Saturday, April 2, 2011

"Hey man, I need this chair..." "I need you too"

Tonight was a night of breakthroughs.  I was frustrated cause I haven't been moving things forward and Friday night, I was determined to practice isolation and escalation.  I'll start with the story about the title of this post.  We had eaten pizza and this new place on Lincoln Ave called "Big Stuff."  BTW, Seagull and I now love that place.  Late night pizza is usually a rip off affair, $5 for a small slice of pizza.  This place offers a $3 slice that dwarfs any other slice out there, and the $5 slice is of ridiculous proportions.  It's big enough to even satisfy my fat ass.  I'll definitely be there often and I hope to extract girls there for food.

Anyway, I was content with going home after a decent night but we decided to hit Wicker Park.  Seagull spotted this 2-set and decided to open them.  I didn't want to stand around doing nothing so I opened this blonde.  She was larger than the girls I'd normally go for but she was cute.  Her tits were hanging out of this dress too which was hot.  When I opened her, I immediately noticed she was high buying temperature.  It's the way she held my hand longer than most girls when I introduced myself and just the eye contact.  The friends went outside for a smoke and I had isolation with her.  Soon, I was stroking her hair so I felt like I was gonna kiss close.  The other girls had asked me to save their seats.  I was also saving a 3rd chair for me. 

Suddenly, someone starts grabbing the chair saying, "Hey, can I get this chair?"
I immediately say, "No, I need that chair" and I grab onto it. 

Seagull and suddenly notice that we are talking to each other.  He grabs the chair and says that he could really use my help.    I know that the 2-set must be good or he wouldn't tell me that.  I felt torn cause that had to be a good set, but I felt like  I was gonna kiss close this girl.  I decided I'd try to kiss close and then go help him.  It felt like 5 minutes, but I guess it was 15-20 minutes.  I number closed the girl and then I started stroking her hair and I went in for the kiss.  I'm embarassed to say I kind of missed.  It's be awhile...  I ended up kissing the right corner of her mouth.  She didn't turn away at least, but she felt it was too soon.  We kept talking though and then one friend returned and pulled her to the bathroom.  I didn't want to wait around so I opened another set. 

I saw Seagull talking to some guy.  I figured the dude had either come into the set or Seagull was using him as a wing since I hadn't shown up to help him.  Seagull eventually extracted that set for food and I tagged along.  It turns out that was a different set he opened.  When I drove him home, Seagull told me that the 2-set was on.  It sounds like we had a chance to pull that set if I had gotten there in time.  His girl was totally into him.  She had responded enthusiastically to his kino and was touching him.  The friend had started to get bored.  This is the point where I asked him how he lost the set when I left my set in 5 minutes.  He said it was way longer as the other girl had gone to the bathroom and returned and hung out in the time he had grabbed the chair.  They had left and I still hadn't joined him.

Our only other 2-set possibility was earlier in the night.  I was in this set with this cute Filipina.  Seagull felt it was on but one of his AFC friends who had shown up had tried to wing and failed.  Seagull said the AFC friend just stopped talking at one point.

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