Thursday, June 28, 2012

Promo pull: The escalation fuck up

We got home and we ate the White Castles on the couch.  I had opened up the bottle of wine that I had.  We were sitting on separate couches, so when I got up to get another burger, I went and sat next to her.  I think I waited to long to escalate as I remember her sitting back on the couch after we were done eating.  She asked if I could recline the chair.  I showed her how to and she said, "I'm gonna go to sleep now."

Keep persisting:
I might have given up, but at least I keep persisting now.  I told her, "Do you wanna change?  I have a pair of  girl's shorts and I can give you a shirt to wear."  She agreed to change.  My plan was to try to get her to let me give her a real massage with oil, but I never got to try that.  She came out and was asking where she could sleep.  I was taking a sheet out of the dryer and I let her to the spare bedroom.  I set up the bed and then she gave me a hug and said, "Good night.  Thank you for the hospitality."

This is another point where I normally would have given up.  After the hug, I started massaging her neck.  We sat down on the bed and I continued and somehow we transitioned to her lying face down on the pillow and me massage her.

Nintendo says escalate more:
Here is where I think the fuck up occurred and Nintendo was the one who pointed out to me that I might have gotten laid if I had persisted a little more.  My analysis is that the existence of the boyfriend is what prevent me from the lay.  He was a big obstacle but Nintendo would later convince me that I almost had this lay.  Even if I didn't get the lay, I had missed a big move that would have determined if the lay would be possible or not.  I had quit one step too soon.  This wasn't as bad as the one sister being in my bed and me not getting the lay but I still am lacking in my final escalation game.

I remember massaging her arms, back and legs.  I was blowing into her ear, nibbling on her ears, and kissing and maybe biting her neck.  (I don't remember if I bit her neck, but I probably did as that's part of my escalating stack that I always do.)  I remember that she seemed like she had fallen asleep.  The thing is that I remember seeing her eyes open shortly after I thought she was asleep.

Nintendo's point was that I played it too safe.  I needed to move the massage to her ass and then to her tits.  If she didn't resist the ass massage and let me touch her tits, then I needed to get on top of her and press my erection on her ass as I kissed her neck and face.  I also could have just started touching her pussy from behind if she was comfortable with the tit and ass massage.  She was wearing the shorts I gave her which would have allowed easy access as well.

Take responsibility: she's gonna pretend to be asleep:
Nintendo had told me this about the sister set from last Wednesday.  I said I had missed the lay because the sister had fallen asleep.  He says she might have been tired, but she could have been testing me to see if I was gonna persist and make it happen.  In both cases, the girls might have been seeing if I was gonna make this lay my responsibility so they could say to themselves, "Sex just happened."  With the sister set, I was really dumb as I had grabbed her breast and she hadn't resisted.  All I had to do was pull out a nipple and start nibbling on it.  If she let me do that, I likely would have fucked her.  At the very least, I would have know for sure if I could have gotten the lay or not as she would have given me a firm objection if she didn't want to go any further.

This situation was similar.  Even if she had fallen asleep, she would have noticed me touching her tits and ass and then pussy.  If she didn't want to fuck at all, she would have let me know.  If she let me do those things, she would have gotten even more turned on and we probably would have had sex.  At the very least, we would have had some sexual contact.

I don't know why I didn't touch her ass and find out.  I guess it what was what Tyler said.  I actually am a nice guy and was empathizing with her.  A jerk might/would have gotten laid as he would have tried the escalation and not worried about possible boyfriend guilt or her possibly being asleep.

A few minutes later, it was obvious that she was asleep as she was snoring.  Thinking back, she probably wasn't asleep when I stopped escalating.  I cuddled with her when I stopped and she didn't resist that at all.  I remember we both woke up several times before getting up for the day.  I wondered if she'd freak out that we were laying and cuddling.  My fears were put to rest when I noticed her wake up one time, and then move so she could be in a position where her arm was touching my arm and my arm on her legs.

Daybreak and being sober ends it all:
When she got up, she wanted to use the laptop.  That was a mistake.  She wouldn't get off facebook even when I put on the movie later.  Part of the problem was that she does use facebook to do her promo job.  Nintendo was probably right that I was letting her control the frame.  I could have had her cut it out.

I was hungry so I had her come along as I picked up a pizza and beer.  I was hoping she'd get drunk again but she only drank the one beer when we came back.  I had put on this movie, but after she ate the pizza, she got on facebook again and stayed on it for the entire 2 hours of Captain America.  I tried to escalate here but she wouldn't let me get far.  She let me put my arm around her, but when I went to hold her hand, she resisted.

I tried a few more times to escalate before just conceding I had fucked up and telling her I was going to take a nap until traffic was over.

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