Friday, April 22, 2011

Night of nonstop AMOGing almost ends in defeat

Tonight was a shitty night; I thought my car was gonna break down but I'm not sure anymore if it will or not. I was mad at Sidegames cause I felt like he had violated PUA wing etiquette with this blonde from Tuesday. Fortunately, we worked that out right before we met up with her.He's new to this, and I didn't explain how wingman work together. I didn't explain that whoever opens the set gets to chose the target and the wingman's job is to help his friend get the target. That means talking to the ugly one and also not taking the target at all costs. RSD Tim tells a story where he was winging Alex and Alex was ignoring a girl and the girl started trying to get Tim's number to make herself feel better. Most guys would give their number, but a true wing blows it off cause he knows his job to to help his wing. This pays off in the end cause when you go out enough, you'll end up helping each other over the long run: this means you'll switch off handling obstacles, etc.

When I finally got all that out, we settled our differences. He understood why I was having such a complex about our interaction with this girl, and I understood where he was coming from.

Sidegames surprised me by opening a set as we were leaving the dollar burger place.PedNurse (that's what we'll call the blonde from Tuesday) said she'd meet us at Lion Head. Sidegames supposedly told her to bring a friend but she came alone. It was weird. I didn't know if I was suppose to sarge or if I should let Sidegames. We ended up just talking the whole time. We had a cool conversation but of course I wasn't sarging other sets since I was with them, and I also got almost no kino in. We finally moved upstairs. I danced with her a little but I was still hesistant to escalate. Part of the problem is that I was totally trashed on Tuesday and I knew I had been loud and too touchy with every one. Sidegames had told me he felt I was escalating too much on her, but at the end of the night, he admitted that she wasn't creeped out by it as he was making it sound initially.

Dudes sarging:
PedNurse is cool as hell. She was buying us drinks and everything. I tried to reciprocate cause I don't like taking advantage of people. We were dancing and then we went to the bar. I knew to follow her cause I know that competing dudes swarm on a girl that they think is by herself at the bar. Sure enough, this black dude start sarging her. He was doing okay. I didn't want to seem needy but I let him work his magic a little while I opened people around us. I remember leaning in to say something to her and dude thought he was gonna lose me by saying, "I'm talking to her." Lol.

She got the drinks and then the dude was gone, but then this moment came at closing time. Sidegames was all wasted. I told him to stay by her as competing dudes were gonna come in. Sure enough, that black dude sees her again. I tell Sidegames that I could use help with dealing with this dude. Well, I know I can handle him but tag teaming the dude blows him out so much faster. I tell Sidegames to start talking to him about sports and I'll pull her away. Instead, he decides to be stupid and goes in and invites dude to come out. The dude then number closes her in front of us. That doesn't matter so much but it mattered later cause she invited him out to the after hours spot. Part of that was my fault cause I didn't bust him out sooner.

We got to this slower after hours spot that I've never been to before. It's by her house and we actually walked by her place to get there. Sidegames made a good observation that we should have tried to just go up there instead of going to the bar. He had actually thought about asking to use the bathroom but didn't. I know if I had been alone with her, I would have made the move, but being with him I felt it might be weird. We went to the bar. We sat down by the bar and she was about to sit down by me when Sidegames suddenly sat in between us. I'm not even sure if he did it consciously to cockblock me or just because she was drunk. She ended up wanting to play the giant jenga game which turned out to be pretty cool . We were playing with a couple but then she invited some dudes to play. I was escalating with her a bit, but I fucked up the moment.

I was high fiving her when she had a successful piece pull and putting my arm around her. I was getting really close to her to talk and was talking to her man-to-woman to use RSD Jeffy's term. The moment came unexpectedly as I deep down I knew I had been playing this all wrong. This whole situation was just a bad dynamic. It's Sidegames and I and this girl. Sidegames got drunk and wasn't really escalating. I was starting to escalate but I still felt weird. Anyway, I leaned in to her to say something and our faces were inches apart.

I actually feel weird writing this cause it happened so quickly and I almost didn't believe it happened. As I think about it, I guess it had to have happened. Despite all my fuck ups, I still had a chance to kiss and I thought I had lost it cause this shit was taking too long. I seriously can't remember the last time I hung out with a girl this long and didn't escalate or get busted out.

I was leaning in to say something to her and somehow our lips were inches apart. I swear I saw her close her eyes and move her lips forward. I was surprised and then I hesitated and we lost that moment. All I had to do with lean forward about an inch or two and our lips would have locked and it would have been on. Instead, I had to play AMOG games for the next two hours cause I'm a fucking dumb ass. I will say that this wasn't super on like the French girl from two weeks ago. This moment just appeared a little unexpectedly and I wasn't ready.

I saw her texting and I knew what was happening. Sidegames made me realize how I just see the matrix more often than not. As he said, he was surprised how I just predict what's gonna happen, although my visions can be wrong especially when it comes to late game. I knew she was texting that dude from the other bar. Had I kissed her, all this wouldn't have mattered. It's so much easier to pull a girl that you've made out with off of other dudes. You grab her and she comes with you. That or you can start kissing her in front of the dude and that'll blow almost every dude out except certain PUA's.

