spiked her buying temp and then a kiss would have felt more appropriate.  If I set up a make out, then the pull would have been more likely.  

I think that's the lesson to be learned.  

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