Saturday, April 10, 2010

Where are these sexual adventurous women? They are out there...

I didn't go sarging Friday. I'm sorting through some shit that I don't feel like posting about. Besides catching up on some shows, I watched "Fight Club" again. What a great movie... I also discovered this new blog . I found it through

In one of the comments on one of her crazy sexual stories, some random guys says he wishes he could meet a girl like her. She responded by saying "They are out there."

In her description of herself, she admits that some of the stories are exaggerated. Still, I believe she's as wildly sexual as the blog implies. My personal take is that she makes the sex sound more dirty and porno-like that it really is. What I mean is that there is no way she's taking anal creampies from random strangers. It sounds wilder to include those details but I hope and bet that she's probably using condoms. Lex on nakedloftparty includes details of how condoms are utilized in his story and I don't think it makes them any less exciting. My take is that she think it's wilder to tell the stories without the safe sex deatils and I suppose I can't disagree as I find the stories very stimulating.

Those who know me and have followed this blog know that I find this woman exciting. Where many guys would label her bad names, I actually want a sexual adventurous woman. I like a woman who is comfortable with her sexuality and doesn't mind exploring it and hooking up with random guys or girls. Believe it or not, I actually don't want an inexperienced girl who's going to give me vanilla sex.

The question, then, is where are these girls?!

I thought about this and I realized that I'm sure I've met many in time sarging. I've opened thousands of girls and I have to have met girls with crazy sex stories that excite me to no end.

I'm not congruent yet...
That's the problem. I only was exposed to what I'm looking for once. That was just after New Years when I met that girl that wanted me to have sex with her while her guy friend watched. She was open to the idea of doing a 3-way. Remember that I lost buying temperature because she took far too long to find the guy and introduce me to him and nothing ever happened.

Most of the girls I've met probably don't realize that I have this crazy sexual side hiding inside. My problems with sarging lately are that I haven't been expressing my sexual side and I haven't been escalating fast enough.

I'm going to meet these wild girls when I get in alignment with my sexual side. When girls meet me now, I still come across at the fun, entertainer guy. I need to turn that corner and act on all the attraction that I get when I'm out. When I get to the point where I'm escalating smoothly and quickly, I'll find that I'll be getting make outs with more girls, and I'll be pulling girls out of the club more often. With my escalation and vibe, the girls will start to see me as the sex worthy guy. To use TD's old term, I'll be seen a member of that "secret society." I'll be the guy that doesn't count. The girls will realize that I don't judge them for being sexual unlike your average guy. I'll be the guy who will help them live out their fantasies and explore their sexuality.

Those girls like NympohGirl in that blog I linked are out there and I'm going to get them comfortable enough with me to reveal themselves.

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