Saturday, July 21, 2012

Skipping the line and no id check even

I feel this deserves a different post and my main event of the night ending up being street game and dealing with vulture "wings."  I have a pro poker buddy that I known for years who showed me these moves years ago.  It was only after self actualizing and the community that I actually had the internals to do it consistently.  I should also give credit to Colorado Dave as my first time sneaking in a place without the "Snake" was at BodyWorlds a few years ago with C Dave. 

Nintendo wanted to check out this venue I had never been to or heard off before.  There was a long line to get in and I was in the right state that I decided I was gonna get in without waiting.  I hesitate to write my move here as if people started copying my moves, they wouldn't work anymore, but I know few people actually read this, so I know it won't matter.  Besides, if you look nervous or hesitate, the move isn't gonna work.  Finally, the move in general requires situational awareness, to use a term that G taught me from his Air Force training.  I generally do short awareness circle, meaning I don't pay attention to everything going on around me, but if you're standing around a club entrance, this is a good time to be very observant visually and auditorily (nerdy side note, that adverb doesn't pass the spell check, and I found a discussion about it .  "Aurally" is used more often, but supposedly, "auditorily" is valid as well).

I saw a group of girls and a guy talking about a birthday and it seemed like they were getting ready to go in as the mother hen girl was gathering everyone around.  I stayed close by them as they worked their way to the entrance.  As I saw the bouncer was about to open the rope, I tried to wave Nintendo in, but he didn't seem to understand what I was doing.  I then just walked in with the party group like I belonged and of course, I wasn't challenged.  Heck, I even got in without showing the ID and the legit people in the group had to show ID's.

Nintendo sent me a text saying that he wanted me to come to the entrance and tell the bouncer, "Hey, that my friend and he's with our table" so he could get in.  I wasn't reluctant to do this, but before I had to work up a plan, I saw he had gotten in.

The method he used was to just use breaking rapport with the bouncer like he would if he were actually in the situation he was describing to the bouncer.  It was similar to what Colorado Dave used to get inside Bodyworlds.   Nintendo said something like, "Hey, I was just in there and stepped out for a second.  I'm at a friend's table.  Let me back in." 

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