Friday, April 8, 2011

RSD Free tour review and looks don't matter

I went to the RSD free tour on Friday as I mentioned in the other posts.  Brad started out talking for an hour. He did a good job and his info was useful.  Tyler/Owen just owns audiences though.  He talked about the big insight he had each year he was in the game.  I didn't look at the time, but he talked for way longer than the hour left that was scheduled.  Of course, he promoted their pay products briefly at the end but it wasn't in your face like the bad reviews on other sites made it sound like.  They didn't try to get you not to ask for the $25 back from the free tour. 

Looks don't matter:
TD/Owen's section in "The Blueprint" is what really began to get me to accept that looks don't matter.  I'm writing this just cause he's an example of how looks don't matter at all.  Seagull tells me this guy we know who's turning 21 worries about his looks a being a limiting factor.  The answer is that looks only matter if inside your head, you feel that they matter.  I think TD/Owen put it best in one of his videos (Blueprint or Foundations) that girls are not as superficial as us guys.  Besides that, guys settle for average or less looks anyway so why can't they accept that girls would accept them even if they were like guys.

TD/Owen emphasizes in his products and even in part of the free tour speech that this is a game that can be learned by anyone.  He again told the story of how he used to be a comic book and gaming nerd before all this.  What it takes to improve in this game is focus.  You have to stick with it like you have to stick with anything in your life that's important.  He focusing on gaming, improving the company, and even reading three new books every week.

One thing TD/Owen mentioned is that girls sometimes tell him, "You must be rich."  The reason, which no one guessed right away when he asked, was that the girls are basically saying, "You are not good looking enough to be this confident so you must be rich."

TD/Owen has always said he's not good looking.  He looks okay in the video but in person, you can tell that he really isn't.  I love Tyler, but he might be below average looking nowadays.  He's in stark contrast to Brad.  Brad is extremely good looking.  Brad is an example of what TD/Owen said in "Blueprint."   Tyler said that he believes looks don't matter so much that he would even hire a guy that's tall and good looking if that guy had the skills necessary to teach.  He would do so even though people would say it's not good for the company cause guys would attribute the good looking guy's success to looks. TD/Owen's game is amazing and better than Brad's.  Of course, it's from the 10 years of almost daily pickup experience.  Sarging is definately a skill set that you can learn.  TD is proof and I'm a small example of this myself.

As I always said, I'm decent looking but overweight.  I might have been good looking when I was 21 and in shape, but I was no where near Brad's level.  One of the forum guys I met even complimented me.  He said, "No offense, but when I first saw you, I didn't think you'd have any game."  He went on to tell a guy about how I was fearless in opening in day game.  I opened before he or this really good PUA did.  Late in the night, he said that after hanging out with me, he can tell that I have the skills to become at amazing at  this if I stick with it.  Those comments are very inspiring and I hope that more guys can get over this looks and money issue and choose to better their skills with women. 

Some guys had the benefit of being in a situation where they had success with women at an early stage so women have always been in abundance for them.  Other guys like me were terrified and awkward with women.  People try to spread that bullshit about how game is just something you are born with.  No way, it can be a skill you develop like any other skill.  TD/Owen even says in the "Blueprint," that having bad looks can actually help you when you are building your game.  Good looking guys can have faster success when starting out so they never are forced to truly hone in their skills like a bad looking guy is forced to do.  Ultimately, that means the bad looking guy will be forced to progress even further in rounding out his confidence and personality meaning he is more advanced in the game.

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