Saturday, April 16, 2011

Next time, I'm getting my self off first

I wrote last time that the girl was lying in my bed as I was on the computer playing WoW and writing a blog entry.  I got sleepy and went to bed.  I gotta say again that it's nice to cuddle with a girl as opposed to being alone.  She woked up around 8am.  I'm glad we didn't really mess around last night cause she was totally drunk, even more than I thought.  She asked, "How did I get here?"  I had to explain that their guy friend took home her friend and she came here with me.  I told her we stopped at McDonald's and Burger King and then came here. 
"How did you get me to come home with you?"  she asked.  I just shrugged.

We cuddled and tried to sleep some more.  After about ten minutes, she said she couldn't sleep anymore.  I started kissing her, and soon we were making out.  I tried to undo her bra and I felt dumb cause I couldn't get it.  I asked her to do it and she did it reluctantly and said, "I should have to undo my own bra." 

I told my buddy that larger girls look better when they are lying on their back in your bed.  Her breasts were actually nice and I complimented her on it and she responded, "I know."  Lol. Okay.   I was escalating slow but then I decided to just reach down  and I was surprised how wet she was.  The other large girl I was with two years ago also got super wet, which is cool. I pulled her pants and panties off and I was fingering her.

Here's where I screwed up.  I knew I could grab a condom and start having sex but I figured there was no rush.  She directed my hand a little bit so it was stimulating her the way she liked.  Suddenly, though, she stops me and pulls her pants up.  She rolls to the side and says she has to go home.  Dammit!

As I told one of my buddies, it's funny how she was asleep at my bed and I wrote on her that I wasn't sure if I wanted to mess around with her.  Then, in the morning, I don't think anything is gonna happen and then we start getting it on and I'm actually getting turned on.  I decide to try to get her off first and I get left unsatisfied.  This had happened to me in my distant past when I was an AFC.  Next time, I'll just be selfish and concentrate on getting my self off first. 

I don't know what to think.  I guess I should have banged her cause I haven't been inside a woman for far too long but I guess it doesn't really matter. 

Awkward drive:
So she gets dressed and I drive her home.  There's silence.  I start talking and she starts bitching about how her clothes have cat fur.  I told her I wish she had told me this earlier as I have a lint roller that'll fix it.  I tried to talk again after a few minutes.  I asked her what she was doing today and she said, "Getting my clothes cleaned."  She wouldn't accept that the fur will come off her clothes with a lint roller.  I even said, "You act like we spilled coffee on them.  Coffee wouldn't come off, but cat fur comes off with a roller."  I even offered to buy her a $3 lint roller at Target but she said her sister had one. 

Anyway, I guess practice is practice.  I had another interesting night.  I gotta get out tonight even though I'm tired and try to pull again, hopefully with a nice and better looking girl. 

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