Saturday, April 23, 2011

Peacocking with bunny ears and this tall blonde who loved me

At the pub crawl, we got this pink bunny ears. I put them on and Sidegames gave me shit about it. I told him I wanted to wear it. It's the same reason I wore a Happy New Years tiara one New Years. I know that it's a form of peacocking and I know it'll get attention. Girls did indeed open Segun and I a ton of times because of the ears. Of course, some guys tried to tool me too which I enjoy. The funny thing is that guys were embarassed to wear the ears when we first went to McGees. I was the only one with ears on for a few minutes and then two other guys followed. Of course, after about a half hour, just about every guy had the ears one cause they felt it was socially acceptable to wear them now.

We started the night off slow just drinking and eating. It wasn't until the second bar that I opened a set and it was at Wrightwood tap and Durkins that we really started to work sets. Sidegames actually went off to some girls apartment for like two hours. Nothing happened but he was able to hang out there. It's the paradox of being able to do that cause he wasn't that attracted to the girl. Of course, I told him he should only do that with girls he wants then, which he admits would make it harder cause he'd actually care about the outcome.

Holding hands with a U of C girl:

Segun and I walked out of Durkins to catch the bus. I sat in front of a brunette. I was in state from working some sets so I opened her almost as soon as I sat down. We started to talk and she told me she went to University of Chicago, which is where I went to college too. I told her she was not geeky enough. Anyone that went to the school knows there are so many people there that have extremely poor social skills. Students poke fun at the school by wearing t-shirts that say, "University of Chicago, where fun goes to die."

Early on, I reached back and grabbed her hand. She squeezed back and I knew it was on. I quickly transitioned to a hand hold where our fingers were interlocked. I knew this was on, of course, but I got screwed by the trolley stop. Redmonds came up and Seagull and I were planning on getting out. The girl had told me that their group was headed to Duffy's. I tried to get her to come to Redmonds but of course she had to stay with her group. She knew I was with Seagull, and she said, "Go ahead and go with your friends."

I probably over analyzed the situation with her. I guess I could have said, "I'm going with you to Duffy's." Maybe it was dumb to just leave a girl who was obviously into me. Beyond that, from my limited interaction with her, she seemed like a quality girl. I want an intelligent girl that's on my level and it's rare to find that when I'm out at the bar.

At least I got further reference material about how kino is so easy now. It still surprises me when the kino happens so fast and easily like in this set.

The bunny ears:
At Moe's Cantina, later in the night, some girl gave me $5 for my bunny ears. In that split second, I decided it was a good idea to sell it to her. After all, I had paid $20 for the pub crawl and $5 is obviously one quarter of the price of the outing, which is huge to get for bunny ears that Sidegames didn't even take at McGee's. I debated it for awhile and even asked random sets what they thought. Now, I think it wasn't worth selling. Peacocking with the ears the rest of the night and Saturday night would have been worth more than $5. It was even more obvious when I walked around with Seagull without the ears the rest of the night. He kept getting opened at every bar just like I had been with my ears.

Tall blonde loves our bunny ears and then me:

The highlight of my evening was this interaction I had with this tall blonde. Any one who reads this blog knows that I love blondes, and especially tall blondes. We walked into our first bar after Redmond's. Seagull went directly to the bathroom. As I was pulling out my phone to occupy myself, this tall blonde suddenly touched my shoulder and opened me.

Hb: Are you friends with the other guy with bunny ears?
Me: Yes.
HB: I was trying to catch his attention when he walked in but he walked away so fast. I love your ears.
Me: Thanks. Hi, my name is .

I forget exactly what I said after this. I remember that I knew it was so on by the way she was touching and me and looking at me. My kino escalation lately is fast until I get to the kiss close, then I often stall because I still haven't fully accepted it into my reality that kissing girls isn't a big deal. I keep thinking there's a moment to do it when often you can just do it. Anyway, I remember I immediately transitioned into a man to woman conversation. I was really close to her face and we had laser eye contact going. I think I was each of her hands with one of my hands as we were facing each other. To the outsider, it looked like it was fucking on, cause it was!

