Saturday, June 2, 2012

You know what to do so do it

I told myself that I was gonna start posting regularly. As I've written here, and as I told 2j last night, reviewing each night to create these posts really helped me improve in the past.

I was quite happy with my inner game and approach confidence. If I saw a hot girl that interested me, I approached. The only exceptions were was I avoided approaching some huge mixed set, and there were a few hotties on the dance floor that I didn't approach . I still am trying to get more comfortable with dance floor game. I approached a few sets on the dance floor, but where I'd like to get my comfort zone is where I'd approach girls on the dance floor as often as I'd approach girls off the dance floor.

I think my main problem with dance floor is that I know what the right move is when I see 2-3 girls dancing. I always tell 2j that I need to do the "J" approach. I mean that I know I need to go up and dance in the middle of the girls like our short lived Asian wing used to do for us. I need to dance in the middle of the circle, and then grab the girl I want to dance with and focus on her. I need to be high energy to do this and be completely comfortable. As I couldn't get myself in the right state, I resorted to just tapping a few sets on the dance floor and trying to open them verbally.

I'd say the two best sets of the night was this 3-set I opened early on and then this girl I opened at the end of the night that was in a big set. The 3-set had 3 black girls. I stopped the best looking one (she was about average looks but the best out of the group). She said something that sounded like a blowout so I started walking up the stairs with 2j. I felt someone grab my shoulder. I turned and it was her. I think I said something like, "I thought you were blowing me off." She said, "I told you to just wait a second."

I knew it was on when she approached me like that so I began to dance by her. I knew that I needed to start getting up on her but instead I tried to run verbal game. Then, I chicked out and started talking to 2j as if that would somehow help me figure out what I was supposed to do. 2j told me that I was dancing with her like a guy friend and that I needed to get up on her. Duh. I knew that but I wasn't allowing myself to make the right move. I tried to go back into the set, but of course, my window had closed.

Later, we went out to Lincoln Park. I was proud that I opened this tall blonde who was seated. There were times when I know I would have been chicken to approach. She was giving me IOI's as I was talking, but I couldn't get the set to really pop so I just left. Maybe I should have persisted a little longer.

At the end of the night, we stopped by Trojan's favorite bar. The dance floor section was closed off. The only set was this mixed set with 2 guys and 4 girls. I direct opened this pale girl and immediately she was into me. She kinoed my arm and was telling me verbally how glad she was that I talked to her. I found out that the group was from Michigan and were only gonna be in town for one night. The PUA in me was telling me I needed to isolate her from the group and then escalate. Instead, I just kept trying talk and be friendly.

Again, here I knew the move but didn't follow my instinct. She liked me but I was escalating fast enough. I needed to tell her to come to the back of the bar so I could get her away from the group. Then I just needed to kino more and pull her in and I probalby had a good chance of getting a makeout.

What the hell was up with me playing it too safe? It was especially bad to do so in that situation considering the only move was to try for an SNL since she was leaving the next day.

Tonight, I just have to be relaxed and confident and actually follow through with what I know I should be doing.


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