Sure enough, the dude showed up. At one point, he was talking to her and his game was starting to work. At this point, Sidegames decided to start listening to me. Later he told me that he wanted to try the opposite at the other bar cause he wanted to see what would happen doing the opposite of what I told him. He said in our debrief that his experiences on the night show that I am mostly good at reading things. I told Sidegames to approach the dude and start talking about sports. He went in and the guy got all into talking about the Bulls. It's the basic tag team AMOG tactic. The dude got distracted and forgot about talking to the girl and I just scooped her away.

Like fucking roaches:
That's how this whole fucking night was for the last hour and a half. On the ride home Sidegames made a good observation that I was caring too much about this girl. I guess it's two things.First, I just hate losing. As I wrote on that bad Tuesday and Sangria, when a guy takes a girl from me, I feel like I'm back in the AFC days and I feel like a total chump. Also, yeah there are a ton of girls, but there weren't many real sets in this bar. Beyond that, I wanted the AMOG practice.As I wrote after that Tuesday, ulimately, my goal is to sarge the hottest girls in the club. It's easy to blow out lesser guys. When you get to the level of sarging the hottest girls, there are always gonna be guys there . There will be orbiters to deal with. There will be competing players and PUA's, and beyond that, the guys will be good.

There was this dude with this hot girl that we ran into at the end of the night. PedNurse actually invited them to play. I gotta say that I love how social she is even though that resulted in all this AMOG nonsense. She talks to other couples and guys at the bar and not many girls do that.& I told her a few minutes before that kiss close moment came, "You know, I'm usually the most social guy in the bar but I gotta say, I like how you're giving me a run for my money. It's cool that you like meeting new people."

This dude was the type of natural I'm gonna have to deal with in the future.The dude form the other club was playing this bowling/shuffleboard game. He started saying something to the natural, and the dude started tooling him very well.The natural's material was so good everyone was laughing. I was thinking, "Damn, this guy is good. I gotta learn from him."; I can tool guys cause I read Tyler/Owen's old AMOG posts and cause I understand the general idea. I don't just naturally do that so I can make up spontaneous stuff that well. For this natural, it comes out, well... naturally. The dude is alpha and dominating and that's why he had a hot brunette with him I really am glad I got to practice AMOGing cause these guys are the ones I'll be competing with when it comes to hot girls. They are good so I gotta get better as I'll deal with it more and more as I get better with hot girls.

My AMOGing method here:
I keep thinking about what a massive pain in the ass it was to deal with all these dudes. There were three main guys trying to sarge PedNurse.I was at a disadvantage too cause I fucked up that kiss close moment. That's the key here. All of this wouldn't matter if I had kissed her. Instead, we all know she's high buying temperature. I know that it won't take much for a dude to kiss her and pull her. I had to keep watching her and interrupting when the dude started to look like he was getting somewhere. I had to keep interacting and kinoing her occasionally too but I couldn't get her to totally be into me. I think that I also held back a little cause I felt I had messed up a moment and for all the other reasons this set was screwed up from the beginning (Sidegames, me being totally wasted Tuesday, me waiting too long to escalate).

She's gonna kiss English dude:
I guess I have some AMOG skills. You see, I swear this Spanish dude and this English dude got in a fight over her at the end. At least the Spanish dude hit someone as I saw this bouncer had gotten hit somehow at the end of the night. The Spanish dude's friends were holding him back and then they finally left. More on that later. I just mention it cause Tyler/Owen's stuff is so great. When applied properly, you don't get into fights. Dudes are cool even though you're cockblocking them and tooling them massively.

I guess I learned from what happened Tuesday and from that in field video of RSD Ozzie breaking up a couple making out on the dance floor. This is some serious matrix like shit.

We were standing by the shuffleboard/bowling game. I saw this English dude had his arm around PedNurse. He actually had come under the radar. The Spanish dude and the dude from the other club were obvious in their pursuit. This dude seemed to not be sarging her, but then he was starting to escalate more while we were doing this bowling game. They were right in front of me, and I saw her get this look like she was ready to be kissed.(I can sense this from all my field experience, but I guess I was extra tuned into it cause she had given me that look for a second and I had blown it.) Dude was gazing into her eyes and you could tell he was thinking about it.

BTW, I see how stupid that hesitation is now that I got to see it up close and personal. Now I see first hand why they say once you get that feeling that she wants to be kissed, you just do it.That's what real men, real PUA's do. The hesitation is weak and you lose value with the girl.

In this case, it allowed me to break up the makeout.

