Sunday, April 11, 2010

Why don't you stop talking and just make out with someone already

Why don't you stop talking and just make out with someone already

Those were the words that this birthday girl uttered to me on Division.  Here is one of those moments where I show I'm still not congruent to the image I'm portraying.  When she said this to me, I hesitated, and then I put my arm around her and kissed her on the forehead.  She then told me, "I'm seeing someone or I would.  You are cute."  She motioned for me to kiss her friend but it didn't seem right. 

I'm sure the birthday girl would have kissed me if I just looked into her eyes and kissed her right after she told me that.  It's too bad she was the one that was into me.  I worked the friend and she liked me a bit.  I even number closed her.  Later when the birthday girl and another friend left, I hung around and she eventually gave me the cold shoulder. 

There were too problems with the friend.  First, I probably frustrated her but not escalating more.  Maybe I should have listed to the birthday girl and kissed the friend.  I remember when bday girl told me to kiss the friend, I put my arm around her and told her that the bday girl wanted me to kiss her.  She didn't object and I'm thinking now that I should have just went to kiss her.  Instead, I just looked at her and the bday girl ended up kissing the friend on the lips briefly. 

I wanted to say that the second problem was that these girls were cute but were overweight.  Sure, at this point, the hot girls seem to respond better to me. I actually don't go for these type of sets that often except that they seemed to be the best set to approach at the time.  Besides, I believe the only rating system is a binary one.  If you'd hook up with the girl, then you should sarge her.  These girls had cute faces and I wanted to hook up with them. 

No, it's clear that the main problem was I hesitated to escalate when a girl basically blurted out for me to do it.  I feel like I keep writing the same reports here. 

I think part of the problem was that I still haven't completely gotten out of the old mindset that I developed from learning how to sarge.  As RSD Ozzie says, I keep overgaming girls.  When I'm on, these girls want to make out with me in 5-10 minutes or even less sometimes and I still haven't accepted that it can now happen that fast for me.  It's time to start believing and acting...

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