Monday, July 23, 2012

"What would happen if I were to leave here with you?"

Saturday night I was out with some college friends.  I got a slow start as I was chilling with them and Nintendo ended up not coming out where I was so I had no wings.  It's funny how I got one guy that really gets triggered by me opening.  I thought all these guys were used to it, but I suppose this guy really hasn't been out to the bars with me in ages.  He had been complaining that I was opening so I finally told him to talk 20 feet in front of me if he didn't want to see it.  I'll give the other guys credit for backing me up.  The first comment I blew off, but the second one put me in a combative state even though I should care either way. 

Despite the slow start, I got things rolling at The Apartment.  I suppose it's because that's where all this started, and I've been there so many times so I feel comfortable.  I spent a ton of time just trying out these dance moves I learned from youtube and trying to grab girls that happened to walk by me. 

Petite girl:
The first set that really hooked was this petite girl in a blue dress.  Well, there were two sets at State.  I had opened this girl in a 3-set but I wasn't fully in state and some guy nearby had opened them while I was there.  I hate to admit it, but instead of being my usual self, I let him talk to her more and tried talking to the 3rd friend.  She hadn't said a word and then told me she didn't want to talk to anyone so I wandered off and didn't have the confidence to try to bust out the guy later.  I saw him number close but he had no kino escalation and was just being friendly.  I should take comfort in the fact that the number is probably so memorable for him as it's obvious he's not a true natural or PUA. 

The other set was a birthday girl that opened.  I sat down and clawed her.  She seemed into me and was high buying temperature since it was her birthday and she was drunk.  I was still reeling from the 3-set so when she said she had to go meet a friend in the group and told me to wait, I just ran off.  I also still have that Tyler idea I read long ago that you should never wait for girls. Well, I could have waited and just talked to someone else and opened her again, but I used the UFC main event as a reason to leave. 

Anyway, at the Apartment, I opened this petite girl and she was solidly hooked.  She was giving me the strong eye contact in a way that was memorable.  I screwed it up as she wasn't as sexual adventurous as I'd like and I threw out something that bothered her. Vegas had come up and she said, "People get all drunk there."  I said, "You make it sound like that's a bad thing."
HB: They have strippers there too.
Me: Oh, strippers.  Does that mean you have a bisexual side to you?
I saw her get that disgusted look.  I remember in Jeffy show 2 that if you are calibrated enough to notice that immediately, you can thwart it but acknowledging it in a funny way.  You gain points because it shows you empathize with her and it prevents her from actually feeling that anger or disgust.  I failed her and I saw her then turn away from me.  I tried plowing. She said they were gonna go to the bathroom so I knew I was busted out, so I left.  They didn't leave the bar then even though they were ready to so I really knew I was busted out). 

This set frustrated me because even though it was short, that was the first Doggy Dinner Bowl look I had this evening. 

"What would happen if I were to leave her with you?"
Later in the night, I saw this pale girl looking bored at a table near the dance floor.  I opened her strongly and was up in her face immediately.  She gave me strong eye contact from the onset.  I remember clawing her.  I don't remember the verbals except that she said, "I have a boyfriend."
Often, that's a bust out, but this felt like I remember reading about early on when I was studying PUA theory.  Sometimes, the girl mentions a boyfriend cause she wants you to be aware of it but is willing to cheat.  She mentioned the boyfriend but she didn't resist my kino in anyway, and she kept the strong eye contact. 

I gave the correct response her as I remember saying, "Hey, it's cool. I don't judge. I just want to have fun.  We make our own rules."

I remember realizing that the set had popped and this girl was ready to make out.  I didn't want to do it by her friends so I remember getting her to stand up.  I danced with her for a few seconds and then I was about to lead her to the window when she stopped and uttered the words in this section title, "What would happen if I were to leave here with you?"

 At the time, part of me sensed that the right answer was not the default answer I felt like making.  I always play off or deny any sexual intent.  I always think about the "pet rock"  game structure where you give the girl some BS excuse to come over so you don't trigger ASD.  I also think about that girl last year on Cinco De Mayo who still had to shit test me as we were walking into her place by saying, "Just so you know, we're not having sex if you come up."  

