Thursday, June 14, 2012

Okay, this isn't that hard

I'm awake early cause my sleep schedule is all messed up from drinking and from waking up yesterday after only 3 hours of sleep and then sleeping  for 5 hours in the afternoon.  In my dazed state, I realized that while being drunk did make it easier for me to kiss the girl with glasses quickly, the more important lesson is that the opportunity has been there way more often that I've noticed while sober. 

Yes, when I'm drunk, I'm of course more willing to make moves.  The thing is that I know I can train myself to take more action sober.  I did it with approaching starting years ago and recently, I had a breakthrough with dance floor opening (which I have always feared or been hesitant to try). 

I keep thinking about the look the girl was giving me last night.  I think about the way I was holding her.  I've been in several situations like that in the past week where I didn't kiss the girl.  I've gotten better in that I'll make the obvious moves.  When there's that sexual tension filled moment when we are gazing into each other's eyes, yes I will go for the kiss.  That's just too easy and I remember all the times as a newbie when I was afraid to make the move and how it lead to me screwing up the set.

The lesson here is that there are even more subtle signs that I am now getting better at processing.  I think this realization might also have to do with time in set.  It's obvious that a girl wants to be kissed when I've run a longer set and we've made a connection through whatever we've talked about.  I've been failing to realize that my presence can indeed create this massive attraction through what Tyler explains as Masculine vs Feminine Polarity. 

Maybe I can partially blame the old school model of pickup: the DHV.  Maybe I bought into that seller frame too much in the past that I still have felt that I need time to prove my value.  Yes, I've been trying to internalize the RSD lessons, but I think it's in the past few days that I am really getting it.  I'm realizing that wow, there are times when I can just walk up, and the girl really can see that I'm the prize.  I can come up and assume attraction, not as a leap of faith because Ozzie said it in some vidoe, but because (Wow!) it's actually true now.

I remember on Tuesday, I told 2j that this article and video really hit me, or as Tyler would say, my reticular activation system focused intently on that.  I've been realizing Alex's lesson that I am enough.  As I wrote the other day, I understand what Alex says that if you picture the guys these hotties have fucked, they aren't any different from me.  It feels like it's indulging ego a bit, but dare I say I may even be better than them?  This being true, then why should I ever doubt myself when I'm out there hitting up sets? 

There is no reason anymore.  My hard work is finally paying off and things are starting to come together. 

This is a great feeling.  Tonight, I'm going to not drink because I do like my gaming to be mostly sober.  I have to realize that while I've made great strides, at the same time, I can't expect that every night is gonna be one where there's an awesome set, or expect that I'm gonna make out with a girl every night.  It's surely possible that it can happen a lot more often.  I just have to focus on continuing to do what's been working and remember to be confident and persistent, even when I get lost in the later stages of a sarge. 

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