Friday, April 8, 2011

Blowing up sets, but seeing the Bootcamp made me want to step up my game

I got so much to write about.  I want to do a short review of the free tour.  For now, I'll just say it was awesome and Tyler is an awesome speaker.  I ran day game briefly with these guys that I met up with from the forum.  That could take up another post.  Oh, and I'm texting with this girl that I probably could have pulled for at least a food extraction if the logistics hadn't been shitty.  Most importantly, I was able to access that overdrive switch in my game and I really stepped up at the end of the night.  I realize that the only reason I don't pull is that I haven't been pushing the interaction all the way.  I've been a number closer but not a SNL closer. 

Blowing up sets:
When we first got to the bar, I was blowing out of sets all over the place.  I rolled with this guy I met at the free tour that actually lives out in my area.  He gave me a lift up to Lincoln park.  He warned me that he was a newbie at this stuff.  He didn't open any sets but he at least made an effort to come wing me.  We actually did decent with this Latina set that I had opened when we first went in.  I think I failed to escalate in that set, but goes along with how things were going at this point in the night.  I was wondering if it was talking about game too much, working with a new wing, being thirsty from drinking before the free tour, or getting 3 hours of sleep.  I remember what Owen said in free tour about persisting when you get nights like this.  I ordered two waters and got on the dance floor to pump my state. 

I turn my head and there's Tyler/Owen:
After I pumped my state a little and tried to open a few more sets, I went downstairs to scope things out.  I saw some dude talking to my Latina set which was odd.  I went up to the bar to order another water and as I turned to my right, I see Tyler/Owen standing right there.  I actually figured there was a chance the boot camp would be there as Brad had mentioned being at Lion Head for a boot camp during his speech at the free tour.
I remember turning and being surprised anyway that Owen was there so I just said "What up, Owen" and shook his hand.

In my mind I guess I flipped a switch.  I was thinking, "Oh shit, these boot camp guys are gonna be opening up sets all over so I better get to work."  I also felt like I needed to a good job cause of the competition.  I went right into this seated 2-set that had a blonde and brunette (that seems to be the common 2-set I run into).  I dug the blonde and I clawed her right off the back.  I know that instructors sometimes send the students into mixed sets so I didn't want to leave an opening for a student to steal my set.  Funny thing is that I could have used a student to wing the other girl.  I was doing really well.  The chick was into me and was cool with the kino.  For some reason, I didn't take her number when she seemed enthusiastic about this Latino Film Festival that I discovered during day game.

At some point, I busted out though.  The brunette went to the bathroom and the blonde said with me which is a huge IOI.  I felt like I stalled.  Then again, when they both left, they told me they were going outside for a smoke.  With the cold and rain this evening, there was no way I was gonna go out with them.  I think I might have subcommunicated something when I had the blonde alone that lowered her buying temperature.  I probably should have increased the kino and tried a kiss close while the other girl was in the bathroom. 

After this set, I immediately opened a set that was walking in.  I grabbed this blonde and I spun her around.  She was weird.  I think she liked me on some level as she kept giving me strong eye contact but then she kept shit testing me.  She even started talking to some random chode who I just tried to talk over.  She said weird shit to me like, "Are you on drugs?"  It actually didn't drop my state.  Like I didn't feel that sinking feeling like I have in the past.  The mistake I can identify is that I needed to plow with a story or something right away as it looks like I cared cause I stopped talking and just looked at her.  Later, I saw one of the guys I met up with prior to free tour talking to this same set.  I thought the blonde didn't like me, but when I came to wing, she smiled at me and she started grabbing my necklace.  The only other thing I can think of was I should have been more dominant with the kino the second time.  The set ended up leaving us though.

I can see how boot camps would really jump start your game:
If the mere presence of the boot camp made me really step up, I could only imagine the amazing progress I'd make as an actual student on the boot camp.  You'd have two instructors pumping your state and getting you into pushing your boundaries.  Brad mentioned how one thing that he was made to do as a student was go right up to a girl and try to kiss close her within 5 seconds.  The idea is that doing so will make it so kiss closes aren't a big deal in your head.  (Perhaps I should be doing this drill myself.)  Beyond all the drills, you get expert feedback on what you're doing right and wrong.  I imagine for me this would be, that girls was into you but you failed to escalate at this point and that's why you lost her, etc.

You can stick the claw on a girl the whole time:
After I busted out with the girl who said I was on drugs, I went upstairs.  I was walking around the window area and I saw this bored looking brunette.  I opened her and then sat down immediately.  It was a French chick and I was reminded that I like the French accent on a girl.  I was still wanting to seal up my sets against students, so I put the claw on her right at the start.  This time I actually did leave it there as Ozzie tells us to in his book.  Like I left it there the entire time.  I probably should have tried a kiss close again.  I wasn't feeling that connection with her, but she was cool with the claw and when I touched her hands a few times, she seemed fine with that too.  I tried the dance floor move and a bar move, but it didn't work.  I suppose I lacked 100% belief, but I did say it like "Lets go to the bar" and I started pulling on her arm.  Maybe I'm still not dominant enough.  I would have tried again but shortly afterwards, her peer group came and said they were all leaving.

Maybe I just need to start going for potentially awkward kiss closes.  The fact that I thought I could have done it probably means I should have done it.  I still feel like I need to set it up somehow but I'm opposed to the kiss close gambits.  As I said in another blog, maybe I need to use those gambits as training wheels till I get comfortable.

My game is better than I give myself credit for sometimes:
I realize the possible pitfalls of ego based confidence, which I assume the following is an example of.  While I was in the 2-set, I was able to observe some of the students.  As much as I need to improve, I guess I can say that I'm at an intermediate level now and not a beginner.  As long as I'm not in a shitty state like  I was when I was blowing up sets, my early and middle game is solid.  My kino is getting better and better.  Watching the students made me realize how much my game has improved from a beginner level.  Of course, I'm frustrated that I still haven't gotten laid but wtf, I've only been back three weeks.  I'll get some more tangible results when I can really push the make out and extractions. 

If I can step in up in the presence of the boot camp, then I can step it up for myself.  
I was thinking about that overdrive switch I clicked in my head.  I learned a lot about myself with tonight experience.  First, I know I'll persevere through rough patches in the night.  It's gonna happen when I just blow out a bunch of sets.  It happens rarely now but it will happen.  I know I can take certain actions to pump my state.  Beyond that, I realized that I have a way to really just click my game on super mode.  I shouldn't need the presence of the boot camp to do that.  I need to set that as the standard of behavior for myself.  When I'm sarging, I should be trying my best in every set.  I think I slack off for two reasons.  First, I know most guys aren't gonna come try to steal my girl now that my game is decent.  I felt the possible competition as a reason to step up my game.  I should be stepping up my game anyway cause running the most awesome interaction I can do is going to give me more opportunities to escalate and ultimately close.  I think the other reason is that running less than the game I'm truly capable of keeps me in that comfort zone.  If I do things right, then I'll be uncomfortable being in later game territory.  Obviously, that makes no sense to do that but I think I defeat myself like that often.

On Friday, I hope to try to keep my game stuck in overdrive for me.   


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