Yes, you got that right. I remember that moment in Sangria when that girl was about to kiss that dude. I just looked away but I did the right thing this time. I walked the two steps so I was next to them.I put my arm around PedNurse. I said, "Hey man, this is my little sister." I simultaneously put my arm around the dude and said, "You're like my brother." Of course, me doing this ruined the moment, but she was still gazing at him. I tried to turn her towards me. She said something like, "He's protective of me" and put her arm around me Next, I used a version of Tyler's/Owen's old line. I said, "There some gene diversity here (point and Pednurse and I). You guys are too similar. You'll make babies that will be all weird and look like this (make a funny face with your fingers on your ears too). I thought I had stolen her, but dude just sat there, which was actually good. It was actually weird. Part of me thinks this girl, on some level, just wants to be in a MMF threesome cause it's like I keep ending up in this weird situations, but of course, it'll also do to my shitty game earlier. English dude said, "I don't know what to think. This is awkward." I think he tried to tool me by trying to hit me with the gay move. I swear he said something like, "I feel like I should grab his ass" and he touched me for a second.

That was a good move cause pulling the gay move is a type of AMOG tactic.When you hint at a guy being gay or insinuate some gay move like he did, most guys will lose status cause they'll start qualifying by saying, "Hey, I'm not gay man." Most guys here would have let go when the dude pretended to touch me and then he would be alone with the girl. I just stood there. After a few seconds, we got interrupted cause it was someone's turn to play the bowling game.

Last call tug of war:
I knew that the last call was gonna be a pain. I kept trying to pull her out for food, which was the wrong move as she wasn't hungry. I kept hanging around trying to cockblock guys. I wanted to practice and I guess that's there's that bitter side of me that don't want them to get her if I can't get her.I was starting to wing it cause I didn't really know what to do.

The remaining guys were the Spanish and English dudes. The black dude from the other club had busted out, though he was still hanging around. I had to drive so I had stopped drinking. Drinking was the key to keeping her attention. They were doing shots and I had to refuse. I kept leaning into her ear and I said several things to her.  That's where the dudes were screwing up, now that I think about it.  They were close enough to put their arm on her, but they weren't getting really close. English dude seemed to be doing the best. He hadn't kissed her cause I broke that up, but he was close to her and she kept looking and talking to him.

Here's the stuff I remember saying to her:
"Look at all these suitors pursuing you.& I know you love it."
"How are you gonna decide which of these two guys to take home?"
"I see you're player. A player recognizes game."

I don't know if these were the best lines but it's what I came up with in the time. I guess it cockblocked them in a way as me verbalizing what's going on makes her want to not do it. The funny thing with this whole thing is that you would think these dudes would hate me. It's happened to me long ago with that redhead that got stolen on me on one of the first time Seagull and I went out. It was because I was being a dick to try to bust him out. This time, all my cockblocking was under the radar and looks like I'm just having fun and being cool. As I'm writing this, I realize I missed a key element. If she had friends with, I would have told them that the guys were creepy. I could have told her that. I could have said, "OMG, what's with these creepy guys?"& The usual response would be that she'll start to view them as creepy.

Near the end, I felt like I had lost. I kept telling her, "Let's go!" and she wouldn't come with even though Sidegames had her jacket. BTW, Sidegames said something that seemed to help AMOG. He said, "Hey, after party at PedNurse's place." It was brilliant in that obviously she wasn't gonna agree to that and I could see how the vision of that would make it less likely for her to take anyone home.

The place started kicking every one out. At this point, I figured the English dude had won so I asked her straight up, cause I was worried I was being annoying to her, "Do you want to go home with this guy? It's cool if you do."

The thing is, I really meant that. I had been doing all this AMOGing and I just knew she wasn't gonna hook up with me. If she wanted this dude, then I was just gonna let it happen. She immediately responded with social conditioning, "I don't do that." I know girls do this and when a conversation came up early in the night about women and sex, I had made my nonjudgmental position clear. I immediately replied, "Come on, we all do that." She admitted, "Okay, I don't do that any more." I said, "Look, it's cool. I told you I don't judge."

Sidegames, in the car, tried to say that he backed off a bit at end cause he wanted to test if she was a slut who would go home with these guys. I told him that this is what happens at bars. I told him to lose the Madonna/whore complex. I honestly wouldn't look at her any less if she fucked the dude cause I don't think that's wrong. Besides, I'm trying to hook up with girls every time I'm out so I'm not gonna have a double standard and look down upon women who do what I seek to do.

Shortly after that, I left cause the bouncers were being more adamant about leaving. Sidegames had said that we have her coat so she should have to come out and come to us.

No, not me silly :) I think that Spanish dude either got in a fight with the English dude or the bouncer. I remember he was trying to go back in to pull her and they wouldn't let anyone back in. Suddenly, I saw the Spanish dude's friends holding him back. The doorman had a cut under his eye like he had gotten hit either stopping the Spanish dude, or breaking up a fight with the English dude. The door man said everyone that was loitering in front should leave or they were gonna call the cops. I saw a bartender and I knew they now PedNurse since she's a regular. I said, "Hey, this is Pednurse's coat," and gave it to her. We walked away in defeat as I really felt like the English dude was pulling.

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