Thursday, June 14, 2012

Making out with a girl with a boyfriend but can't pull

I met up with 2j at the dollar burger place. Instead of eating, I drank 3 beers and I ended up getting really drunk after I took down dollar beers at the second place. 2j had met some girl at Joe's when he went out solo and she had brought out this cute blonde friend. I was able to entertain the friend, but I asked 2j what I was supposed to do to try to get with her. The answer is that I probably should have flirted more and maybe asked her, "Are you single" to gauge her receptiveness to meeting up again.

We went to this dollar beer place after those girls left. I was all wasted and was opening sets like crazy. 2j seemed to be out of state, and I say some of it was due to being sober. It was a lot easier to open drunk girls when I also was drunk. 2j ended up leaving early and I talked to this slightly chubby but cute girl with glasses. I don't remember exactly what I said except that I remember she was from Boston. She seemed into me but kept metioning that she had a boyfriend and wanted to be good.
It's so funny how this didn't stop her from kissing me several times.

I suppose I can say I've made a lot of progress in my game when I get frustrated that I'm kissing and making out with girls yet I get frustrated that I can't pull. I remember when I used to think that getting a kiss close was some huge accomplisment. After my girlfriend break from the game, I felt happy to get my first make out several weeks ago, but I don't feel like I really did anything unless I've pulled the girl and hooked up with her.

The drunken lesson today was that it really isn't that hard to make out with girls. I probably move a little too slowly sometimes when I'm sober. I'll try to remember from tonight that if the girl is comfortable with me having my arms around her hips and being up on her, she probably gonna be cool with us making out pretty quickly. I remember holding this girl in my arms and then her telling me that she had a boyfriend, yet I just leaned forward and she wanted to kiss me.

I also remember that this girl was like the one from Saturday. Closing time came and the light came on. I tried suggested we go to another bar and she told me to take her number. I remember telling Fatty that girls don't often offer their number, but it's happened twice to me this week. I'm not looking for phone numbers, though I'll try to make something out of the ones I do get. I'm looking for make outs and pulls.

Thinking back on this set, I'm thinking maybe I should have talked to her cousin more and tried to push going to Spy Bar or Big City for after hours. I feel like I didn't push it enough and I didn't really talk to the friend enough to try to make it happen.

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