Thursday, June 28, 2012

Promoter pull Part 1: I can't let you in with those shoes

On Tuesday, I got to Joe's Bar on Weed Street just before the cover charge was going to change from $3 to $20.  I rushed to get over there and was all ready to sarge even though it looked like my wings were bailing. I remembered the fun night I had there the previous week.  Just as I get to the bouncer:

I'm sorry  I can't let you in with those shoes.

I can understand if a place wants to enforce the dress code, but this guy was misinterpreting the rules there.  Thinking back, I probably could have got the manager involved.  Here's the thing.  I was just at the same bar the previous week with the same Ecco boots that I've always wore there.  I probably went there like 10 weeks in a row at one point last summer with the same shoes.  On top of that, I've gotten into way better venues than Joe's Bar with my same black Ecco boots.  I've gotten into Y Bar, Sound Bar, Crescendo, Spy Bar, Social 25, and so on.

I was pissed so I sent a bunch of wings a text bitching about it.  I also sent it to this girl I met on Monday.  I'll call her "Promo" as she's a promoter.  She the girl that asked for my number as I didn't try to number close her.  It's the girl that I thought wouldn't go anywhere because she was trying to sell me on her promotions too much.

I had been texting her since I woke up that day.  For some reason, I was unusually witty with my responses to her.  She even seemed like she called me by accident and hung up after one ring.  I was jogging at the time and I sent her a text, "Don't be shy.  It's okay though, I can't talk now anyway, I'm jogging."  About ten minutes later, she called me for real but I was still running so I didn't answer.

In the rush to get to Joe's I didn't even have a chance to text or call her back.  My next text was the one bitching about not getting into Joe's.  She called me after the text and I bitched about it in person.  I then quickly changed to a more positive thread.  She said she wasn't doing anything so I asked if she liked margaritas.  She did like them, and then I asked her to come have margaritas with me and she agreed.

I picked her up and on the way to the margarita place, I mentioned this club that I was thinking about going to with one of my wings.  She got all excited when I mentioned that the text said there would be strippers there.  I moved the topic sexual by asking her if she were bi and asking what she's done with girls.

You can't let bullshit ruin your day:
Yes, I was pissed at Joe's but after bitching, I figured I'd make the best of what happened.  Luck does play a factor in sarging.  This was a perfect example.  The whole next 24 hours only occurred because that dumb bouncer enforced the dress code improperly on me.  At the time, I was thinking how fortunate it was I didn't get in, but the next day, I realized how this was the truth.  Promo was bored and having a bad day because of money problems and her rent changing.  Later, I'd learn that Wednesday she wasn't doing anything and her boyfriend was coming to see her again on Thursday.  Yes, I might have been able to meet up with her maybe next week, but the timing was perfect Tuesday at 9pm when I didn't get into Joe's.

Had I gotten into Joe's like I normally would have, I might never have gotten a Day 2 with this girl. Maybe I would have text her inside or text her Wednesday, but the events that unfolded wouldn't have been the same.

Am I a chump for paying?:
During the car ride, she kept telling me why she was so stressed out.  Her rent was due and had unexpectedly went up as she was not on a yearly lease.  Her promoter job had been slow in paying her and she was just generally low on cash.  I told her that she had to forget about it for tonight and just have fun.

We drank one huge margarita each that cost $12.  I always hate paying, but I realized that she wasn't gonna offer cause she only had $40 to her name.  I also am the one who invited her out and I never clarified who was paying.  I paid the bill.  2j and I had actually discussed paying and in some way, I felt like I compromised my principles at the time, but now I wonder if I'm just being cheap.  I later paid for a $2 beer and $7 worth of White Castles.

I think to a Tyler video where he says sometimes you have to do certain things to be socially acceptable and get the lay.  This doesn't mean pay for a $150 Gibson's dinner.  I think I was allowed to spend like $20 total on this girl to have to opportunity to lay her.  Besides that,  I was showing her a good time and she did forget about her problems for awhile when we were out.

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