Thursday, April 7, 2011

I can't pull water from stone and what does he have that I don't?

I remember that around 2:30am, I was sitting at my new Wed place, and I knew I was being lame.  I was standing by the bar, drinking water, and then playing with my phone.  I was telling myself, "WTF is this?"  Realistically, most of the sets were gone.  It's not like I hadn't tried.  As you'll see, I had some really good moments at well, and I can see the lessons tonight clearly.  I know that I was being too hard on myself.  I think I got pissed cause I saw that hot pyro blonde girl again.  I think of something TD/Owen said in his video where there's a girl so hot that you just get pissed.  I hate the rating system, but this check is probably just an HB9, meaning she'd be common or a 7-8 in LA or in NYC but out here, she against was the hottest girl in the club.  She was wearing these tight shorts and a tight cutoff t-shirt, so I really got to see her body this time. 

When she was done working she was dancing with some guy that probably met her out there.  He was probably just an orbiter.  Still, obviously someone is fucking her.  Every hot girl has someone or multiple guys banging her.  In my head, I was asking myself, what does that guy have that I don't?  You know my inner game is much better when the answer I honestly give now is "game" and practice.  Ozzie says not to measure progress every day but every month.  Either way, my progress has been exponential this month.  In the past, I would have thought of superficial reasons why I didn't measure up: money, looks, etc but I know that was all social programming BS.  I truly believe that if I keep going out regularly, I soon will be pulling lots of girls, including those seeminly elusive HB9's, like this chick. 

Near closing time, I was alone again, but I looked around and knew I couldn't feel disappointed.  By that time, there were like 5 girls in the entire place.  It's not like it was a Friday night in the city where there are nonstop sets even at that late hour.  I can't make someone out of nothing (or the cliche in the title.) 

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