Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dance floor escalation with some married chick

Tonight was a gift in that I got some great reference experiences for some weak points of my game. I've solidified solo sarging with last night and last Wednesday night small successes. I reinforced the "draw state from within" lesson and pushed through a long string of bust outs without losing my confidence and got some success as a reward for perseverance. I tried an isolation move, lost the set, had some regrets, but had another opportunity. I did my best with my second chance and I got to learn that some things are out of your control, so you should never beat yourself up if you try and end up failing. I closed the night with a bang trying to find girls to try to quick make outs and pulls. I usually say I'm gonna do that, but I found the part of me that does it for real.

I even grabbed this HB9 with a cutoff shirt and danced with her briefly. There were some good lessons in that brief set. I know there were times I wouldn't have the confidence to open her the way I did. Yeah, I'd usually at least try some verbal opening, but I just went up to this girl and tried dancing with her. She looked at me and didn't give me the smile or body language that girls usually do when they are gonna be receptive. She also didn't just outright reject me. 2j would be proud in that I actually grabbed her waist and pulled her in like I would have if she were my girlfriend. He has told me that if you're gonna dance up a girl, he thinks that's the way you would do it. That alpha move did it, she started to move her body with me.

About 15 seconds later, though, she moved away and grabbed her nearby friend to dance. I wondering why I busted out at the time, but as I write this, I think I know. I remember right when she was actually dancing with me, my mind said, "Wow, I'm actually dancing with this HB9 with this cutoff shirt and her toned tummy showing." My facial expression or demeanor probably changed away from the alpha guy I was when I grabbed her in and that's why she ran off.

In the midst of the the bust outs, a blonde saved me:
I wrote in my last entry that I had a string of several bust outs in a row. I remember being back on the dance floor and not even losing state at all. Suddenly this blonde appeared. I pulled her in and immediately she was ready to dance with me. I remember grinding with her for 4-5 songs. I was escalating by kissing her neck and blowing into her ear among other things. I tried to set up the make out, but she wouldn't go for it. I tried again and it actually baffled me at the time cause the way things were going, from experience, girls usually will kiss me at this point, although the Chinese girl from two weeks ago also didn't. I had gotten farther here though.

I decided I didn't just want this to stall out without me solidifying it so I decided to try to get her off the dance floor. Another reason was that it was really hot on the dance floor and we were both sweaty. I grabbed her hand and started leading her off the dance floor. She followed for like 5 seconds, and then I felt resistance. I turned and she said, "I have to find my friend. I'll find you later." She then ran off.

Missed my chance?:
About twenty minutes later, I saw her on the dance floor. I knew she was high buying temperature so I wasn't surprised when I saw some guy grinding with her. Immediately, I thought, "Fuck! I knew this girl wants to hook up with someone and now this guy's gonna do it instead of me. What do I do? Do I try to pull her off him?" I've done that in the past when I've felt the girl is really into me. In this case, I wasn't sure it would work. She seemed into this guy. It would have been easy if this guy was dancing like some chode, but he wasn't. I decided to wait.

I found them again later on and then I figured I was really screwed. If it had been another guy, I told myself I'd probably try to steal her away, but since it was the same guy, I was gonna fail probably she she had now spent more time with him than me and he was the guy there right now giving her good emotions and stimulation.

The Rare Second Chance:
About 2-3 minutes after that random kiss I described in the previous entry, I saw the blonde walking by me. I was so happy and of course, I instantly pulled her into me. We start back off where we left off. This time, I decided to push the boundaries even further. Quickly, I was kissing her neck and blowing into her ear again. I then started to playfully bite her neck. I was stimulating her pussy more aggressively with my leg and we were facing each other. I touched her breasts. I did the dance move where you're face to face and I slowly dropped down. One time, I put my head in between her breasts. She was cool with all of this; no resistance at all. The only thing she resisted was the kiss.

I actually have some stones and have been trying to learn from this past week:
I remember mentioning that this place was closing soon. I started to ask logistical questions. I was hoping she lived close by. Nope. She lived further from the bar than me and basically in the opposite direction. She did drive. I decided I was gonna try some sort of pull. After all, she had been cool with almost all the escalation so far and she giggled when I used RSD Brad's, "You don't even wanna know the things I'd do to you."

