Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kiss close and home pull from winging

I actually have mixed feelings about this set and I guess I won't have a final determination for a few hours.  Just as we were about to his the after hours, we stopped in this one bar.  I opened some blonde and she busted me out quickly.  I took a piss and we were ready to leave but I saw Seagull working some girl.  I saw she had a large friend so I opened her.  This girl was drunk and high buying temperature. 

I'd like to think that I'm close to getting the kiss closed solved but I guess I'm too slow still.  I knew this chick wanted to kiss but I was stalling.  Seagull leaned in and said, "Kiss close."  I knew that but hearing it helped so I kissed her. 

She asked me to buy her a shot which I was reluctant to do, but then I guess after making out a with a girl, it's not a bad thing to buy her one.  She wanted to go to this after hours place near here house which happened to be in a neighboring bar.   I tried to exact her and her friend to the bar while dragging Seagull along too.  The friend didn't want to leave and I guess there was this guy friend too.  I ended up getting the girl to leave with me and she's sleeping in the other room. 

I see why guys don't like to pull totally drunk chicks as she passed out as soon as she got here.  I'm not sure if I want to do anything now or if she'll even want to do anything when she wakes up.  Still, it was a fun adventure anyway.  I enjoyed kissing her though and it's cool to cuddle with a girl.  Also cool to just practice pulling a girl home here. 

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