Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Gay guy and a tv news reporter

Saturday was a night of lessons and adventure.  I learned I can sarge despite feeling physically uncomfortable.  I had some fun, longer sets with DJ R.  I learned that solo, I can still do Jeffy twilight mode.  Hitting up the street sets got me invited to a venue change to a bar I had never been before.  On the ride there, I realized I had the chance to sarge a mini celebrity and despite missing the opportunity, I still gained some confidence.

Low energy & DJ R's height:
The night began with Nintendo never getting up from his nap.  I waited and figured he was ditching me so I met up with DJ R.  Nintendo later text me as he was getting up that he was so tired he ended up sleeping through till work.  I was at a college's friend's place.  He was having a final game day at his place as he's moving away in a month.  I was stuffed from his tasty pastries he made himself, too much pizza, and booze.  I felt like my stomach was about to explode, I felt hot from drinking and because it was too humid, and I felt low energy from being drunk.  I met up with DJ R and his AFC buddy that never opens anyone and who wouldn't even let DJ R open some street sets at the end of the night.

DJ R tried to get me to open a set but I asked him to do it.  He was stalling and I actually was about to go do it for him when he walked past me.  It was brunette and some chubby girl.  I said I'd talk the chubby one since he was opening.  We ended up moving them to 7-11 and back.  I saw how much shit DJ R gets because of his height.  He's a really cool guy and I never realized how much his height is a factor.  I believe he can work past it, but I was surprised how many comments people were throwing at him when he was walking arm in arm with the brunette.  The brunette was only about my height but DJ R has gotta be like 5' or so tall.  Jealous asshole guys who walked by would say dumb shit pointing out how short he was compared to the girl.  He just blew ignored it but I never realized till tonight how much shit he has to deal with.

The thing DJ R does have to work on is ignoring guys who come into the set.  We got back to the bar where we met them.  I knew we were probably gonna lose the set as my girl was texting some dudes they were supposed to meet up with.  I was just gonna stick with them anyway, but I also anticipated a problem at the bar as they had a stamp and I knew I was gonna have to wait in line.  DJ R did have an advantage that stems from his height: the bouncers always remember him and let him in without waiting in line.  We ended up losing them when we tried to go in, but right before that, this dorky guy with glasses came into the set.  I just ignored him and talked to my girl, but DJ R let the girl engage him and didn't know how to get rid of the dude.  I suppose I should have busted out the guy but at the time, I didn't have the energy and felt I was fine since the guy wasn't busting into my conversation.

Polish girl turn around:
This was a good example of the power of plowing.  We opened this 2-set of Polish girls.  DJ R's girl was friendly and they were having a good conversation.  My girl was really cold and not responding much.  I just kept talking and talking.  The first time she really said anything, she said she wished she could hook up with the bartender.  I just ignored it and plowed forward.  Eventually, I had her smiling and she was actually talking about half of the time.  DJ R wanted to leave and I left.  I'd like to believe I could have gotten a number or maybe even totally hooked her given more time but I wasn't certain so I just left for greener pastures.  I suppose maybe I could have tried the number close.  Maybe I should have since I said I was following Tyler's method of taking any number of any remotely decent set.  This qualified in that I spent all the time plowing but at the time I didn't think about taking the number.

Bachelorette kiss close:
I kissed this chubby girl in this bachelorette party.  I'm finishing this report about 3 weeks after the fact.  I kept procrastinating writing this and finally just decided to do a quick edit and post.  I remember I wanted two other girls in this set but went for the easy target instead, which was dumb. 

Gay guy and news reporter:
DJ R's AFC friend forced them all to leave before DJ R could run street game with me.  I forced myself to start doing street approaches solo.  I was all up on this chubby Irish girl and it seemed on at the beginning but then it fizzled.  The highlight of the night was when I opened this 4 set.  I ended up being introduced to this blonde gay guy and he venue changed all of us to this after hours place I had never been to before. 

I remember thinking how this was an example of the cool shit that happens when I'm out, thanking to learning about sarging.  Instead of ending my night, here I was checking out a new place.  I ended up in a car with the gay guy and this cute 30 year old blonde.  The conversation turned towards work and I found out the blonde was a TV on scene newsreporter for a local affiliate in Chicago.  The guy started giving her shit because he didn't like the politics of the parent company of that news company. 

What surprised me is that she fell completely into his frame and started massively qualifying herself.  She was saying that she had to work at that job as it's the only way to break into something better, like 60 minutes.  She talked about how sacrificing her job had cost her a marriage, etc. 

We got to the after hours bar and the gay guy and I were at the entrance.  The girl hadn't followed so I checked on her.  She said she was waiting for the other girls and said I should just go in.  I think she had been really upset by the conversation as the other girls came and I never saw her again.  I think she ended up going home. 

Missed my chance:
The woman was attractive and probably looks really hot on TV when she's completely made up.  Here was a random chance to hook up with somebody that's on TV but I didn't take advantage of it.  I'm puzzled that I didn't pick up during the ride that she didn't know the gay guy and only knew him through another girl in that circle.  It makes so much sense now as I'm thinking about: he would have known her job if he was a friend.

Yes, the gay guy putting her into a bad mood sucked but thinking back, it actually offered me an opportunity.  When I went outside to check on her, I should have put her arm around her and comforted her.  I could have said, "It sounds like your passionate about your job despite the complaints you've had about it.  You said you sacrificed so much for it, so you have no need to apologize or explain yourself to him about politics or an agenda that the corporation may or may not have over which you have no control."

Then, I'd could have tried to move her to a party mood after the emphatic bit and said something, "Anyway, it's Saturday night.  Enough serious conversation.  We still have some time to have fun.  Come in and let's have a drink." 

He's handsome:
I'll also remember this bit and I need to realize it more as I still doubt myself at times.  Yes, looks don't really matter, but for some reason I often don't believe I'm a good looking guy anyway.  I'm not a model of course, but I am attractive.  Before the conversation turned negative, I want to talk about the early part of the cab ride.  First, the gay guy started qualifying himself by saying he hoped he wasn't making me uncomfortable.  I put my arm around him and said, "No, it's cool.  I don't judge."  Then, I mentioned how I had gone to the Pride parade.  He talked about how he didn't go this year, but it would have been a good experience if he had a good looking guy like me with him.  He said, "He's so handsome." 

I don't really care if a gay guy is into me as it doesn't help me anyway as I want girls, but I should remember that the news reporter responded to this comment by saying, "Yeah, he is."  A high value girl (in my eyes at least: on tv, smart, and an attractive blonde) thinks I'm handsome.  Why the fuck do I sometimes doubt myself in the field?!   I need just remember this reference experience when I'm having doubts. 

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