Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sometimes, you can do your best and the situation is just not right

G and I were talking on the way home. I think he made a great point. In addition to talking about giving his best effort, he explained that there was nothing more he could have done in his set. He said this tall, thin brunette really like him. Unfortunately, she was this shorter brunette. HBshort was there with her boyfriend and some guy friend that we figured she was trying to hook up with the tall brunette. G mentioned something about the girl feeling bad that she was ignoring the dude.

On a sidenote, those dudes they were with were totally lame. I now realize how stupid I used to be when I sat there and didn't want to go on the dance floor. I still don't really know what I"m doing on the dance floor but it sure is a hell of a lot better to get out there than not. Also, this guy situation reminds me of some thread on RSD. In some ways it's frustrating when you see the guys some of these hot girls are with. They had the benefit of meeting them through some social connection and were able to get the girl probably with repeated interactions. It's just frustrating that you can have way better cold approach sarging skills than some guy but he'll still have the hot girl due to some lucky situation.

Anyway, G just analyzed that his situation was bad. If that girl had been out with a different friend, or had just been out with that HBshort and HBshort's boyfriend, the situation would have been way easier.

When I told him about my situation, he said that maybe there was nothing more I could have done. He said that maybe he could have worked more on the HBBeer's friend. I told him that he had done a great job stopping them and opening them in the first place. I told him that he had worked on her but it was unfortunate that the fiance was in the venue with her. There wasn't much more that he could have done.

I agreed with him that we were hurt by some bad luck here. I thought about some of the stuff I hear from PUA guru's that had me thinking. I thought about how RSD Tim has talked about having a girl walking towards his hotel only to have a friend pop out of nowhere to sweep her away. Sometimes you can't win over the cockblock. If it happens to them, then why shouldn't we think that we could also be in an winnable situation.

Imagine if G's tall brunette and HBBeer had been friends instead:
That's how luck can help you too. If HBBeer had been friends with his tall brunette, then they probably would be over here at my place right now. We would have had two girls that were both into us and at high buying temperature. Instead of cockblocks, we would have had girls that would have let each others buying temperature rise.

The venue was slow:
Barleycorn had a ton of sets but we had to leave there. Also, there were a ton of dudes there and a bunch of sets with boyfriend. Caddy was a little slow. At Caddy, we worked all the sets we possibly could and took them as far as our abilities allowed us. It would have been nice to find a two set we could work together as a team, but we just didn't have that at the venue.

Bottom line is once again, I think we both gave 100% effort and we should be happy with that. We both learned some lessons and the future is bright!

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