Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We are so dumb with the free beers

I text this girl I met three weeks ago at Flat Iron. She told me about this event at Debonaire Social Club for the announcement of the Lollapalooza line up for this year. I put Sidegames and I on the guest list. The ad said hosted cocktail hour from 9-10PM. (Well, actually, the web page listed 9-10PM and 10-11PM, but my friend confirmed it was indeed 9PM.) As we walked in, we got three tickets worth 1 bottle of 312 beer each. Sidegames opened a set upon my urging. I winged him but the girls left. Later, they opened him again and gave him all their drink tickets as they didn't want beer. I left to go talk to the girl who had told me about the event. I was hoping to introduce her to Sidegames and the girls so I would have social proof but they left before I got there.

We laughed in the car ride home about how dumb we are. At one point, we had six beers with us. I think I stopped at 5 beers because I knew I had to drive home. Sidegames ended up passed out in the car around midnight. He said he forced himself to drink all the beers. We both wanted to get our money's worth.

That's when we thought about how dumb we are sometimes. We didn't pay any cover. The beers were all free cause of the guest list. We tipped a few dollars so I guess we were getting our money's worth from the tips. Still, 3-4 beers each is enough to get our money's worth. We could have still got all 12 beers but we could have given the extras away.

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