Sunday, April 11, 2010

The rest of Saturday night

The rest of Saturday night

I went out with some college friends to see "Hot Tub Time Machine" and I dragged along one of my MLTR's.  Well, that's not entirely accurate considering she's my only LTR, but I'm working on developing that deep conversation girl into one, and of course every night I'm looking to add a new one.  We went to a nearby bar after the movie.  I danced and kissed my girl but unfortunately, I could go home with her tonight.  Her mom was at her place and she had to drive her around Sunday so I couldn't get her to come out to my place.  Warcraft might have been right when early in the night he told me to pull her out of there right then and go to my place.  If I left the club early, she might have come over.  I was a little frustrated when I was driving her home but I shouldn't have been.  I know I'm going to have sex with her soon.  She might even stop by Sunday depending on how many errands she has to run.  If I see her in the week, it's almost certain.  Besides, I probably wouldn't have performed well today considering I watched too much porn Friday. 

Keep sarging:

I dropped her off.  I could have just gone home but I've come to appreciate the late bar closing on Saturday night in Chicago.  I dropped her off just after one so I had 3-4 hours to make something happen.  I went back to the original bar as my friends were still there but we left before I opened anything.  A friend and I went to Division.  That's where that bday girl wanted me to kiss her and/or her friends. 

Hot Spanish Girl:
Late in that bday set, I was dancing near the friend that ended up being cold to me.  I had noticed these Spanish girls and was attracted to this tall one.  I thought about opening her but I didn't do it as I told myself I was still working on the bday friend.  Well, as I'm dancing, this song comes on that the tall Spanish girl likes and she starts dancing with me.  When stuff like this happens to me it amazes me still. 

Unfortunately, some Indian guy ruined things.  As I was dancing with the tall girl, the friend was nearby.  I was thinking about dancing with her too so I'd be on my way to having all the friends like me when this Indian dude started trying to dance with her.  My tall girl grabs the friend to rescue her and walks away.  I knew I was busted out so I tried to get her attention after that but she was in shut down mode and didn't respond.  I probably should have approached them again but I ended up changing venues. 


I just remembered some minor thing that happened.  When I was talking to bday friend, these cute girls were next to us at a table.  One of the girls kept trying to hand her purse to a friend to have her hold it for her, but the friend kept refusing.  When she did it a third time, I said to them, "Hey, if no one wants it, I'll take it."  The giggled and started talking to me but then the bday friend shoved me as she got jealous and wanted my attention.

Instant wings and a big mixed set:
I went next door to this Irish bar.  That place is usually so busy that you can barely move.  For some reason, it was really slow when I got there.  I took a piss and then started chatting with some random dude as I didn't want to leave and I didn't want to look like I was just loitering.  Nearby were some hot girls.  It was clear they were with the guys at the table they were near but I kept lusting over this 6ft+ blonde.  Damn! 

Anyway, as I'm talking to the random dude, some other guy in a sweater came by.  He was talking about how he tried to get some number next door at the bar I just left.  I told him that I need a wingman.  There's nothing in back, so we went to the side area.  We noticed three girls and two guys talking to them at the time.  I told him I was going to open and he should come in after like 2-3 minutes.  He said it looked like the girls were with the guys.  At the time, I didn't think they were.  I thought it was a pickup.  I went and approached this cute, petite brunette.  She was responsive at first but then started to ignore me in favor of talking to her blonde friend.  As I was talking to her, though, the other dudes looked at me.  It seemed like they were trying to tool me at first. I just used the subtle AMOG line, "Hey man, you're a cool guy.  Having fun?"

Some dude asked why my shirt was purple.  As it was a silk shirt, I said, "I killed a giant spider and made this shirt out of it."  That was an example of Mystery's old idea of, "Always have a better answer ready."  I was surprised how I just came up with it spontaneously. 

I decided to leave because my target was cold to me and one of the dudes kept telling me about her supposed boyfriend.  Perhaps this was weak of me.  I guess I could have kept trying.  Well, maybe not.  I reengaged her several times before I finally gave up. 

It's funny that as I was saying by to everyone, including the guys, the one dude that originally tried to tool me was disappointed I was leaving and said he wanted me to hang out more.  

After I leave that set, I found my instant wing.  He said he got scared to approach but said he thought I was doing fine.  I tried to get him to come to another bar but he said he had to stay with his friend.  I ended up going to the original bar to scoop my friend up. 

I've got this:
That's what I should conclude after tonight.  Some cool stuff happened in less than 3 hours after I came back to the bar after dropping off my LTR.  I keep thinking about that tall Spanish girl.  I know I"m going to be more confident to approach the girls I really want.  I believe that I'm finally being that attractive guy to girls that I've always wanted to be.  TD would say that's enough but cool stuff like a girl you're attracted to opening you does give you extra confidence. 

I'm hoping G wants to go out Sunday night.  I want to go out sober and sarge with him.  

That reminds me that today was sober sarging.  I had two beers the entire night and that was earlier with my LTR.  I had zero drinks when I went out to Division. 

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