Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bad Solo Sarging; DJ R saved my night

Part of me wants to be embarrassed that I can even have a night like this after all the time I have in the game. I was worried when 2j told me that he wasn't gonna come out, but even in my reply to him, I said that I needed to learn this lesson. Logically, I know it makes no difference being solo. I started this journey solo and I can think of this awesome set last year that should have been a lay. That was the voluptuous black girl that I opened when I was out solo and ended up going out to eat and almost pulling to my place last summer. Besides my history of solo game, 2j has told me that when we are together, we often end up doing our own sets anyway.

I attribute my difficulties to not having had a solo night since last August. Yeah, I've stayed out after 2j went home, but that's different as I already warmed up. When I've gotten to a venue before 2j, I also haven't been bothering to really warm up until he shows up . I know that after tonight's experience, I'll make myself open when I get to a venue before 2j. I'll also force myself to go out alone frequently enough that I don't lose my comfort zone for solo game.

I can be proud that I didn't stand around and do absolutely nothing. I slowly forced myself to open some sets but they didn't go anywhere. That's fine but I wasn't feeling myself getting more confident which is usually what happens after a few sets, whether they are fast bust outs or good sets. I felt nervous riding solo. I remember sitting in Red Ivy at the edge of the dance floor just trying to get myself comfortable. I tried opening some girls walking onto the dance floor but more often than not I just passed on the opportunity.

DJ R to the rescue:
I need to find out this wing's screen name. He is the guy I ran into three weeks ago. 2j had gone home and I was opening solo sets. He opened a 2-set and I ended up winging him and making out with that girl and later got a Day 2 with her. That was shit night that he helped turn around. Tonight was a way worst night, and I was so lucky to see him walk by me.

When I ran into DJ R, I realized why I've gotten so comfortable being out with wings. Well, it's more so with guys I know from the Community. It's like I get state from making myself want to try to live up to the PUA standard. I won't let myself stand around and not do anything. I also try to run better game. Those are the dumb reasons. I say that as I should be living up to my own standards and no one else's. I realized this as I thought about the night. When I used to go out solo a lot, I forced myself to run good game because that is the standard I set for myself. Well, without wings too, I knew that if I sit around and do nothing, then I'll never get into any sets. I just say the above were dumb reasons because I shouldn't run better game to impress wings; I should always try to be my best self to live up to the standard I set for myself.

The positive thing I get from wings is that I do get inspired when I see other PUA's opening and running sets. We even ran into some guys that were out sarging also. The came up and talked to us when they spotted us opening a set. I guess one of the guys lurks on RSD. I'll probably run into them again as they say they go to a lot of the same places that 2j and I frequent. Anyway, I call this a positive influence because there's nothing wrong with being inspired by your wings taking action. It's also fun to just joke around about stuff or laugh about bust outs. Also, DJ R and I push each other to open sets.

Why am I not number closing enough?:
I had my best set right after I ran into DJ R. I opened this tall girl. I was attracted to her but her body was just average. She was cute and her being taller than me is just a big fetish that I have right now. She told me that her friend just moved to Chicago and she was trying to get her to meet new friends. I told DJ R that as soon as I could. As for my girl, we seemed to have some connection. Even beyond that, we live in the same town. That's so rare: I can say that I've NEVER met a girl while out sarging in 7 years who happens to be from my town. I tell 2j it's hard enough to meet girls that live in the same area as I do. She might actually live in the city now but she said her parents live by me. Heck, she even showed me her ID that showed her address in my town.

I felt like this could be a long set but then the girls said they had to go. DJ R had number closed his girl. I think his girl wanted to explore other places. I know that in the past, I would have just grabbed the number when they said they were leaving. It's not like the girls bolted out. The friend shook my hand and said she was leaving. My girl gave DJ R a hug, and then she turned to me and hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. That's when I should have grabbed the number.

I guess I know the answer to the topic heading. I don't like farming numbers as that's the stuff I used to do as a newbie. I know I can steamroll a lot of girls into giving me a number. Since last year, I've only been taking numbers when I feel like there's some connection or some actual reason I'd like to hang out with the girl besides just wanting to fuck her. Since I've been back, I only have taken two numbers and they were from long sets. It's like I've told myself that I only take numbers if I got a make out or a least pushed for one.

I know now that I've taken it too far. I should take more numbers. 2j will number close shorter sets and has gotten a ton of lays through that method. I remember last year that Day 2 lays were more hist style that just trying to SNL pulls.

There was no excuse not to take this girl's number tonight. I could have number closed some other girls but I don't really regret not going for those. I regret this and I haven't regretted not going for a number close in a VERY LONG time. I'm gonna blame this on my bad state before I ran into DJ R. I stepped up my game but I still hadn't brought myself into the right PUA zone.

I'll learn from this mistake. I always learn from the mistakes that hurt.

I can be aggressive:
There were some other sets I could write about, but the other sets that sticks out in my head was this mixed 3 set of two girls and one guy. I opened this blonde and she seemed high buying temperature right off the bat. She was giving me the doggy bowl eyes right off the bat. She was comfortable with me holding her hands too. I talked for a bit but then she tried to tell me that the guy was her boyfriend. It didn't look like he was but I just walked away. I saw the three of them go to the dance floor later. He was grinding with the blonde but not the chubby brunette friend so maybe there was something between them.

I couldn't get her out of my head. I can just tell when a girl is high buying temperature. I went up to her again and grabbed her attention. She was into me again but the chubby friend pulled the set away from me. About fifteen minutes later, I saw them buying drinks. I went up to her again and I tried to be more aggressive. I told her to "Ditch the chode." She told me that they were leaving soon but she still kept giving me that same doggy dinner bowl look. Obviously, she was drunk as I remember the chubby friend saying, "Wow, I didn't realize you were that drunk."

I never did figure out the guy's story. I thought he was guy friend but then I think he might have sarged her. I remember hearing the chubby friend say, "You can escort us home. We live by Sheridan."

I should have persisted a bit more but I began to lose my confidence and I walked away shortly after this.

Still, I'm happy to see this side of me again. It's like having that guy there made me want to turn up my game even more. I know if I persisted more I might have done better but I haven't even come close to being challenged like this since I returned to the game this year.

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