I pumped up her state the best I could. Now, I'm a little confused on the exact sequence of events. I think I mentioned going to her car but I don't remember the response. I wanna say that she giggled when I said, "We should go to your car." I think that's what happened, and then I just danced for a bit more. Then, I remember I said, "It's hot in here." She agreed as it was really hot. I grabbed her hand and I said, "Let's go outside for a second. Adventure time!" I started to lead her away form the dance floor. This is the first time I noticed a ring on her ring finger (the one that would signify being married for Americans, for Polish girls, it's the opposite hand). I remember thinking, "Hmm. Maybe that's why she hasn't let me kiss her. She feels that's too intimate, but she seems cool with everything else." I actually thought the pull was gonna happen as she was following my lead but then about thirty feet later she said, "I have to find my friend."

This time, the Jeffy Show 2 concept clicked into my head. Jlaix had mentioned a tactic where you pretend the girl's idea is your idea and you lead her. I said, "Let's go to the front to find your friend." This was also the baby steps idea that I've heard Tyler and Julien discuss. The car is a big move, so I broke it down into getting her into the front of the club. Then I figured the move outside for air would be easy if we got to the front.

Just as we're about to go to the hallway to the front, suddenly, she said, "There's my friend." I remember thinking, "Wow, horrible timing. Why did the friend have to be there?" This girl with glasses came over. I introduced myself. The friend didn't like me right off the bat. She said, "We're both married." I said, "Cool." It wasn't a shock anyway as I had just noticed that ring when I was leading her. She mentioned marriage again and this time I said, "Look at you with the dirty mind. We're just hanging out." I moved towards my girl so I was sort of in a circle with both girls, but my body and my girl's body blocked my right arm. I said, "This is my new friend." The funny thing was that the wall also blocked the view of my arm, so I starting caressing her ass. Her friend couldn't see this and my girl didn't object to it.

As I'm still rubbing my blonde's ass, the friend starts talking about some guy she's lusting over. Yes, this same married friend who's trying to chase me from my target, yet she wants some guy. I said, "What guy do you want? I'll hook you up." She said, "I've already been following him around all night."

The girls then said they were going to the bathroom.

Third chance:
I walked around the dance floor trying to find some girl to make out with or try to pull. This was when I went up to that HB9 and ran the dance floor game I described in the first paragraph. I had to take a piss so I went to the bathroom and saw the blonde and her friend standing by the bathrooms. I said, "Hey" and tickled her tummy as I walked by. When I came out, I saw the friend talking to some guy. I turned the corner and saw my blonde by herself playing with her phone. I went up to her and put my arms on her waist. She smiled and we were dancing again. This area was more lit up than the dance floor and I knew we were close to the friend, so I pulled her over to the dance floor.

I decided to try to go for broke since the logistics were horrible. (I actually thought of one possible move as I was writing the last paragraph that didn't occur to me at the time. I could have just tried to hang out with my blonde till closing time and then hoped the friend was still with that guy. The move would have been for both of us to go with the girls. That's the only way I could see the friend let me come along.) I tried to escalate even more. I remember sticking my hand into her jeans so I could feel her ass. Again, she was fine with that. I tried briefly rubbing my hand on her pussy through her pants. She was cool with it for a second but then she seemed uncomfortable. I told her, "No one can see. It's our secret." I just grinded more and then I tried to move her hand onto my cock, but she resisted that.

I actually think I busted myself out because I tried rubbing her pussy again too quickly. I think if I slowed down and went for it again a few songs later, it might have worked, but at the time, I had it in my head I was gonna try to do as much as I could on the dance floor. (I actually wished I had been in my Friday spot that has the private bathroom.) She said she had to go and then thanked me and said she had fun. I tried to get a good bye kiss, but to no avail. It was lame but I figured I had nothing to lose so I said, "Give me a kiss to remember you."

I remember something like that working at this same venue last year. Some girl had been really into me but said she had a boyfriend. It was obvious she really did and wanted me otherwise. The friends were calling out to her cause they were leaving the bar and I said, "Give me a kiss to remember you." Her response was a look like she was pondering it so I said, "No one's gonna know but us." That girl kissed me and then left.

I'm happy I'm actually trying to pull:
As I said at the beginning, I'm happy with myself tonight. I actually accessed that part of me that knows how to persist for the pull. If I have some of the situations I've had in the past 10 day again, I'm more likely to make something happen now that I'm actually leading and persisting.

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