That's my sister:

Suddenly, this guy comes up. I think he touched my shoulder but I can't remember exactly how he opened me. She must have looked at him too. I introduced myself and he was a little cold and he was stiff when I tried to put my arm around him. He said, "Hey, that's my sister." I said, "Cool." He said, "It just looked like there was too much going on here." At this point, she walked off into the bathroom.

I found Seagull and told him the story. I didn't want to stand there talking to Seagull and wait for her so I tried to open a set. I opened these two girls, and then I see the brother walk to my set and sit down. It was her friends, which I wouldn't have opened the way I did if I had known that. I would have prefered to open some random nearby set. I left the friends and brother.

I actually debated leaving and opening the set again. I thought of RSD Tim's 3 walls of the house analogy. I love it because repeating it out loud to Seagull gets me pumped up and helps me do something that I know is gonna push my comfort zone. Obviously, the blonde was totally into me so it would be dumb just to leave and not approach her again. I stalled for 2-3 minutes and then decided to go in.

I touched her shoulder and greeted her. I told her to introduce me to her friends. I talked to her brother for a bit cause I knew I had to befriend him. It didn't take much to disarm him. What surprised me is how he was beta at the table. I can see that he was just looking out for his sister when he approached me the first time and that's why he came across kind of rough. BTW, he wasn't a dick the first time. He was respectful, yet a little strong and somewhat cool to my response to him at the time. Once I disarmed him, he was way more beta that I would have expected. It like he reverted to being an AFC. I'm sure he gets laid, but he didn't come across like a strong natural or an AMOG like that dude from Thursday night with the hot girl.

I briefly talked to the Asian friend who I had opened by accident earlier. The 3rd girl talked about how they were leaving soon. I decided to number close her because I wanted to make sure I did that at least. I got her number, of course. The brother then went to the bathroom and it seemed like the two girls disappeared.

Kiss close time:

That's the thought that crossed my mind when I saw the brother leave. I had tried to isolate her upstairs but when I made the attempt I felt it was too soon. She didn't want to go upstairs yet. I figured now was my chance. I looked at her as was gazing to her eyes. Just as I'm about to do it, I notice the 3rd friend staring at us. I told her, "I really want to kiss you but I don't want you to make you uncomfortable cause we're in front of your friends." She just kept looking at me, which of course means she wanted it.

Seagull & Sidegames thought I should have done it anyway:
As I write this, I have to concede that maybe they were right. We ate at Denny's after our night out and debriefed each other. At Denny's I said that it's not a good idea to kiss girls in front of their friends. It's easier to isolate them and then do it. I also remember being at Barleycorn with that Kentucky girl two years ago. We had been making out several times when I got her away from her friends. I remember that when I first isolated her, the friend made a kissing motion with her index fingers cause she knew what was up. Later, my girl still felt unconfortable when I was trying to kiss her in front of her friends (who included that girl that made the kissing motion).

I think I could have kissed her in front of that one friend and things would have been fine. On the other hand, I think I'm right that it's not a good idea to do it in front of the brother. It would have been awkward.

Two mistakes:

I guess, in a way, I chickened out of yet another kiss close. WTF is wrong with me. I think I'm getting rid of that fear and then two days in a row I chicken out. FUCK!!! I want to solve this issue. I guess I should be happy I'm getting more opportunities for the kclose and that I'm actively trying to make the kiss happen.

The other mistake was to leave. The set was still there when I left the bar to meet Sidegames. I should have kept hanging around until they left or, of course, if the blonde somehow decided to bust me out. I could game the friends and brother even more and spend more time with the blonde. If they stayed just a little bit longer, I could even just venue change. At the time, I felt like I had pushed my comfort zone. I had cause I know there are many times in the past when I wouldn't have gone back into the set. Still, I should have pushed even farther and gotten experience dealing with the brother and the friends. Yeah, I have her number but it's such a pain to get Day2's from numbers. That's why I should have spent more time with her here while I had the chance and while she was in that zone where she's totally into me.

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