Friday, April 29, 2011

Day Game

I run Day Game so rarely, that I figured I'll do a short report. I wanted to set up a Day2 for the Garfield Park Conservatory. I've been trying for two weeks to no avail. I finally just went with Sidegames on Wednesday and that's the only day it's open till 8pm instead of 5pm. Also, the spring flower show is coming to and end and I wanted to see it. I love going to this conservatory. It is an oasis from the cold weather (and actually an oasis among the shitty neighborhoods around it). There were three sets I could have sarged. I actually approached this seated girl. We talked for about ten minutes but when I tried to number close, she claimed she had a boyfriend. I remember things getting awkward. I had been sitting on the bench with her and just after the number close, I could see her getting ready to leave cause she didn't want to sit by me anymore so I left.

I went to the free hours at the Art Institute of Chicago. Until summer time, it's Thursdays from 5-8pm. I wanted to see the new Modern Wing as I've never been there. I also figured there would be some day game. There were a few sets and I hate to admit that I didn't approach anyone. I was feeling tired, but that's no excuse. At the conservatory I was still in beast mode so I approached that one set easily. Wednesday night, we just went out briefly to McGees to eat $1 burgers and have a drink. I opened three sets that night and never built any momentum. I could have gone to Cadillac Ranch but I just decided to take a day off.

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