My dumb ass replied to this girl, "Um, we'll hang out."

I saw her facial expression change after that.  She started to pull away.  She said something like, "I can't risk it.  I have a business.  I just can't."  

It seemed like she had some business due to her boyfriend or something.  From those comments and of course the body language and eye contact, it was obvious she was really considering hooking up with me.  I had set up the one night stand frame with the words I said early on.  2j said the question here was a test of my intent.  I, of course, failed. 

This was one of those situations where the woman wanted to know that if she were gonna leave with me, sex was gonna happen.  She didn't want to waste time watching a movie or doing other BS, especially because just leaving with me was gonna put her lifestyle/business at risk.   The correct responses could have been several things.  I could have looked her in the eyes, grabbed her neck, and just started making out.  I could have said something like, "Well, I know nothing would happen that we both wouldn't want.  Imagine if you could submit to your desires fully because you know you wouldn't be judge.  Imagine if you could communicate your inner most desires and maybe even fulfill them?"

I felt like I could have giving some long patterning answer like that.  It's so dumb that I said the default answer even though I was calibrated enough to sense it was the wrong answer.

Oh man, did this set bother me the whole night.  It was so damned close.  I tried to recover but couldn't.  I tried the "shh" thing I tried with the Russian girl weeks ago.  It actually worked, but I needed to try to kiss her but I had lost my nerve at that point. 

I'll give myself credit for trying again when I saw her outside.  I saw her walking with her group, and I went to get her attention just as she happened to stumble and I grabbed her at the same time her friend next to her did.  The group was starting to walk away and all I managed to say was, "See, I was there to catch you as you fell." 

Trying to close by forcing Nintendo to game the ugly friend:
I ran out of street sets in Lincoln Park and had a decision to make.  My FB wanted me to pick her up from a party but I had the option to meet Nintendo in River North.  He was gonna help me get into this popular venue there.  I was torn the whole 10 minute drive to the expressway where I had to make my decision.  I decided to meet Nintendo. 

"No ID, No stamp, No problem," I said to 2j as I walked in.  I spotted Andydufresne and 2j when I walked in with Nintendo with no stamp.  I flashed my wrist like I had a stamp and the bouncer didn't say anything.  It didn't matter at this point in the night as there was no line, but it's funny to me nonetheless.  

This venue was unusually slow. In contrast, my wings had told me that the previous Saturday was exceptionally busy.  I'm guessing it had something to do with the festival schedule.  I worked the sets that were there including two tall blondes. The only set that had traction was some girl that I spotted dancing.  I started dancing by her and then grabbed her arms.  We were dancing together.  I spun her around and kept trying to pull her in to grind.  She do it for a few seconds and then pull back. 

I remember deciding to try to talk to her more.  My memory is not entirely clear, but I remember that she seemed a bit more comfortable with dancing really close, but suddenly there was this ugly friend to deal with.   I grabbed Nintendo, and he started talking to my girl and then the girls walked off a bit.  My girl had said they needed to talk. 

I told Nintendo, "I need your help with this set, and you get stuck with the fat girl this time.  You were talking to my target." 

He gave me some shit but he agreed.  I'll give him this, he is a team player despite how I might make him sound in the Sunday beach report that follow this post.  He really turned the fatty around.  She was in a bitchy mood but once he gave her attention, she was smiling in into him.  I got my isolation with my girl.  We were on stage, and I started dancing with her.  I pulled her in close, and started to grind on her.  She was into it but then just suddenly ran off.

I think there was a boyfriend involved as I remember hearing "boyfriend" mentioned when the two were talking and Nintendo and I were still close by.  This was just after he had talked to my girl and the girls had said they needed to talk. 

Might as well try:
After that set, we left.  As we were about to go home, I saw her standing outside.  I decided to approach.  I didn't approach as strongly as I would have liked to in retrospect, but I think it wouldn't have mattered.  I think she had a boyfriend, as I said in above.  I remember approaching her, looking her in the eye, holding either her hands or her waist, and then asking her what she was doing now. I think she said, "I don't know, I think I'm going home."  I tried to sell food but she pulled away and started walking to her friends and said, "I have to go." 

I'm glad I made the last attempt as I know I'd regret it if I hadn't. 

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