Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Maybe this was a good thing, I'm super motivated now

I think part of the reason I can progress in this game is that whenever something crazy happens, I always analyze it super hard.  Well, in general, I analyze every night so I can see exactly what I did right and where I went wrong.  I see what little things I need to fix.  I'm even more intense with my analysis when I have a horrible night or something crazy happen.  That's why there was a flood of posts over the last 12 hours.  For the reader, they aren't as useful and it almost me just putting down on paper the thoughts and analysis going through my head.  All that analyzing coagulates into something useful at the end and I think I've reach that stage. 

I'm glad this happened:
Yes, I wish I would have stepped up and gotten the girl.  I might have even gotten laid or got the make out.  The thing is that I really feel like I got another level of motivation that's gonna try me to succeed even faster.  Prior to this, I was crusing along.  I really felt like I was starting to figure things out.  As I keep saying, I have improved a ton and I should be happy about that.  Last night was a big reality check that helped tame the ego that was building inside of me.  Wow, I really have a long way to go to really fine tune my game.  Sure, if I stuck with my current game level, I'd probably get laid regularly and snag the occasional hot chick.  I want more than that.  I want to start getting the hottest girls in the club.  I want to start getting threesomes.  I really needed this kick in the ass to drive me forward. 

I want to push my comfort level:
Kinoing just a little more and going for the kiss faster is pushing my comfort level but after talking with Seagull on the phone, I feel like I really what to step things up.  You can bet I'm going to be taking on the mixed sets.  When I'm in the situation like last week where the blonde had guys around her, I'm not gonna avoid the set and look for something easier.  You learn but pushing your limits and fucking things up.  I'm gonna try that quick Jeffy opener+make out attempt to really push my comfort level.  I want to hit the harder venues.  Heck, I even want to go to the strip club one time just to practice trying to game on a ridiculous level.  I doubt I have the game to pull a stripper, but one thing is for sure.  If I can be comfortable just talking to a hot girl who's practically naked, then it's gonna seem like easy mode talking to a 7 at some bar in Wrigleyville. 

First it was a mind trick:
When something bad happens, I know inside that the best way to handle it is to reframe it into something positive.  At first, it's just a mental trick.  I felt shitty about last night till about 1pm today.  It hurts a little still but I no longer feel that pain.  It has turned into a positive now as I'm describing in this post.  If this hadn't happened, I'm sure I would not have been driven to really step up my game in the way I have now. 

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