Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kino and isolation was just a big deal in my head

I'm realizing now how much I really held myself back.  I still have more to learn with kino but I'm getting so much more comfortable with it.  I realize that the claw or holding a girls hands really isn't the big deal I make it out to be.  Most girls, even sets that I don't get anywhere with are cool with it.  Grinding is not big deal either.  Girls do that with a ton of guys all night long.  I've broken through those sticking points, but that kiss close still eludes me.  I could see how I'd work it in with dance floor game now that I'm getting more comfortable with it.  I used to only be good at grinding girls from behind.  That jealousy set and the tall blonde really made me understand better how to grind the girl when you're facing her.  The way I picture it in my head is you bodies get nested together and you start moving as one unit to the beat.  Like the dynamic kino, you gotta be dynamic with the kino on the dance floor. 

I can see how I can  have my arms around her body with my hands meeting at her lower back and ass, and I have her hands on my shoulders, and later, around my neck.  I guess I then look into her eyes and get our faces close and then when it feels right I can kiss her.  I can also pull back a little, spin her in close, and then get face to face. 

I see how the kiss close can work when I probably set up a regular standing set.  I just need to practice really transitioning to the face to face position when I have the girl in a man to woman conversation (Jeffy's move.  I keep mentioning this idea in my blog posts lately.) 

Yeah, the girls won't always go, but they seemed to be listening to me more today.  I guess part of it was I was in state most of the night.  Regardless, I see how it's not really a big deal.  Often they won't come but it doesn't matter.  Eventually, they'll follow. 

I just have to mesh all the stuff I did right today when I get into a set where there's some real chemistry between the girl and I.  If I do what I did today, things will be really fucking on! 

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