Saturday, June 23, 2012

Quick kiss at the after hours & Plowing the Knife Shit test

This is a short post about what happened after we lost the Russian set. We went to this club where Nintendo has a contact to get us in. The bouncer said we had to talk to the cashier. While Nintendo was doing that, I did another smooth move. This mixed 5-set of Asians had paid and were getting their hand stamps from the bouncer. I just joined the line like I was with them. I figured it wouldn't even cross the bouncer's mind to question it as he'd just assume I was with them since I'm Asian. Of course, it worked. The other wing (who we met up with after the first bar; he wasn't able to get in with his shirt to the Russian bar) had followed behind me. We giggled because Nintendo had probably been trying to talk the cashier into letting 3 guys in and when he turned around, he would have seen no one behind him.

Quick kiss:
I had some okay sets but nothing really worth reporting save one. Nintendo opened this 2-set of a black girl and a thin blonde who looked around my age (so older than most of the girls there). I winged him right away. I started talking the blonde and I quickly had kino. I remember talking to her and I was also starting to dance with her. I spun her ,and I had one had on her waist and the other holding my hand so I could dance. Then, after the song that I liked ended, I stopped dancing and just put my hands on her waist.

She was gazing into my eyes, and I thought, "This is pretty early in this set but I swear she's giving me that look that means she wants to kiss. Fuck it, let's find out if my read is correct." Had all the crazy stuff not happened earlier, I might not have gone for the kiss this soon despite the read. Of course, the read was right. I think I had moved towards her once and stopped. Then 30 seconds later, I moved in a little and once she saw that, she moved in and we kissed.

I isolated her to the back of the bar. It was quieter there and easier to talk. I had her against the wall and we were talking. I had my arms around her and we kissed briefly there.

Suddenly, the friend showed up and she dragged her away. Nintendo said he had tried to keep his girl's attention but had failed.

Knife shit test:
After we wore out the second club, we went to run street game on Division. We were trying quick pull openers. We had these two fat black girls stopped and hooked but Nintendo didn't really want to bang them and I wasn't that keen either so we moved on. We were about to meet up with the other wing when we opened this last set.

Nintendo calls them the ghetto set. They were two white girls in their late 20's but Nintendo said they had cheap shoes on. Nintendo opened the girl on the left and the blonde on the right immediately told him to fuck off. We tried to plow and the girls told us to go away. Nintendo said, "We're standing here. If you wanna go, then go."

The blonde, who was obviously drunk said, "Do you have the knife?"

The friend then fished out this little pocket knife.

Now this sounds crazy, but the way they were doing it was not in the way that someone serious about stabbing you would do it. When the girl opened the little knife, Nintendo said, "You really are pulling out a knife on me? I should go get the cops."

Here's another factor, we're right across from a bunch of cops so it's not like we're really worried about it. Again, they were drunk and kind of laughing at each other about doing this crazy shit. Nintendo walked off.

I backed off about 10 feet just in case my read was wrong. I knew I couldn't be stabbed there. I kept interacting with them. I decided to be crazy too.

I said, "Wow, you really are crazy. I should get the cops. No. You're lucky I'm in a great mood. If I were in one of my dark, crazy moods, I know what I'd do. I go up to you and stab myself with that knife and make it look like you did it."

She started trying to insult me with Asian stereotype insults. I think this is why I kept interacting. I wanted to see if I could get bombarded with insults and see if I got affected emotionally.

I can see it hard for me to be affected by shit tests from hot girls now. This girl was yelling all kinds of shit at me and I didn't care. My mood wasn't affected at all. I made me laugh at the ridiculousness of the whole situation. I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

I must really be drawing state from within. What girls or guys that I don't know say just bounce off like I have some sort of shield around me. I don't give a shit what some random person thinks about me or whether they like me or not. This is a massive contrast to my old AFC self that was so worried what everyone thought about him.

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