Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Long 2 venue set+Escalation Failures Show up again...

Tuesday was a fun day and night with the wings.  We started off at the beach.  Nintendo had worked himself into a bad mood initially as the bus and bad planning made us late, but things all worked out.  Even better, while waiting for the bus after dropping off my rental car, I opened this 2-set that happened to be standing there.  It was two cute Slovakian girls that have only been in Chicago for two weeks.  I seem to fear day game less with I'm with Nintendo.  I ended up sitting next to them on the bus and then number closing.  I give myself credit for sitting next to them on the bus.  I debated it for a second, and Nintendo sat across, but I knew they were into me so I sat next to them.  This is a promising set as well as they have been very responsive to our texts and it looks like we should meet up with them on Sunday. 

At the beach, I got trashed. Early on, I opened two sets that walked by.  This is a big leap for me as I've always feared beach game. I still got a way to go to be ripped, but I should be confident in myself now.  I opened girls shirt less and it wasn't a big deal.  To think back about how I always was self conscious of my body and being able to sarge now shirtless show big progress.  Yes, I've gotten into better shape, but it's a bigger step mentally and I should use that as a reason to be more confident in general. 

I need to lead the girls around the bar and escalate:

This sums up my problem right now and why I don't get laid enough.  It's a problem that has always been around.  I had made strides in tackling it but the layoff to go to visit my mother seems to have set me back.  I need to remember that I don't need a real reason to drag the girl with me around the bar.  I find it easier if there is a beer garden or dance floor, but in the bar we went to last night, I could have just said, "Let's go to the bar" or "Come here, I wanna show you something."  

The first 2-set was this one I opened as soon as we walked in.  AndyDufresne came in and winged me.  The set was going well but Andy walked away.  I stayed for a bit but then I ejected and opened another set.  I saw Andy go back in later on so I joined him.  He moved the set to the table.  I was vibing really well with my girl but my kino was weak.  Part of the problem was we were at a table and I wasn't close enough to put my arm around her etc.  I did touch her arm a few times but that's weak kino.

At the time, I thought that I was into the girl but I wasn't getting the massive doggy dinner bowl look.  When I get that look, it's way easier to escalate.  I have to learn that you don't need signals; I'm watching Ozzie's bit in Transformations to have that sink in more.  Moreover, hot girls will give you few or no signals.  You just have to escalate anyway. 

Part of me wanted to blame not being that into the girl, but she was attractive and I wanted to fuck her.  She just didn't turn me on as much as the blondes on Monday, but that's no reason not to try to escalate.  At the very least, I should escalate for practice, but I was just choding around here regardless (I wanted to hook up with her).  In any case, the problem is that I needed to get even closer to her so I could put my arm around her.  I needed to just move her to the bar or something and/or move my chair closer.  A lot of the problems would be fixed if I had been up on the girl man-to-woman instead of this friend-to-friend bullshit.  I'd bet turned on by touching her and really look into her eyes.  She'd also be more into me and then I'd get the signals that I don't need to be looking for anyway.

I also didn't number closer her because she was leaving at the end of the week.  I violated what I said I was gonna start doing which was to take more phone numbers and just hit them up cause we don't know what can happen unless we try.

Yes, AndyDufresne could have helped by agreeing to try to extract the set.  He claimed he wasn't feeling well, but regardless, it's all up to me.  Yes, wings can help but ultimately, I need to isolate and escalate my girl.  The pain I've felt all day for not escalating enough Tuesday is gonna make me improve.  

Crazyfoot 2-set:
Although I'm beating myself up for Tuesday's failure, I should be happy about the night.  In terms of results, I'm doing better; I just need to stop holding myself back and I'd get more lays.  Not too long after that 2-set left, Crazyfoot (this wing I haven't had a name for till recently) asked me if I could help him with this girl that was into him.  He pointed out this black girl and asked if I was inter her enough to wing for him.  I said that I wasn't doing shit standing around here and I'd be happy to wing for him regardless of what the girl looked like. 

Crazyfoot's girl was really into him.  I vibed well with my girl too.  She intelligent and has the positive energy that I do as well.  I did more kino here in that I eventually held her hand, and I had put my arm around her and touched her legs but I didn't kiss her.  I know I could have and should have.

The bar hit closing time and when the girls walked off to talk to some guy that supposedly really was some rap artist named Kid Cudi (sic) or Cutti (sic?), I told Crazyfoot that we should venue change this set.  He told them we should go to this piano bar down the street. 

I still get anxious when it's time to venue change as I know there's so many ways to lose it.  I should have number closed my girl earlier; I'm sure that not having her number had added to the anxiety.  Crazyfoot said the girl agreed so we walked out with them. We were thrown a curb ball when Crazyfoot couldn't get into the after hours place but I threw out the Division bars.  I suggested a cab as I figured the girls wouldn't want to walk 6 blocks, and I even saw a bus pull up as we were talking a suggested we hop on.  The girls said they didn't have enough on their transit card.  Crazyfoot then said he had his car there, which I had forgotten about, and we went to the car and to the other bar.

I chose this bar that I took promoter girl to on a Tuesday as it had the best drink deal for what I was willing to drink that night.  Now, I wish I would have went to a more lively venue with a dance floor.  I probably would have escalated and kissed this girl as I later learned she liked dancing.  We had a dead venue instead that felt like day game, though I at least touched her more when we were sitting in this booth. 

We ended up giving the girls a ride home as mine lived close and Crazyfoot's girl happened to live near Nintendo's place, which is where I had to be dropped off. 

I did about a 5/10 in escalation but I missed the kiss close due to my own escalation problems that I thought I had gotten over.  We also made small logistical errors due to inexperience but we just need to learn from those and not brow beat ourselves. 

Overall, I should be happy that we had a solid day game number close and had two long sets.  I'm definitely not a newbie as most of my days feature sets that are really into me.  If I just lead more and stop hesitating, I'll have the results I'm looking for and more lays. 

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